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In today’s world the problem of kidney failure is growing fast 70% population of India is suffering from Kidney failure Every year millions of people have to go through dialysis or kidney transplant And about 2 lakh people lose their lives due to kidney disease. Is there any cure for these problems of kidney? Hello I am Anuradha welcome all of you at this special show called Stop Kidney Dialysis. Friends, having problems with urination or passing urine and suddenly you find out that your kidneys have failed. Now the question arises, what happens like this, suddenly your kidneys failed,it gets damaged, and after that, dialysis is the only way that you can survive? What Ayurveda says about it, we will know today and we are present in the studio with Dr. Puneet Dhawan the Leading name in Kidney Problems. You are most welcome. Thank you. So friends we are talking about the kidney problem
and its treatment in our program today from Ayurveda perspective. At the same time, I would like to tell all of you that if you
or anyone else is suffering from your kidney problem
if you want to know about the treatment if you want to understand the Ayurvedic aspects then you can watch our show. For your convenience, our telephone numbers are coming to your television screen,
and then you can call in the program. You can ask your question to Dr. Puneet Dhawan. He will definitely reach you with your help and will give you the right guidance. Doctor, the first question I would like to ask in the program is that
many people who have kidney problems, when they have problems, in the initial stage, and they do not understand it. Is there any such type of symptoms that
can be understood by looking at it that maybe this thing will be the big thing in future. Yes Anuradha ji, the starting of the symptoms are not available,
because this kidney failure is very silent thing. In its starting, its symptoms cannot come and the symptoms cannot come,
that’s why it is Dangerous What happens in the starting is that the patient has swelling in the legs, he goes to the doctor
and he realizes that his kidneys have failed or that the albumin is going,
the protein is going into the urine. He goes to the test, realizes that his kidney is not working.- It is seen that many times Pan Killers have become very popular nowadays. The pain in the knee they consume pain killers and they went through kidney failure. Or the kind of young patients who are coming nowadays, young patients went to the gym and ate supplements and they did not know. What is found in supplements, it is seen several times that these supplements have steroids. 2.59
They used the steroids and after that their kidneys did not work. Many times it happens that the patient, who has a typhoid fever, then went to the hospital and went to know that the kidney has been compromised. This type of symptom is something that is understandable and.- It is seen that the patients who have diabetes or blood pressure are running uncontrolled for a very long period of time,These 2 things which is the lead cause of Kidney Failure. Uncontrolled diabetes and uncontrolled blood pressure If you are suffering from any of these two things, then keep regular monitoring of both of them that they should not be uncontrolled Dr. Puneet my next question that many times we have seen that those who treat Allopathy, that Normal people think that they will take medicines and they will be cured. Creatinine when we talk about it, many people who are suffering from this problem of kidneys will know this technical form. We have seen that this level gets increased along with medicines and after that you have to get transplant, then if you have all these things in Allopathy, then in Ayurveda it will be exactly the opposite? Yes Anuradha, It is seen that patient come and his creatinine level is 1.52 in the beginning, it is said that you keep taking medicine and your kidney will not be complete Detroit. He keeps taking medicines and after breaking time, it is seen that the creatinine will reach around 7 and 8 It is said that you need have Dialysis
and now you should start Dialysis Dialysis begins, for some time dialysis is going on,
then it is suggested that dialysis which cannot be for long time. Now you have to transplant He transplants, arranges 5-10 lаkhs, arranges donor kidneys,
then completes the formalities of government, after doing all the things he transplants
and then it is seen that the age of the transplant is a maximum of 5years And sometimes the transplant does not stable for half an hour.
Patients came out from the opd and their transplant went on. And then again dialysis will take place. It is like a cycle, the place you got from where you came back. So it is need to understand that what is happening. See what is dialysis, it is a mechanism of maintenance.
Creatinine has increased in the body. You did dialysis in the body for temporary. You borrow time from the disease. But this is not a treatment, this is not a cure, it is just maintenance. But now we have to move towards medical attention too. When you come to us here, you will join us and you will be tested here. The Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is to be seen and then it will be repeated for 3 months. As you GFR will grow.
The kidney filtration will increase. By the way, if your dialysis is going, its frequency will be reduced. Urea, Creatinine all the results will start coming. Doctor, the problem is so big, so there are many questions in my mind, 6.04
but one caller is currently joining the program with us. Most welcome Hello. Hello Want to know your name and where you are talking from. Mam My name is Sanjay; I am talking from UP Bulandsher. Sanjay ji tell what problem is happening. Sir my creatinine is 5.2, the problem of CC for 10 years. From 1/2 to 2 months ago my creatinine was 2. As I am going to see my creatinine is increasing and the doctor is saying that I may need to dialysis. Sanjay ji is there any swelling in the body? A little bit of swelling in leg. Ok sanjay ji See, I would like to tell more to our viewers through your medium that our patients are of 2 types. One is the one whose dialysis has not started yet, it is in initial stages and another is whose dialysis has started. That dialysis has not started yet, starts your treatment immediately. With the help of medicines their GFR will increase, the kidney function will increase and kidney transplant will start and those whose dialysis has begun also do not delay. As their GFR will increase, the frequency of their dialysis will be reduced, so if your dialysis has started, then you can consider it as a stair case. If you are standing on step 1 then you will take less time to come down and if you are step 5 then it will take time to get down. If creatinine is 1-2 then start treatment and if 5-6 dialysis has advised or has not started yet, then you should immediately join and start treatment. Physical problem like swelling, problem in breathing, or vomiting is coming, or any other physical problem, it will also be reduced and changes will also be seen in medical reports GFR will also increase i.e. everything will be scientifically. A report will be done before a report will be after Then show that report to me or show it to another doctor or even to any doctor in the world. He will also say that there is no requirement for dialysis and I would also say that there is no requirement for dialysis. Everything will be done scientifically, based on medical reports. Sanjay ji, thank you very much for calling in stop Kidney Dialysis. Thanks So, I want to tell all the viewers that Sanjay ji called in this program and Dr. Puneet guided him. You can also find solutions to your problems by this method. Join us our number constantly running on your television screen. So do not be late at all. Also, one thing tells you that there is a lot of viewers will be connected with us now and they may feel that there is not much time in the program that they can join us. They can email in end of this program or whatsapp on the number that is running on your television screen. You can send your report to Dr. Puneet Dhawan till then you will get full guideline from Karma Ayurveda and from the whole team of Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Some of the reports were seen By dr. Puneet Dhawan before the program started. The reports of patients who were disappointed and then found drastically change in their report. I would like to know about them, I would like you to mention about the report you have done to our patients. See, when the patient comes, he tired of losing many places. When we are able to treat the patients, then we also get a boost. And we feel good that we are going to the right place I would like to show you some reports through all the viewers,
which are the changes that come from the way and how the patients come to the Improvement We will start; one is the report of this patient, this person who is from Bihar. When it came to me, the creatinine was the one who was 13. Their treatment took place after the period of 15 days to 2 months His Creatinine reduces 7.9, then we forward the test and in next report his creatinine reduces 4.8. Then they got a repeat test and after 3 months, creatinine was 1.38. Now I would like to show you another report. This is a report of the patient of Kashmir. When he came and joined us his creatinine was 10.09. Dialysis again advised. Then he performed the repeat test creatinine was to reduce to 8.4. Then he again performed the next month repeat test, then creatinine came down to 7.7 again creatinine came down to 5.7. Again dialysis was advised to the patient then he took our treatment. He Followed the Medicines, Followed Guideline Properly and Changes was seemed in patient and in medical reports too. Another report and this report is from Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in New Delhi The creatinine was 7.9 of that patient. The patient started treatment, his dialysis was going on. Dialysis was running three a week. Gradually we reduced their frequency of dialysis. Thrice a week from Twice A Week, Gradually Once in a Week, and now his Dialysis is not going on Creatinine has been 3.35 and he is currently taking the medicines from us. The people who are undergoing dialysis will also see results and those who do not undergoing dialysis are also very good things for them. One more major thing is seen, one thing told to the patient that your kidney is shrinking; if the kidney has shrunk the kidney has failed. What is the link between these two things? See, there are many patients whose kidneys are shredded but their urea, creatinine whole electrolytes are normal and many such patients whose kidney size is normal but their urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium everything gets compromised. So there is no direct relation between these things that if the kidney gets shrink then the kidney will fail. But it is important that if the kidney becomes a shrink, then the chances of failure will increase. If there is a filter if its size will be reduced, then the filtering will be less. Understand this concept. The size of kidney is also small of a child but still does filtration. If shrink then the chances of failure increases, but this does not mean that there will be failure. Now Dr. Puneet here is a very important question on is a damaged kidney can be completely revived if we take the help of Ayurveda? Jee Anuradha ji. It is seen when the patient comes, if he follows all the Guideline, then if the medicines take regular then definitely changes will start coming. Changes come in 80 to 90% of cases. As compare to transplant where the peak rate is very low. There are only 1 or 2% cases of transplant that running life time. What happens when the patient gets sick, he went to the hospital. There should be treatment for him, but it is seen that there are going to be tested every 3 days, there is dialysis in 3 days, routine checkups are being done every 15 days. He has become a permanent patient of the hospital. He is going regularly and with one, many diseases take place. Or they are ultimately said to be transplant, along with transplant, the immune suppressive medicines run. Immunity decreases, there are chances of a person having a TV, and there are chances of having many other types of illness. The patient should not be in hurry. The patient comes, he thinks within 10-15 days he will be completely healed. This is not the right way. When you get transplant, it takes 6 months for you to get up from the bed. Even then, we will still have to repeat your test after 3months and changes will also be reflected in it. So starts the treatment with a positive hope and follow all the things and you will see the changes A lot of positive is important which Dr. Puneet said. Another caller is joining us in the program. Very welcome in our stop kidney dialysis. Hello. Tell your name and where you talking from? Sir, I am speaking from Faridabad. Aman Sharma is the name of my husband. Actually he was on dialysis and my husband’s creatinine level was 9.2. Then we showed all over the place and there was no cure for him. There was no treatment other than dialysis. Then one day we saw your show on TV. Then we came to you and got treatment of the patient. So their dialysis has stopped now Aman Sharma I would like to know how long you have been dialysis for the first time. Sir was having dialysis for the last one year. Dialysis was going on 2 times a week. So now you have taken the report again with the doctors you spoke to for Dialysis. We had taken reports with him again, and then he only suggested that there is no need for dialysis. Glad to hear from you. When patients like you join us, then they are our motivations That’s why I was very concerned about Karma Ayurveda that through this my husband’s dialysis gradually stopped Thank you, Aman Sharma ji and we get motivation through you and patients like you. Many times it happens that the patients have cured and they do not come with the reports, but you told us. For this thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you very much for calling us in our program. Like Aman Sharma, you can also get a solution to your problem. You know what you have to do. There is only one way to cure the disease and the first step way to go ahead to fight with it. Maybe you still have lots of ways to fight this disease. Different reports are being done, going on dialysis but one thing is to believe on this claim which says that you have to believe in Ayurveda, have to trust Dr. Puneet and his team, to rely on Karma Ayurveda. After that you will see yourself, you will consider yourself how your reports are changing and your life has started on a healthy path Also, Dr. Puneet, I would like to ask you that in the same way I mentioned that any patient who has the mind, that mind becomes the first patient. How much time it takes when a patient whose kidneys have failed or who is already running on dialysis, is going to be normal. How do you make them consolation? See, like a fever, if the patient has high fever, then it seems to have time to get off. In the same way it depends on which stage Kidney is on 1 2 3 4 5. At 1st stage it will change soon and if the kidney is on 5th stage, then it will take time. Gradually changes will come but the changes will be visible. A repeat test will be done in every 3 months. In this way we will see how their GFR is growing.
As the GFR is growing, the frequency of dialysis will be reduced and if the dialysis is not going, gradually allopathy medicines will be gradually stopped All these, you take 6 months to 1 year time when you join. But you will also get changes from the start of the physical level and the changes in medical reports will also seem. Whatever reports you can get from you can show it to anywhere. We all have heard everywhere that the losers of the mind are defeated and winner of mind are victories. Once you find the right path and when your reports begin to tell you that everything is recovering then I think after that, your consolation becomes automatically You have the courage to come that you have to get the right treatment and that treatment you will know it now. Dr.Puneet Thank you very much, you came to our studio. Thank you very much for your remarks on kidney dialysis and its problems Thank you Anuradha 18What is your father’s name? Rakesh Pal. What were the problems with them He was telling that he getting swollen earlier. There was also weakness and later when the test had done, it was discovered that the kidney has failed. After that, when we came here and took medicines, there was a lot of benefit. Now there is no swelling since medication has taken. The kidney is fine. There is benefit. Is he Feels absolutely fit? Yes sir. Does he work? Yes. Is there any problem? No sir If you are also on kidney dialysis and want to avoid this penile procedure, you can also contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Our address is G-20, N.D.M.1, PLOT NUMBER B-2, 3, 4 OPPOSITE
DELHI- 110034. Our Phone no. 09871712050
Ph-011-4777-2777 You can email us
[email protected] For more information you can visit our website: And with this, now the time has come to take a leave from you. We will again meet in the next episode of Stop Kidney Dialysis, till then take care of yourself because we are care about you.

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