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what exactly does a muscle cramp mean it
is the hardening of muscle leading to a abrupt pain and the most common muscle
affected is the calf muscle of the leg these cramps can last anywhere up to a
couple of minutes and occur mainly at night so when you feel tingling and
twitching followed by a sharp pain you would most likely be having a muscle
cramp when this happens you can actually see the muscles bulging and quite
possibly you might not be able to move the legs if these cramps come on
infrequently you can just ignore them but if they persist and become chronic
consult a doctor as they may be indicated of a more serious condition now let’s look at some simple measures
to deal with this problem remember these are home remedies so the effectiveness
will vary from person to person try them and see what works best for you when a
cramp comes on if standing a the sit down or lie down gently raise the leg
with both hands and point the toes repeat this for 4-5 times this provides a gentle stretch to the
muscle helping ease the cramp you could also try using a hot water
bottle to relax the muscle what can one do to avoid these painful
cramps well make a few lifestyle modifications for a start first of all
you need to keep yourself well hydrated always drink plenty of water on a daily
basis especially if you’re following an exercise regimen to ensure a good
balance of electrolytes in the body very often the reason for the cramps
could be calcium deficiency so hot shower at night followed by a warm glass
of milk could prevent cramps from occurring at night try to include other calcium-rich foods
into your diet as well namely cheese and cottage cheese Chamomile tea which is known to be a relaxant
can provide good relief from cramps have this four to five times a day for 10 to
15 days for maximum benefit essential oil works wonders to relieve spasms so
massage the affected muscle with lavender oil or any other essential oil
take a towel dip it in some warm water and wring it out and I’ll place
this towel over the affected muscle for 15 minutes mustard is also proven to be very
effective in relieving cramps you can add a teaspoon of mustard in your daily
diet in any form even in pickle you can try the simple concoction at home take a
glass of warm water and to this add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of
apple cider vinegar stir this well and you can have this
daily staying well hydrated and eating a balanced diet not only helps for muscle
cramps but also an mantra for an overall healthy lifestyle so eat well
and stay healthy I hope you enjoyed this video and if you
did remember to hit the like button and leave a comment letting me know what you
feel and remember to check out our other home remedies eat a well-balanced diet
stay hydrated and keep looking young

21 thoughts on “Leg Cramps Home Remedies and Treatments – How To Stop Muscle Cramps Naturally – Instant Relief

  1. Didi I am having severe hairfall for 2 years I have tested my skin and does everything but it won't do anything please if there are some remedies you want to give.

  2. Leg cramps, more often than not, indicate magnesium deficiency, not calcium which is what we have been led to believe. Natural Calm is a good drink to have for leg cramps.

  3. whenever i have cramps, i eat little salt ( say a size of a rice) and within seconds it disappears. try it, you will not forget.ok

  4. Last night both my legs cramped up at the same time while I was sleeping and had finished a 16 hour tour standing. I've never felt soo much pain. Thanks for the tips I must do all you mentioned.

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