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So a patient comes into our office and
they have a melasma. Obviously this poor patient’s skin is unhappy on the inside because the melasma is showing up on the outside. This unfortunate, unhappy spot of skin that has forgotten how to take care of its own coloration, well, we remind it to do what it knows how to do and when we engage that part of the physiology the skin takes care of itself and the melasma will disappear.

29 thoughts on “Laser Melasma & Hyperpigmentation Treatment

  1. mai ranchi se hu… mare sirf nose par pigmatetion hai jo nhi ja rahi.. mane bahut se Dr ko v dekhaya but koi fayda ni huwa… mare shadi hone wali hai mujhe rejar light treatment karani hai.. plz kitna paisa lagega bta dejiye

  2. Hi dc if you can tell me treatment about malesma and pigmentation which i have i am very thankful to you because i am staying in dubai and i am not able to reach there i wish i can plz advise thanks

  3. ager koi ap se charge Puch raha h is treatment ka to ap ko brane mai Kiya problem hai sub ka reply kr rahe h aap pr koi ap se charge Puch raha h to uska koi reply nhi wah.😏

  4. I have got a slight red hyperpigmentation but the doctors say that they cannot use laser treatment on my skin because it could bring otu other discolourations, I would liek to add that I used laser on my skin to get rid of acne

  5. Kia koi bta sakta hai k kitna time lga hai kitny sesseion k bad result ata hai hyperpigmntation ka 3 session ho gy mert but zra sa b koi effect nai aya .

  6. My question is how long before it came back on her. Has anyone at the clinic followed up to see how she is going several years later?

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