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Cocoon Salon Keratin treatment by Pure Brazilian Original Reconstructor Hair stylist Mallesh Model Aparna Before keratin treatment and After Keratin treatment Check the scalp and hair Open the cuticle Apply Pure Brazilian anti-residue shampoo Leave the shampoo for 5 minutes to penetrate the cuticle. Repeat if necessary until hair has a “squeaky clean” feeling. Focus on the hairline, nape of neck and mid-shaft to end. Repeat if necessary Towel dry the hair. Hair should be damp, but not “too wet” or “too dry”. Use a blow-dryer if needed. Divide the hair into 4 sections Measure 60 ml of Pure Brazilian Reconstructor Solution. Add more
if necessary, but this is usually enough. Starting at the nape , using ¼” to ½” subsections, use applicator brush to lightly dust the Reconstructor onto a section of hair. Wrap the hair with clear foil and leave it for 45 minutes for the proper product application Blow-dry hair 100% using a round brush or paddle brush. Get the hair as smooth as possible Depending on the condition of the hair, the flat iron’s temperature should range between 160-23 degrees (C). Using 2-3 inch
sections, flat iron from root to end using consistent pressure. Pass over 5-6 times. If the client desires a straighter effect, pass over 6-10 times. After 48 hours use post-treatment shampoo and conditioner to optimise treatment and ensure long-lasting results!

34 thoughts on “Keratin Treatment | Keratin hair treatment by Pure Brazilian | Cocoon Salon

  1. Here you go!!! Keratin treatment for Indian Hair video and product used was Pure Brazilian. Hope you guys learn from this!!

  2. I smoothened my hair 3 days back only to realise that keratin treatment would have been a much better alternative to smoothening. Kindly suggest as to how soon i can get keratin treatment done to my hair?

  3. It’s good to do keratin treatments but when it fades if it will leave your hair worse than it was before and you hair will become more frizzy rough and coarse. It’s better to take hair oil reflection spa it’s more better than these harmful treatments.

  4. Hey Hii !! I have a question please reply soon .. My hair are very very thin & damaged too will this treatment work on me because heating I think make my hair more damaged..?? I want to increase thickness of my hair will this help ..??

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