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100 thoughts on “Lee Scott + Illinformed – Sunshine (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  1. This beat, the bars, the chorus, the mask, the way he stumbles around and dances with plants. Its fucking brilliant. Illinformed and lee go together like doom and madlib. Pefect combination. Blah all day

  2. Chris Jones you suck. Krino is a lyrical God. This dude ain't talking about shit . WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD WACK !!!!!!

  3. Dunno why people are bringing up K rino but he is that dude for destroying Eminem. Regardless both this track & visuals are dope af.

  4. Fuck me doesn't anyone listen to what he's saying lol he's on another level too anyone who's ever spat a bar real talk

  5. For the first time 'Stupid Poignant Sh!t' is now available on limited edition vinyl

  6. "Apart from completely losing my mind, I'm doing jus' fine" sick lyrics sick beat and it's raw because it's real

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