Taking Charge of Your Health

[Collaborative Learning] This is the restaurant at Kellogg Ranch. A lot of the learning is done through peer and peer. We are in groups of six. Each week we have a different role so last week I was manager and I was able to learn how to work with people telling them what to do and how to do it It has a lot to do with dealing with your employees learning how to talk to our bosses as well as the other students. Each day is something new you’re dealing with new people. It’s always new. There’s two pieces of this class: lecture and lab. Lecture we talk about soft skills and hard skills, the finances, getting these students ready to lead. The lab portion is learn by doing. So what they talked about in class, what we taught them, they have to put in play. So that’s one of the awesome parts about this class. We can talk theory, but then in 20 minutes, we’re on. [Cal Poly Pomona]

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