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Normally, only with head movement does
fluid within the inner ear also move informing the brain that a head-turn
occurred. However should a crystal called an otolith gets displaced into the
lateral or horizontal canal of the inner ear, BPPV dizziness occurs. Fluid movement
occurs due to the crystal rather than head turns causing the brain to think
movement has occurred even though none has happened. The Lempert or barbecue
maneuver is performed to treat this lateral canal BPPV by trying to get the
loose crystal out of the canal. This maneuver is started by turning the head
90 degrees while the body is laid back If BPPV is present, side to side eye
twitching called nystagmus will occur. After 30 to 60 seconds, the head is then
turned such that one is facing down. This position is again held for 30 to 60
seconds. The head is then further rotated another 90 degrees. When performing this
maneuver, another individual can help with these position changes. Finally the Lempert maneuver is
completed by moving the head and body back to the original starting position
before sitting back up. At this point the loose crystal should have come out of
the canal causing no further problems. So what’s going on with these position
changes? Essentially the head is moved in such a way to manipulate the crystal to
fall towards the canal opening. With each position changes, it takes about 30 to 60
seconds for the crystal to settle into the most dependent position in the canal.
If turns are made before the crystal has a chance to settle, the crystal may fall
back the wrong way and the maneuver will fail to work. It is also important
that each of the head positions are fully turned or else the crystal will
not settle to the correct position in the canal and the maneuver will fail.
Also if the position changes are done too slowly, the crystal may not settle
quickly enough from lack of momentum and the maneuver will fail.
Once the crystal falls out of the canal, the dizziness should resolve if due to
lateral canal BPPV.

36 thoughts on “Lempert (BBQ) Maneuver to Treat BPPV Vertigo

  1. Thank you so much for this video. The emergency room doctor said – go on home, it will go away. Three days of spinning. But after watching your videos, within 5 minutes, I was taken care of. Thanks again for the great video. A wonderful thing indeed!!!

  2. The video states positive right ear, but the head is first turned to the left showing eye movements. It's too bad that the illustration is done well, but the instructions are confusing and inaccurate. Make sure you look further before doing this manuever and causing more discomfort.

  3. sitting upright, I get a low sub frequency vibrating sensation in my left ear, which immediately sets off the dizzy vertigo spinning room sensation. The room seams to spin horizontally from the left to center. Please can you tell me if this is the correct video procedure for my condition.

  4. My deepest gratitude goes out to Dr. Chang and Fauquier ENT for producing these series of videos. It was very worrisome to have spinning and the accompanying nausea come on without warning. I spent a couple of days feeling very ill, but during that time, was so fortunate to come across good info that pointed to BPPV. The diagnostics flowchart and Dix-Hallpike made all the difference, as I'd been trying the Epley Maneuver, based on other Drs.' videos, but with no effect. After doing the Lempert Maneuver once before bedtime and again the next morning, the vertigo resolved itself. It's not easy to make yourself do the maneuvers when any movement precipitates such an ill feeling, but the alternative is to lengthen the hours and days you're suffering. I'm only so grateful to be myself again. Thank you again for these phenomenally well produced videos that have helped so many people through the fear and suffering the BPPV causes!

  5. The video has a weird blinking lightwith a white background that is making it very difficult to watch

  6. yt channel "famous pt" says the patient must hold their head upright for 16-48 hours after epley maneuver (including when sleeping). is something similar necessary with bbq maneuver?

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  10. I'm confused – Doesn't the rotation of the body contradict the rotation of the semicircular canals in the video? Does anyone understand this?

  11. I think this maneuver fixed me today. I usually(but infrequently) get posterior BPPV but today it seems I had it lateral. This seems to have me back to normal again. Thanks.

  12. I get vertigo attacks a lot! The attacks usually last for about 7 days. It is very debilitating. I started taking dizziness vertigo solution when I was battling a small vertigo attack after battling a week long episode in March. The vertigo seemed to go away quickly.

  13. is that permanent solution or what ?! I had problems for a month. Getting lots of medicines but it's temporary. For me it's happens at morning at wake up after sleep of 8hours and just open eyes and everything is moving for 10 to 15 second.
    second (next week) time it's at same time but more intense and moving happening for 25 to 30 seconds. But now it's can be come every time but at less intense it's like drunk but still it's a problem (actually I don't drink alcohol) I need help.

  14. I performed this and my side to side twitching is gone, however I still feel a bit dizzy. Does the dizziness go away gradually ? Also, I have continual ringing in my ear. Any advice ?

  15. Thank you so much. It worked on my Fiance after we did it the second
    times. His dizziness was gone away.
    Magically! Iam so much grateful ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  17. First turn the head to right side 90 degrees… How about on the left side? And how many times a day you do this?

  18. I experienced dizziness vertigo and afraid of falling down even a little slope for a long period. I have been applying this unique dizziness vertigo treatment solution “Yοyο Kamvuku” (Google it) for 3 days. I have not felt nausea currently rotating or sloped pavement whenever I tried out wandering these days. I am so satisfied with this particular medication. .

  19. Went to ER last Friday with horrible vertigo and been suffering ever since. I just tried this so hopefully it helps. 🙁

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