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My name is Parhad Postwala my age is 43 years I had some some stomachache for a week So with a reference of my relative I met Dr Chirag Thakkar He got the ultrasonography done wad diagnosed to have hernia, three hernias in both groins and one in middle at the navel I was advised surgery, Initially I got scared of pain, but sir reassured me it won’t be that painful And we will do the surgery by laparoscopy So on Monday 18th January morning 6 am I got admitted After routine blood test at 9 o clock My surgery was started Thakkar Sir did my operation and I was back in my room by 12:30 after 2-3 hours rest at about 4 o clock they helped me get up and I was able to walk comfortably I was also given half glass of water Again after a short walk i was given lime juice Then I sat for some time watching television After 4-5 hours I was quite comfortable There was no pain or heaviness Sir also came for follow up at about 7 o clock I had my dinner and after watching television for a while I went to bed Next day I got up in morning had a routine breakfast and now as I am comfortable and Sir also came and saw the dressing and is satisfied So I am getting discharged and will go home by evening Thank you Today 9 o clock I got operated and after operation by about 3 o clock I was able to walk also and was able to pass urine also and at 7 o clock I took my dinner also. Now I am quite comfortable

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