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This application is for calf pain which can
occur in the middle of the muscle, or to either side of the calf muscle itself-
this can be due to overuse or muscle strain on this is another application for calf pain. Positioning for this application is to place the leg to be stretched back letting that heel come down all the way to the floor and the knee in full extension
ok, go ahead and step forward with the other leg just slightly more and getting into a lunge position placing that calf on full stretch for this application though your pain may vary, I’m
using a red dot just on a location where the pain may be
though it may be to the side, middle, higher, lower for my first strip, I’m going to tear off an I-strip and then tearing the paper backing forming that anchor end or logo end of the tape I’m trying not to handle the tape but rather the paper that way it will stick much better to the skin
whilst you handle it I’m going to place the anchor end of the tape down with no stretch from here taking that paper off again with no stretch and laying that tail of the tape- the other end down from here I’m going to take a second strip of tape and then tearing down the perforated center and then tearing the paper backing off I’m going to now place this anchor below oh the first anchor just slightly this way the the tape will stick, actually better to the skin
than it will to the other strip of tape and from here again your pain may slightly vary, I’m going
around that painful site so if you are sore more on the side of the calf
you can use that as a target and go over that and I’m applying no stretch to this tape as I am laying
that down rub that on and then the second strip or tail of tape again laying this down no tension going around that site of pain and then at the end were going to use a paper
backing to create a little friction rubbing that vigorously friction creats heat, causes that adhesive to
to stick much better to the skin and that’s how we tape for calf pain.

44 thoughts on “KT Tape: Calf Strain II

  1. @aeiou99999 you can get KT Tape at pretty much any sporting goods retailer- Our website has a store locator if you want to find someone local.

  2. He is totally loving this video, chick is pretty hot. 🙂

    Anyway, if you have pain in your muscles, simply stretch and message multiple times a day and man up to the pain. Pain is brain induced to help prevent injury, but a lot of the times it can simply be wrong and it needs to know what is normal fatigue and truly excessive fatigue. Simply tell your brain its normal fatigue and work through the pain and you'll be fine.

  3. @mrsjennifermaffei Great question- but I have to use 'clinic speak' to really answer it:) KT Tape proprioceptively signals the muscle to relax and therefore give itself a chance to heal. The tape is elactic – there should be no friction. Through a signal sent to the mechanoreceptors under the skin, the nervous system will do a number of things that help to promote the healing process. One, the muscle relaxes and stops any spasms or over-activity. (continued in next post)

  4. @mrsjennifermaffei and… two, the tape provides a surface sensation that increases blood flow and neuromuscular awareness. More blood means more nutrients and a reduction in inflammation. More neuromuscular awareness turns the brain on to the injury and prevents further injury.

    See- simple:) Let us know if that makes sense or if you have any other question? thx.

  5. I have a question I'm a soccer player and I have a leg calf strain I have been out of my soccer practice for 3 days so I have been resting , and I was. Wondering if I put the k t tape before practice and games can I still play with the tape on or no? Or will it make my leg strain worse? My first varsity game is in the 30th so I neeeed some advice please and thank you

  6. @skidzdummy24 If I were you, I'd tape the calf the night before to give the tape time to loosen up the muscles and surrounding areas and keep it on while you play for support. Also make sure you really stretch out the calf muscles before you play to warm and loosen them up. The guys I teach in the US in summer don't play if they don't warm up properly, it's vital!

  7. Absolutely. KT Tape is designed to keep you active as you treat, prevent or recover from injuries. You can swim, bike, run, work out any way you like.

  8. Where can I get some of this tape, I climbed 37 floors for training and so the next day I killed my calves with jumping rope, and squats among other exercises. The end result incredible calve tightness and not to mention they were sore, could not even walk for 2 days!

  9. Will this also work for the front of the lower leg? I sometimes get cramps in the muscles at the front of my lower leg

  10. It should help. Check out our application for shin splints or the top of foot app could help too maybe.

  11. Thanks! I just ordered a 20 pack of 10 inch pro strips. I play basketball, volleyball, football, and do agility drills, so my calves tend to cramp up near the end. I'm hoping this prevents that. Also, I have patello-femoral syndrome, so I will also apply the knee taping to see if it helps my knee pain

  12. I have a tare and have been given a brace to wear. Would the tape help with the healing while I am wearing the brace?

  13. I would start with the newest version. There is a link to the new video in the description as well as at the beginning of the video.

  14. Hi, I have pulled my calf muscle numerous of times before during football games. I have another competition coming soon, I was wondering if this will prevent it from happening again?

  15. The tape can give added support and be used as a preventative measure. That being said, you'll have to gauge how you feel so as to not push your body too hard.

  16. This application is supporting the muscles of the calf, not the joint. For a more in depth description you can visit our website.

  17. We seem to have different definitions of "support". I see it as restricting excess movement. The calf muscle itself can't move out of position, but the joint that it moves can, hence the use of ankle braces to restrict movement, and thus restrict excess calf activity.
    As far as "promoting relaxation" mentioned above, that's better achieved by lengthening the muscle, which, as you probably know, inhibits muscle function.
    Tape is helpful for keeping the muscle warm (similar to a sleeve).

  18. I have constant pain in my calf, I can't stand straight and when I do it feels awkward, I feel my posture isn't that great either because of the pain – my muscles feel really tight in one calf and quite painful…. what could be the reason for this? Nd how can I get the pain to stop ?! Thank you

  19. how do we know when to apply 25% or 50% or no pull at all while crossing the painful site??? does it differ according to antomical sites???

  20. how do we know when to apply 25% or 50% or no pull at all while crossing the painful site??? does it differ according to antomical sites???

  21. Question for anyone: for maintenance/preventative is one strip on the middle of the calf vertically sufficient?

  22. this doesn't help, you need to avoid putting effort on the pain area for a while and have some rest, and the body will recover itself, it just requires patience.

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