Taking Charge of Your Health

KUKA robots have changed the way industries around the world operate today. Our intelligent automation solutions simplify the lives and work of people wherever they are introduced. But we’re not just experts in industrial robotics: KUKA is also a leading supplier of robots for medical devices! KUKA is the only globally operating robotics company that has an entire branch dedicated to medical robotics. Our team offers you services in Sales, Development, Quality and Support and knows all the medical-technical formalities by heart. We make sure that our robots meet the high standards of the medical sector. KUKA Medical Robotics closely cooperates with you to turn your promising vision into an innovative medical product. Our robots are capable of doing a broad variety of tasks: They are used for heavy lifting such as carrying medical devices or positioning patients. At the same time they are able to assist physicians and surgeons in highly sensitive areas and satisfy the requirements for safe human-robot collaboration. Whichever type of robot you may need – you come up with the idea and we deliver the corresponding robot and interfaces for your medical product. So, you see, if your company wants to build a truly innovative medical product you need a reliable partner that has the combined expertise in robotics and medical engineering.

6 thoughts on “KUKA Medical Robotics _your Partner in Medical Robotics

  1. Hopefully I can still wait/survive until a Kuka can extract my wisdom teeth… I'd rather trust these robots to learn from the very best doctors to do a perfect job. Would be easier for me than seeing a random doctor in my area without knowing his or her skill and specific performance on that day.

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