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82 thoughts on “Keratosis Pilaris Cure Found!

  1. hi, please can you tell me how can I download it because I can have only first chapter??????????????????
    many thanks

  2. i dont have it bad so I ignore it and yeah my arms are scared but I just pop them and get it over with im not subconscious about my skin but im glad u found a cure!!!

  3. I know what you mean by trying everything. I tried the Salvax cream and now I have blisters and painful rashes across my body :/

  4. hello my family of 3million with Keratosis Pilaris… how are you guys? have you had to deal with this your whole life too? sucks huh… diet and exercise is #1 though, make you have that area of your life taken care of… the other half is the home remedies… find what works for you… and remember, we're more sensitive, we don't have the luxury of eating greasy foods as much as others… make sure you eat lots veggies and home cooked foods with healthy unprocessed ingredients.. Good luck 🙂

  5. I thought I had folliculitis for the longest since three dermatologist said I had it. Then the third dermatologist I demanded a skin test and when my test results came back they said it was negative for bacterial and fungal and that its kp. Soooo why in the world when I put nizoral shampoo on, it clears up pretty good but then comes back like if its a fungal… I got this horriable skin problem after a tanning bed.. Never going to a tanning bed again!

  6. i have thousands of bumps on my arms legs and stomach i have no hair and its so irritating since i was little people have teased me about shaving or waxing my body but i dont

  7. My case is super bad I have it upper and lower arms my thighs and my lower legs and my chest stomach and back aswell as my neck and face not any where else though.

  8. I think I might have this, can anyone tell me if they itch from it because I itch like crazy all the time the only time it doesn't bother me is when I'm sleeping and active during the day. I really started noticing it ole maybe 3 or 4 years ago, since then to current its gotten way worse, I am 40 now and my upper arms back, chest, stomach, butt look like i'm a 16 year old with an acne problem. I haven't gotten to a dermatologist just because guess procrastination and my life style doesn't permit me to go to the doctors unless its an emergency. I'm at wits end tryin different soaps, I wear cologne occasionally but since a month ago I only wear it if I go out on the town for a night. I've used acne meds nothing works. I just picked up Dove sensitive soap so we will see if this works. sometimes I itch so bad I bleed or itll be like a bad brush burn and takes for ever to heal. Like I said I'm not sure if this KP is what I have but the pics look pretty damn close but none have said anything about the itching part I have along with it. If anyone can help thanks, sorry for the book.

  9. I have KP very very bad on my thighs, arms, back, and face.. it’s my biggest insecurity.. I really hate it and I want it to go away…

  10. Plain yogurt left on for 15-20 mins helps reduce KP a lot as it contains lactic acid.
    Wash off in the shower throughly after applying this.
    I think do it once or twice a month.

  11. I had KP but I applied Gold Bond Rough and bumpy on everyday For a month and now My beautiful ole leg is back. People don't know how lucky they are to have clear skin till something happens.

  12. I think I have KP on my inner left arm right near my armpit. When I touch it the skin moves extremely easy, it's extremely soft. No pain or anything, it occasionally itches. Just wondering if this is normal for KP, or if it's something else.

  13. My daughter suffers from this- she worries in the summer about it. Is it hereditary , as I know of no one else in the family with skin problems except for psoriasis Ths

  14. Hii..
    I'm 14 and I'm a girl. I am also suffering from kp over my arms, legs, and back. And i hv never worn sleeveless clothes in my life… I really feel insecure about my body and… I'll try anything to get rid of them. And it would be a huge blessing for me if it works… 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Keratosis pelaris totally sucks i think i have severe symptoms since i have it on my arms,legs,back and buttocks…and it’s very itchy…

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