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-Welcome to National Kidney Day. I’m Dr. Ralph Clayman and I’m a Professor of Urology in the Department of Urology at the University of California, Irvine. My area of expertise is in kidney stones. I thought it might be helpful on this important day to share with you some important facts with regard to kidney stones and you. So who gets kidney stones? Well, it is something that occurs more commonly in males than females, but it’s a very common disorder. And upwards of 10% of males may have a kidney stone during their lifetime and upwards of 7% of females may have a kidney stone during their lifetime. So this is an area of certainly concern, especially since the peak age for kidney stones to occur are somewhere between your 20s and your 60s when you are actually most productive and gainfully employed. it is about 2x higher in the South, if you will, but Southern California also because of its heat has a high incidence of kidney stones. One problem is that once you have a kidney stone, the chance that you’re going to get another one within 7.5 years is upwards of 40%. Kidney stones each year cost upwards of $2 billion in medical expenses. So how do you know if you have a kidney stone? One way is that you get a sudden onset of severe pain in the right or left side of your back. This is an incredibly sharp pain and usually will cause someone to go to the emergency room when it does occur. You may have some nausea and possibly vomiting associated with this pain, and you may even have some fever and on rare occasion chills with this discomfort. you may also notice that there’s blood in your urine. These stones are a variety of types and in this particular slide are two pictures of the most common stone which is calcium oxalate, in its two forms. One is a dark form which is very hard, then the other is a spiculated yellowstone that does breakup much easier if you will, but regardless both of them can cause blockage of the kidney which results in all these potential symptoms and signs. So what’s going to happen to you if you do have a stone? Well if you’re having this kind of pain, the first stop is going to be the emergency room, where they were likely do a CT scan to see what is the cause of your pain, and this is an excellent way to diagnose the presence of a kidney stone that is blocking the kidney or a stone in the ureter tube. If it looks like you have a small kidney stone that stuck in ureter tube, then you may be given medications to help you pass it if indeed it’s small enough. On the other hand, if the stone is too large, you may well be admitted to the Urology Service at the University of California, Irvine – Douglas Hospital and there, treatment for this stone would be undertaken. Fortunately the treatments at UC Irvine for kidney stones no longer involved open surgery. What if you have a giant kidney stone? These stones can be as large as literally a tennis ball. When these stones affect the kidney, you run the risk of actually kidney damage as well as kidney infection. The entire white area this slide is a kidney stone. However today with regard to our techniques we can remove that stone entirely through a hole in the back no larger than the tip of your finger. By removing the stone entirely we can preserve the function of the kidney and if we’re able to remove all the pieces of the stone, we can help prevent it from recurring. So lastly how do i make sure that I never get a kidney stone or if I had one how do I ensure that i will not get another? There’s nothing more important than drinking a lot of fluid. The average kidney stone patient needs drink at least 3 quarts of fluid a day in order to make 2.5 courts of urine a day. Once you’re doing that, the chance of any recurrence stone disease drops by over 50%. This is more important than any medication you can take or any diet. Second to drinking enough fluid is your diet. You should have a normal calcium diet, usually 1 gram a day, a low-salt diet usually no more than 2-3 grams a day, and low animal protein less than 50 grams a day All of this will help prevent a recurrent kidney stone, but again diet is secondary to drink. Finally if you have more than one stone, you should see a urologist for full metabolic evaluation and treatment plan to prevent recurring stones. In the Department of Urology at the University of California, Irvine, we have several experts with regard to treating kidney stones and preventing them from recurring. The beauty of the program that’s been established by Dr. Landman is the fact that at the University of California , Irvine, there have been no open stone surgeries in over a decade and likely there’ll be none in the decade to come. Thank you.

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  4. here's several tips you can try

    drink plenty of water.

    eat watermelon – this helps prevent kidney stones .

    try taking pomegranate seeds and drink organge juice – these help reduce kidney stones .

    avoid tomato, asparagus, radish and fizzy drinks.

    (I read these and why they work on Caths Remedy Answer site )

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  9. I am a GP in Melbourne Australia, we have slightly different medications available to us. However in my experience the best combination I have found is as follows an alpha blocker usually (Tamsulosin) this helps the stone pass by widening your urethra, anticholinergic medication such as buscopan forte which helps stop spasms in your abdomen. The painkilling medication I tend to use is Paracetamol 500mg (BASE ANALGESIA) take regularly no more than 4g a day. Indoced suppositories (NSAIDS). Along with a combination of slow and fast acting opiods my usual choices are to skip the weaker opiods such as tramadol and codiene and use a combination of Targin(oxycodone slow release mixed with naloxone to prevent abuse and constipation) dosage anywhere from 10mg a day to 40mg a day depending on the patient. Followed by Oxynorm (immediate release oxycodone) dosage anywhere from 5mg p.r.n to 10mg 1 cap every four hours or as required. Drink plenty of water to try and help flush the stone out along with rest. I always advise my patients to attempt to collect the stone so we can test it. Once the patient has passed the stone I always reccomend they see a urologist to try and understand why the stone was formed and how to best prevent a future stone from forming. Sometimes the urologist will suggest a change of diet or even prescribe some medications to help stop future stones. I also find that after the patient has passed a stone it is beneficial to take another day or two off work to let their body recover from the exhaustion. I usually find that patients return after passing the stones are so worn out and exhausted from the severe pain and usually lack of sleep that if they return to full work to quickly they tend to develop a cold or simply burn out in the near future. Thanks for the great video Is it ok for me to pass this video on to some of my patients to watch as I often find when they come in initially they are not really absorbing all the information I am providing due to them feeling severe pain or nausea ?


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  14. Drinking a lot of water help to prevent kidney stones. It helps flush out toxins. If stone size is small then, it can easily flush out with water intake & if its size is large then we should consult urologist and should take medical treatment.
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  22. mujha koi Fark nhi pada- 25mm, 29mm 4mm 7mm ki patri thi, Sab try krna ka vaad maina last me ik Our Ayurveda ki dawa li 2800rs ki tab 2 months se sab nikal gayi,

  23. I got 4 millimetres stone , how can i destroy it? The doctor told me he will come out by it’s self. But 4 millimetre is big and i don’t want to feel pain when it’s happening

  24. I think I have a kidney stone. I have excruciating pain in my groin. I went to urgent care & they tested my urine & I had a wbc’s and a large amount of blood. They treating me for Kidney infection.

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