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Nobody can be lost at sea when the ocean is within you ….What if I got into another world and then I even became the bearer of wisdom and noticed : Its quite a party I find this a very positive beginning where science starts to support life which is one of my core themes It must be said: yes, from science to human beings in movement but -appropriate for man i decided that i wanted to know more about the anatomy of the fascia because in the book is not so easy to understand what is a fascia and if can really play a role in pain, in proprioception i discover one little text of ida rolf and that was it for me because the gravity the way she was talking about the gravity completly was making a sense of all my life maybe the first motivation has been beauty you need the patient cooperation And i say one day maybe the beauty the beauty of what i am seeing under the skin could be a way to improve the understanding of the patient and that happens too I’ll start in parallel I am so glad that I don’t have to do this in the sense of that I am allowed to teach movement and from time to time simply celebrate in my lessons a slide where I know a scientist has worked three years I can’t even, or for many it is difficult to feel a minute just me and I always say This is the only body you will get to live in for this life there is no substitute. so i spent my life in that, you know in deepening, deepening, deepening why is gravity so important and the different way to work with gravity

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