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Hi, This is Eyvette from My World of Metaphysics.
Sending you another Law of Attraction Metaphysical lesson. Today I want to speak to you aboutLaw
of Attraction Lessons Gratitude. Yes. Today I want to speak about a Law of Attraction
Lesson Gratitude. Your probably saying, well Eyvette I already know to be grateful for
what ever it is i have. But if your trying to manifest deliberately and bring things
into your life that you actually desire. Gratitude plays a big factor in it. It really does people.
What i want to tell you out there for all the people that’s following me is that you
have to be grateful for what you have. You may not appreciate it to the fullest and might
say i want that new job. I need that new house. I need a better car. Nothing moves out of
your life until you are grateful for what you have. Again, you have to be grateful for
what you have in order to move that out and move something in. When your grateful your
vibration is up here. When you are not your vibration is down here. Now I did a video
before on how I sold my apartment building. It wasn’t until i sent love to the building,
my tenants and to the whole situation that i actually was able to sell it and move on.
Now, i had my building, it was a 12 unit apartment building and i went into the wrong deal. I
sure did. I manifested it. i attracted it. I did it! And i manifested a 12 unit apartment
building that was not bring in nothing. OK people. This was awhile back and i held on
to it, because, first of all, i believe in being honest. So it didn’t matter what i had
to do. i was going to make sure my tenants were OK. I was going to make sure if something
broke, it was fixed and it was done. And i wasn’t going to sell my building to someone
so that they could go through the same thing i went through. I needed to have a clear conscious.
i held on to the building. more things happened, because it was devastating that you know what
I was going through, and the more i went through it the more things kept happening to me. So,
it wasn’t until i started sending my building love and being grateful that i was even able
to purchase a 12 unit apartment building. I was grateful to able to do that. Alot of
people can’t go and have a house and purchase a 12 unit apartment building. But I did and
i was happy, but i jumped into the ocean with a plastic raft. But anyway, I was fishing
with the big dogs and i was on a plastic raft. That’s what i was on , instead of being on
a ship, i was on a raft. But regardless of the point of what ever happened it wasn’t
until i became grateful for the experience. i became grateful for having the opportunity
to experience being an entreutreneur realestate invester. It wasn’t until then I met great
people that will probably be in my life for ever. it was that point when i became grateful
for regardless of the situation i was in that i became grateful for the building and the
people that i met. that i was able to manifest a buyer who actually paid for the building
in cash. So he had the money to fix up the building. He had the money to do what ever
he needed to do because the building was almost completely rented. There was only 1 vacancy.
But i was honest. i was fair. In everything that had to be done with that building and
i sold it. Clean conscious and everything. The thing is, you have to be grateful for
what you have in order for you to release and allow something new to come in. that’s
very important. people. So i’m just sending you this video out today just to let you know
that if your trying to manifest something into your life deliberately, you have to first
be grateful for what you already have. Be grateful for your children. just knowing that
you have them. Just be grateful for that job. Atleast you have one. Be grateful that you
got 2 arms, 2 legs, your eye sight, your hearng, your taste. All of these things that we take
for granted. Be grateful that you woke up this morning. Be grateful. Wake up in the
morning and say thank you God for waking me up. Thank you God for my job. Thank you God
for allowing me to have the money to buy a car. Even if it’s a jalopy. Thank you God
for actually allowing me to be able purchase a car. To walk in the park. Like this. To
be able to stand here on a beautiful day and send out this message. Be thankful and by
you sending out that positive gratitude vibration, you are actually moving up the vibrational
scale and allowing God to bless you even more. So what i’m trying to say: Is just be happy
and grateful for what ever it is out there. So listen: This video is from Eyvette from
My World of Metaphysics. Today we spoke abit Law of Attraction Lesson Gratitude. if you
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55 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Lesson Gratitude – How To Manifest Anything

  1. I can not express how grateful I AM to have found you Eyvette!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. Be blessed!

  2. When we are grateful every day for what we have and who we are, we feel good about it, we are raising our vibration and sending a good positive message to the universe therefore we can manifest easily ♡

  3. Thank you Evette. I love your videos, they are so full of information and inspiration. Thank you. Sending you lots of love and blessings~

  4. For most of my life, I was negative, depressive, and hateful. Oddly, I still manifested a few things, but the most desired things eluded me. Last year, I started to become positive. I realized that I am a powerful and magical manifester who blocked my blessings for a long time. Honestly, magical things have been occurring around me. I wish that someone like you was there to guide me.

  5. Good morning Yvette. Happy Friday. It's so funny you talked the bldg you sold. An acquaintance of mine literally emailed me out of the blue sending me a few tenanted properties hoping that i'd be interested. I want to get involved with real estate for passive positive cash flow. However I really know nada about being a landlord and all that comes with it. I'll pray about it.

  6. I am grateful for your channel, I am grateful for the good health,I am grateful for my positive energy,I am grateful for everything in my life…

  7. Thank you Yvette, I'm Grateful for this Chanel, From South Africa, thank you God for the money coming from all directions ❤️

  8. My day seems to run more smoothly when I am grateful, even though I am going through some hardship. Thank you Eyvette for reminding me and others to continue to be grateful in many situations.

  9. MS Eyvette, I DID IT AGAIN ! I manifested my new apartment today !! Thank you so much ! ❤️ blessings to you

  10. I'm grateful to receive this message! Thank you Yvette
    I tried your mirror work technique, and attracted a job, I have zero experience and yet I'm working at a big company. So grateful to be living a fulfilling life! 💗💗

  11. I get overwhelmed of having so many bills but I am grateful for what I have and Im getting better at not worrying where this and that is coming from, Knowing the most High is providing for me and to be faithful of what Im Blessed with Thank You EYvette you are Amazing 🙏💞🌈

  12. Hello dear creator of this channel and everyone over here!!
    My question might sound stupid but i need to know.
    Do i need to write the things i am grateful for or i can just speak it in my mind and feel it? Or writing would be more effective?
    Actually i have heard from many people to maintain a gratitude journal.
    Thanks so much in advance
    I wish everyone a prosperous and happy life☺️
    Lots of love and blessings to all.

  13. Greetings Evette! I just wanted to share that I have been using your mirror technique. My manifestations have heightened. Yesterday I needed $500 to open up my online metaphysical store. I set my pride aside,spirit instructed me to ask for help. Well in 24 hours I got that $500 plus more. I asked a few friends to donate any amount. They were glad to do so! I'm so happy. I'm even going to put some of my products in my hair salon. I manifested my hair salon years ago. I've been in my building for 5 years. I just started working with Archangels & pendulums. It's been amazing. Loa is real! Gratitude is the key! Having a relationship with the Universe & your spirits & ancestors are important. I've been scripting & I did a goal board! I'm now manifesting my new home & new car!!! Thank you for your knowledge!

  14. Thanks Eyvette for this message. I think it's easy for people to dwell on their current situation and comparing themselves to others when they aren't grateful. There's always someone who has it better or worse than us at any given time. But gratefulness vibrates high and attracts more abundance and prosperity.

  15. I needed to hear this today. Thank you for this reminder. It really knocked me off the pity train I've been on today.

  16. I am grateful for Life
    I am grateful for everything that i have & for those to come
    I am grateful for your channel. Lots of blessings & abundance to you. 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  17. Thank you so much for this, auntie! I don't have parents, and I spent most of my life struggling to succeed and be stable. I received 2 bachelors degrees and one MS , and my next goal is a Dual PhD. My life is always hectic and I move around a lot due to finances, and I was feeling very stuck and jealous of my friends my age who have a support system, emotionally, financially, etc. I am happy for them, but I felt sad I didn't have it. Thank you for this lesson in gratitude. It is literally like a light bulb went off. I have so much to be grateful for, even my struggles. I am so glad I found your YouTube and I look forward to learning so much from you! Many blessings.

  18. Living N The Now in grace of Gratitude is The same as Giving Unlimited Unconditional God Love, same Vibrational Frequency, same exact ENERGIES♡♡☆☆

  19. Fabulous message Yvette.You are so right and on point about everything you said.Gratitude and thanksgiving is the key to fulfillment and happiness.Great stuff.Thank you for sharing. 💖💖

  20. Thank you so much for this, I've been needing release from something so bad, but now because of your video, I know i got to have gratitude for me be able to move on from here and to something better, thank God for you

  21. This message was AWESOME! You are right, there is sooo much in our lives we take for granted. I've heard this before but today I must have really been READY to hear it!!

  22. Eyvette thank you for all of your help! It is changing my life. I also looked into Rev. Ike and he is amazing and beautiful. I'm trying to get my family on board.
    Eyvette id like to send your a personal email!

  23. I am grateful for bumping into your channel i searched mirror work and something made me click and pick your video and i am so grateful the more i read peoples results gets me so excited i cant wait to start this amazing mirror work ,thank you so much yvette❤

  24. There is this co worker that I want to talk to, but im scared because i have social anxiety. Will this help? Will law of attraction make her approach me instead?

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