Taking Charge of Your Health

namaste everybody my name is Monica Groover.
I am the director of NARAYANA .if you’re planning to or thinking about joining
an Ayurveda councelor program or Ayurvedic Practitioner program- this place to start.
I wanted to give you some information. The Counselor program is 600 Hours and it takes approximately 60 weeks about 13 months to complete. You have to already be an Ayurveda
counselor or graduated to apply for the next level After completion of counselor program, then you can apply for
Ayurveda practitioner program . The practitioner is 900 hours
and can take 15 months to complete there is a component internship
component that I’ll talk about in a second. the program is a mixture of
distance learning online classes that are done how I’m talking to you via
webcam video and a virtual learning environment using zoom or other software
then you have this is the distance learning component then you have the
portion where you watch some recordings at your own time you also have broadcast
of classes and then you have the in-person classes as well the in-person
class is actually an internship that happens a couple of times a year it’s
usually either one day up to three days a lot of students prefer to come for the
summer internship there’s about six to seven weekends for the practitioner
program currently visually you probably move on to 11 or 12 weekends for the
practitioner in the future the best way to find out about either a counselor and
either the practitioner program is to read the catalog and to end everything
you want to know a lot tuition attendance how things work is in the
catalog so read the hemlock first and then email and contact us and ID
you answer nicely

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