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Hey, guys. Dr. Axe, Nutritionist and Doctor
of Functional Medicine. Today, I want to talk to you about the benefits of L-glutemine powder.
L-glutemine is an amino acid that is very, very abundant in the human body, especially
in your musculoskeletal tissue. L-glutemine is used, primarily today . . . actually, first
it was used mostly by people in the fitness industry, people that were looking to preserve
muscle tissue. So both loose weight, burn fat and gain muscle were the most common uses
of L-glutemine powders today. You can see L-glutemine is basically this sort of white
powder here. You can see on the tip of my finger. But, it’s just an amino acid that
is a building block of protein. But there are many benefits of L-glutemine
along with . . . I mentioned building muscle, igloo weight, burning fat. In addition to
that L-glutemine can also help heal and repair your gut. So, there are millions of people
today struggling with a condition called leaky gut, which, basically, is the main cause today
of autoimmune disease. It’s the main cause of thyroid issues like Hashimoto’s disease.
It also causes arthritis, skin issues like psoriasis. And, so that’s caused by leaky gut and L-glutemine
is the number one amino acid your gut needs to help heal and repair leaky gut. So, if
you have any type of digestive issue whatsoever, what I believe by far the most important amino
acid you need in your diet is L-glutemine on a regular basis. So, again, using L-glutemine
is great. What I recommend is typically between 2 to
5 grams twice daily. There are two forms of L-glutemine. You can get regular L-glutemine,
in what’s called its free form, and that should be taken with food ideally because, basically,
if it’s not taken with food, it’s not absorbed as well. There’s another type of L-glutemine
called trans-alanyl- or alanyl-L-glutemine, and that’s an amino acid attached to another
amino acid which basically manes you’re going to digest it much better. You can take it
on an empty stomach, but it’s really best taken your meal right before and after workouts,
in terms of it really supporting your metabolism, both weight loss as well as building muscle,
retaining muscle. So it really keeps you from losing muscle.
So, let’s say for instance, you have an elderly person and they are starting to waste away
from kikexia, which is from cancer, and they’re wasting away over time, L-glutemine is the
number one supplement they should be taking that’s keeps them from having muscle wasting.
If you’re an athlete and you’re out there working really hard but you know, because
you did a lot of training, that you’re, you’re already burning up some muscle, L-glutemine
keeps that from happening. Again, if you struggle with digestive issues,
whether it’s irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative
colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, leaky gut or any of the issues associated with leaky
gut, like joint pain, rosacea, any type of autoimmune response, L-glutemine can support
your body in healing. If you want to get more details on all of the health benefits of L-glutemine,
visit my website, Look up Dr. Axe, go to my website and look up L-glutemine.
I go through all of the studies, all of the benefits, where to get the best type of L-glutemine.
You can find it right there on So, again, L-glutemine great for digestion,
crucial for metabolism, an important amino acid for your whole body and a great thing
to take in supplement form. Check it out there on

100 thoughts on “L-Glutamine Benefits

  1. I have in taking this for leaky gut and I have bin breaking out with crazy hives.. I also read that it contains gluten so wouldn't this be bad for leaky gut????

  2. I haven't touched no serious weight for about 6 or 7 months this glu and protein is enough some people use nothing but supplements I think you can tell the difference in people's bodies who uses vs natural

  3. Can you take right after working out and continue to fast while doing IF?

    Does L Glutamine break your fast?

    I want to workout in the AM take glutamine and not break my fast until another 3 hrs later.

    Thank you

  4. I experience side effects from even very low dose of glutamine.
    I want to heal my leaky gut but didn't expected this.
    Is it possible to reduce the side effects

  5. i m having stomach infection its been while i m suffering can any body tell if this powder will help me if yes witch one ?

  6. Thanks doc I’m going to try it. I’m suffering for all sorts of allergy all of a sudden and I hope it will help curing my gut and stop all the allergies I’m having.

  7. I was told about this supplement now I I suffer from UC and I'm thinking about taking VSL 3 a probiotic and I also have a Bifidobacterium which was told to me live in the large intestines no I'm not taking both at the same time I'm just going see which does best for me

    So how do I go about taking L glutamine how tea spoons a day

    I'm currently off the meds and my BV frequency has increased and there's blood and diarrhea

    PLEASE help


  8. Hello Doctor, Is it OK If i take this or is it different?

  9. If I were not going through benzodiazepine withdrawal I would take it. I am just so sensitive to everything due to my damaged nervous system that I cannot deal with the glutamate dominance it causes.

  10. This is real information, thank you Dr Axe you healed my leaky gut with all your wonderful information. Bone broth with L-Glutamine is so powerful. I don't know how many times to thank you but i'm healing because of you xox

  11. I have psoriasis and take spirulina daily , I have read that it contains some amount of gluthamine so can I take a separate gluthamine powder for more benefit ? Please reply

  12. can i mix it into my Protien powder that already has BCAA and how many times can i take it if i say drink 2 protien shakes a day 1 in the morning and one after or maybe before a workout

  13. What happens when you take L Glutamine while taking methotrexate which supress the immune system? does L Glutamine reverse the effects of methotrexate and actives the immune system? Thanks Dr Axe

  14. What is L-Glutamine made from??? how does is end up as the product we buy in the container? I bought a 1000g container from my local body building shop AAA supplements in Moorabin, Melbourne, Australia. its buy ULTIMATE NUTRITION called GLUTA PURE, Micronized L-Glutamine im using it with the Ultimate Nutrition PROSTAR 100% Whey protein powder after my workouts. there were many brands at the shop of L-Glutamine but I choose the same brand as the Protein powder I bought. Is it a good one to use? im taking a teaspoon full into my mouth with water followed by my protein powder with low fat milk and water in my shaker mornings and after my weight workouts is that good? 1 Tsp teaspoon is about 5g per serve? Please advise me Doctor Axe is this okay for muscle gains and good health? God Bless, Regards from Adam <3

  15. You mention "supplement form" at the very end of the video, but your advice seems to consist mostly on the usage of L-G in free-form. Does this mean that it is better taken free-form as opposed to pills instead?

  16. Hello, Dr. Axe! Are you familiar with BPI "Pump?" Is it acceptable for diabetics like myself, meaning does it raise blood sugar? Thanks!

  17. People, I suffered with stomach issues for ages really seriously after every meal! This thing called L-glutamine almost cured me in about two weeks. Unbelievable! Thank you Dr. Axe for being the angle! I mean it man.

  18. I've been taking 1 gram of L-glutamine in pill form every morning on an empty stomach for about 4 weeks. As someone who's been diagnosed with alternating IBS (sometimes I can go too much, sometimes I can't at all) and frequent flair ups, gas, bloating, you name it….I can honestly say that I haven't had any tummy issues in the last 4 weeks.

  19. Leaky gut caused my Graves disease 10 years ago,if I only knew than, what I know now,but oh well!!!

  20. 1. Improves gastrointestinal health
    2. Helps leaky gut and ulcers
    3. Boosts brain health
    4. Improves IBS and diarrhea
    5. Promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle wasting
    6. Improves athletic performance and recovery from endurance exercise
    7. Burns fat and improves diabetes

  21. Yes L-Glutamine is very important, but it's a non essential amino acid. We produce it and we can get it from food sources along with whey protein powders, as they provide an excellent amount of L-glutamine, so there would be no need to supplement it. Biggest waste of money for the typical person already supplementing with whey protein, so supplement on top of supplement does not make financial sense. Look up from other experts here in YouTube and this is up there with BCAA's for biggest money wasters.

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