Taking Charge of Your Health

Today’s universities embrace a spirit of
openness, a spirit of inquiry, a spirit of knowledge and of research. They are both
a repository and generators of knowledge. I think this is a wonderful
opportunity that the University has facilitated for us. I had a vision that
what I needed to promote or want or what I needed to support was an
increased professionalism of Naturopaths in Australia. [Applause] Australians are seizing upon
this field as being knowledge worth having. That need for openness to the
role of natural medicines is I think clear. As is the need for them to have a very explicitly taught and expertly realised clinical and expert base. That is
what we believe the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine at Southern Cross
University will provide. We aim to create the crucible for a new profession to
flourish. Look the gift is absolutely the starting
gun for something very very big. We see this as a whole envelope of new degrees
at the postgraduate level. We want to join together the passion of Marcus and
Caroline Blackmore with the scientific rigor and the responsibility of our
University. I’m so happy. [Applause]

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