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I have been asked by many viewers in last video why you have white fuller’s earth? Actually I bought this from the market stone shaped fuller’s earth should be used I use ready made fuller’s earth for saving time Assalmu Alaikum Viewers, Memoona Muslima is here. Clogged pores or open pores you have to understand shortly In Summer, skin produces an oil as well as sweating that oil is called sebum pores are clogged cause of dirt & pollution its way is closed but oil production doesn’t stop because of this stoppage it goes dry in resulting, it appears as blackheads or acne in other condition, pores open widely and skin surface loses its smoothness I aim 1500 LIKES for this video Hope, this is not a problem for you So, today I’m going to make a serum which smooth the clogs to come out will help to remove blackheads Later, will shrink the pores and make them smooth Serums also available in the market for this reason As pores away serum or pores minimizer But we can make this serum like that with herbal ingredients at home So, listen to me carefully Some marigold flowers 1/4 cup rose water One lemon using marigold flowers I have made a video for dark elbows & knuckles already I have told it’s benefits for skin in detail Wanna watch? Just type Dark knuckles Memoona And can watch by clicking on this video Put these ingredients in a grinder and go ahead Now we need 1 tbs of aloe vera gel secondly some drops of tea tree oil I know you will be familiar to it easily available on herbal shop Also you can buy it online of any brand often it has different colors its very useful and suitable for oily skin you will be thinking that how we can use an oil on oily skin? Don’t worry for that its very useful for clogged pores also have amazing results for scars and chickenpox So add some drops Note one more thing tea tree oil is one of the kind of essential oil and a powerful oil If you find pure tea tree oil then must dilute it with any other oil As almond oil etc… if you find open tea tree oil from market is not typical pure in this condition no need to dilute it I also don’t have pure tea tree oil, but I want some quantity of vitamin A & E For this purpose I add some drops of almond oil its optional you can skip this now mix it well it will be ready in beautiful consistency as custard fine creamy form now which mixture we have grinded strain it with a strainer this water you’re seeing have is so wonderful thing it has been prepared 2 remedies instead of one now add one or 2 tbs of this water in this paste Mix it well until it will be mix, I tell you some different uses of this water you can massage on your hands and feet rest of water believe it or not it has been prepared an amazing bleach for your hand and feet because lemon is included with peels as you know lemon is a bleaching agent marigold flowers is extracted into rose water marigold flower and rose are amazing anti-oxidants and marigold has wonderful results in pigmentation, freckles & sun tanning now I can feel its beautiful fragrance if you don’t want to use on hands and feet then add 1 tbs of honey and drink it because this drink is a good mood enhancer improves the mood and kills depression after mixing this serum has been ready apply it on pores and gently massage after washing your face once a day or before sleeping wash you face with cold water after 2 hours pores are cleaned and will help to remove blackheads skin will be smooth after shrinking pores Pimples will be stopped keep in mind a thing this remedy will not remove blackheads it will smooth them for easy to come out and will reduce the chances to come again if you have any question, just leave your question in the comments Don’t forget to Like & Subscribe my channel See you in the next video, take care and Allah Hafiz

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