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Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy highly recommends having an extensive consultation with the client before starting the service at this time you will discuss your client’s hair type their chemical industry their degree of curl and what result they can expect based on their hair type. It is important to explain that this is a smoothing therapy NOT a chemical straightener or relaxer. This service will not break the bonds it will infuse keratin into the cuticle eliminating up to 95 percent of frizz and curl leaving the hair softer smoother and shinier. Keratin Complex is a revitalizing rejuvenating treatment that will replenish lost keratin making the hair more manageable and easier to blow dry. Evaluating the length, density and texture of your clients hair will allow you to price the service and determine how much time the product will be needed to perform this
service. The client can expect a natural
reversion process as the treatment will naturally washout out of the hair over a
period of three to five months. Please have the necessary tools ready
prior to starting the treatment. The tools required are Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy
Natural Keratin Treatment, Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo, Cape, Towels, Bowls, Tint Brush, Heat-Resistant Fine-Tooth Tail Comb, Gloves, Clips, Plastic Cap, Blow Dryer, Vent Brush, Keratin Complex approved
450 degree Flat Iron, Detailing Iron, Keratin Complex Thermal Glove. Start by shaking the bottle of Keratin
Complex Smoothing Therapy Natural Keratin Treatment. To ensure even distribution shake the bottle well. Pour two ounces
into the bowl allowing the treatment to aerate while
your client is being shampoo with Keratin Complex Clarifying
Shampoo. It is important to remember that you can always add more product if
needed however any remaining product after the
process is complete should be discarded. It is imperative use our pH elevating
clarifying shampoo to properly open the cuticle for optimal results. Gently shampoo two times for all types of color treated or chemically processed hair. For all other hair types shampoo three times. It is recommended to leave
fifty percent of the lather behind during the shampooing process. Do not completely rinse the lather from
the hair between shampoos. Continue by adding more shampoo each
time. Completely rinse after the final shampoo. When color has
been applied prior to the Keratin Complex Treatment always remove the
color first with regular shampoo and then proceed
with one like Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo. It is important not to use any
conditioners, glosses or toners at this time as these
will fill the cuticle and will not leave it open to
accept the Keratin Complex Smoothing After shampooing gently towel
dry your clients hair. Blow dry your clients hair on a medium
heat setting using your fingers. The hair is very fragile and must be
handled with care therefore using a brush or comb is
optional. Continue to blow dry the hair until
it’s a 100 percent dry. When the hair is completely dry allow
the hair to cool down. Using your hands go back in and feel the
hair making sure that there is no moisture left behind. Moisture in the
hair will prevent the keratin from properly penetrating the cuticle. Treatment needs to be applied to
completely dry hair. Remove your clients damp towel and replace it with a dry one. Using your
heat resistant tail comb begin sectioning your clients here into four
parts. Put your gloves on at this time. Starting
at the nape of the neck make a half to one inch section using your heat
resistant tail comb With your tint brush you are now ready
to apply the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Natural Keratin Treatment. Apply
the treatment from root to end. To ensure the even
distribution, comb the solution through the hair using
your heat resistant fine-tooth comb. You’ll notice that with proper
application you will not have excess treatment on
your comb. If you do over saturate and there is excess treatment on your
comb, redistribute the excess treatment on to the next dry section combining
the dry section with the wet section. Continue combing the treatment
throughout the hair ensuring even distribution without
oversaturation. Repeat this procedure throughout the entire head. When applying
the treatment around the hairline make sure to apply away from the face.
When you have achieved complete coverage you will then place a plastic cap offer
your clients hair. At this time your clients will sit with
the plastic cap for 20 minutes. For extremely curly coarse resistant hair
types allow up to 30 minutes. No heat is
necessary. After removing the plastic cap begin
combing the hair thoroughly to remove excess treatment from the hair. The excess on the comb should be wiped onto a towel. Continue combing thoroughly until your
comb is completely clean of excess treatment. As the cuticle has absorbed as much
treatment as possible any excess treatment would leave the
hair feeling heavy. Proper saturation will allow for optimal flat ironing results. Remove the towel at this time. Begin blow drying on a medium heat
setting. Using a vent brush or paddle brush
continue to blow dry until their hair is a hundred percent dry. When you feel that the hair is
completely dry allow the hair to cool down. Using your hands go back in and feel the
hair making sure that there is no moisture left behind. Hair must be a
hundred percent dry before beginning the Flat Iron process. You are now at the most important stage
of the treament. It is extremely important to use the flat iron that will reach a 450 degree temperature. Iron temperatures should be adjusted
based on individual client hair type, as flat irons
are extremely hot and can be damaging. Please refer to the
main menu for more specific information on iron temperatures. Section the hair into four parts using your
heat resistant tail comb. Starting at the nape of the neck make a 1/8th of an inch section not unlike a
highlight strip. As shown on the left side you should be
able to see your hand clearly through the section. The section on the right side is the
incorrect side not allowing your hand to be seen
through the hair. Starting at the nape of the neck hold the hair firmly and tap three
times this as close to the root as possible. Tapping will prevent an impression from
forming at the root. Comb through this section making sure
the ends are smooth and straight. Always have the comb in front of the
Flat Iron as you continue to iron from root to end. If
your client’s hair is virgin, course, resistant or extremely curly
you will pass over the section with a 430 to 450 degree temperature flat iron 10 to 12 times. For all other hair types pass over the section
seven to ten times at a temperature setting a 400 to 430
degree temperature sealing the keratin in into the cuticle.
When dealing with extremely damaged hair less iron passes at a lower temperature
will protect the hair from further damage. 400 to 410 degree temperature is
recommended. It is important to use your professional
judgment when selecting your iron temperatures.
Refer to the main menu to review iron temperatures. As you continue the ironing process tap tap tap at the root and follow through root to end 7 to 10 passes of the
iron at 400 to 430 degree temperature. This will ensure consistency throughout.
If the ends of the hair are severely damaged focus on root to mid shaft only
ironing the ends every three passes of the iron. This temperature setting
should be 400 to 410 degree temperature. Using your flat iron you can add volume by the direction you
iron the hair. It is recommended that you iron straight
out from the root and straight up from the crown. Don’t forget to continue to tap tap tap at the root at all stages of the flat
iron process. It is important to use a detailing iron around the hairline in hard to reach
areas allowing you to get closer to the root for optimal results. When flat ironing is
complete it is the perfect opportunity to provide
your client with a dusting. As said by Peter Coppola a light dusting is the finishing touch for a beautiful
new beginning. Keratin Complex offers a complete line of aftercare products. It is imperative that your client leaves
the salon with the Keratin Complex Care Shampoo
and Conditioner which is sodium chloride free or the Color Care Shampoo and
Conditioner which is sodium chloride and sulfate free. All of our products contain keratin that will maximize the longevity of the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy
Treatment. This will ensure the proper after-care
protocol is being followed. It is your responsibility to review the
following after care tips with your client. Do not shampoo hair for three days (72 hours). Avoid getting any moisture into the
hair. If hair gets wet blow dry immediately and go over lightly
with a flat iron on a low heat setting. Wear hair down. Do not use pins, clips, elastic, or sunglasses to the hold hair back during the three day 72-hour period. These can leave an impression on the hair. When swimming in the ocean or a
chlorinated pool rinse hair with fresh water and apply a leave in conditioner
to protect the hair from absorbing the salt and chlorine. After swimming we suggest that you rinse
your hair thoroughly with fresh water to eliminate any salt or chlorine build up. It is also recommended to invite your
client for a shampoo and blow dry after the 3 day 72 hour period. This will ensure that your client
followed the proper protocol and give you an opportunity to
experience the fabulous results together.

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  3. Why couldn't she just get off her butt and straighten it herself without the waste of money on a treatment that will wash out in 3 months.

  4. I did this treatment myself in June 2012. Four months after my hair has grown so much without breaking. I followed these instructions carefully. It is the best hair treatment I have EVER done in my hair EVER! I strongly recommend it. I never write comments, but because I had doubt to do it the first time, I almost missed a great opportunity to have a shinny and beautiful hair even during the humid times during Summer. I strongly recommend it.

  5. Strange, i've done many. The results are always beautiful. Never more damaged than what your hair was before. Either you did it yourself or your hairstylist didnt' know what he or she was doing. Keratin Complex by Coppola in my opinion is the best Keratin Treament out on the market today.

  6. What they mean to say is coarse curlier or thicker hair is usually resistant to the treatment due to strong cuticles which reduce the absorption of the treatment. and on the other hand very fine,damage Curly hair comes under the ''Normal'' hair too 🙂

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  18. The Keratin Complex Treatment is Formaldehyde and aldehyde free.. I use it all the time and the results are fantastic. You can use it with no worries

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  25. There are many Brazilian hair straightening treatment products and there was a little confusion to me about how to process is handled because it is expensive and if you don't know what you are getting or don't take care of your hair afterwards like getting it wet using the right shampoo afterwards, you can get "just average" results. Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy is the best keratin/smoothing treatment that is out there. It gets rid of frizzy hair and fixes damaged hair if you been dyeing your hair yourself for years (like I was). Before I did this smoothing treatment, I checked this video out, because it does not exaggerate. What you see here magically happens before your eyes and for someone like me that suffers from the humidity and gets a big poof on my head, then this is worth it and worth the price tag. If you looking at their website under super smooth treatments, they have 6 different types of procedures, so if you don't have the funds for the most expensive, you don't have to get it! Pick the right one for your hair and your budget. This is the best Brazilian keratin smoothing treatment out there. Hands down.

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  27. This stuff is expensive but is well worth the cost. I spent around $230 on both the keratin complex smoothing treatment (16 oz) and it's clarifying shampoo. This bottle will do about 4 to 5 treatments. My hair has never been so healthy and straight. I've always had issues with frizziness and dryness but this did wonders. I absolutely love how my hair looks and feels now. I did it at home myself and had my husband help me with the hard to reach middle/back section. It really does work!!!

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  30. Very similar to Brazilian Blowout.(Split end and smoothing treatment) I always use a face mask for my client and a fan to distribute the fumes. It does have fumes. I also use protective eye wear for my client and myself while applying product. But BBO can be washed the next day as needed. I did offer a free shampoo treatment with the BBO shampoo for the first week when needed. To
    I can't get that product in my area due to a merger in Salon Supply stores.
    I really want to try this and see if it is as good or BETTER than BBO. Where can I purchase your treatment? Ordering online can sometimes be cumbersome and time consuming. Taking a weekly or when necessary trip to a Beauty Supply is so much quicker.
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  39. Guys, ive had an express kertain blow out, im not sure if they are 100% the same, but the whole process is exactly the same as i've experienced and compared to this video. if anything I think this one is way stronger since the express blow out only last for 6 weeks and this is supposed to last up to 5 months. From the kertain express blow out after the treatment i couldn't wash my hair for about 12 hours if i remember correctly, i usually tried for 24 cause i wanted it to sink in. The treatment on your hair makes it feels so gross, like a weird film and it makes it really flat and lifeless. AND THEN you wash that and its the most beautiful silky soft thing you ever felt. just trying to explain why her hair looks terrible right after, they should have showed it like a day or two later to really give it credit. They kinda explained it at the end but the pictures don't do it justice.

  40. My hair was extremely straight prior to losing it and having it return frizzy and dry. Menopause didn't help matters much. After a single Keratin Complex treatment it looked the way it had before all that. It's soft, silky, looks amazing and is so much easier to care for. Far less prep in the morning and makes me look younger and fresher. I'm sold. This video will help me do my own after observing what the stylist did and following the guidelines shown here. Keratin Complex is top notch stuff. No more chemical than hair color.

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