Taking Charge of Your Health

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new months rose money like usually a small roof is just for
give a little heat stroke to the atmosphere
so without further ado we’re going get to the heart of the matter but before
if you ever are new you are new is that you are not yet
subscriber do not hesitate subscribe like and and how banana then to can
is one of the most powerful of the two whether they are indeed if you are
tea lover I advise you to try this we have virtues
unsuspected why should you
use bananas know that bananas are beneficial
that they contain quantities high vitamin c
potassium magnesium these minerals will help your muscles
vovelle to relax why nathaniel cinnamon contain oils
essential such as the goal she also contains large amounts
of vitamins at home of acid pantothenic since your auxi and
many other elements this will promote the circulation of blood
and thus digestion it’s fantastic to speed up
metabolism knows who is burning the fat and thereby lose weight
the combination of these two ingredients has tendency to improve your process
digestive it improves Europe at night and even I will tell you his companion
anemia and weaknesses at home gentlemen
yes losing weight we lose necessarily the greece of cholesterol and
dirt but another thing very important cinnamon in plants the
blood pressure that boosts the traffic
hangin and fight effectively from this done against cholesterol and of course
it will restore the heart balance at home how are we going to prepare
tea with banana and cinnamon it is a very simple recipe of
ingredients you will need from banal lives cut in slices
one of my cinnamon spoon you boil 200 50 centilitres of water
cut but before anything or country had your banana and especially
they must be bio pc to infuse a tea 15 and 20 minutes thanks to this
simple process you will get a excellent tool to make beautiful
dreams – ct alabama and cinnamon one hour
before sleeping and enjoy the effects positive on your health
also know that these count it depression memory loss anxiety
weariness in the morning and woke up too late at a bad concentration
this has many other virtues again it is this video was helpful to share with the
family the knowledge and even the friends or any other people
likely to need these if that will just help us
promote health and well-being in the world
so here I thank you for having watched this new video until
last I tell you very soon for a new video
it took great care to know you I carry you in my heart
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  1. Merciiii rose
    Bonne et belle année 2019…
    Stp comment éclaircir le contour des yeux
    J'AI le déçu des très foncé

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