Taking Charge of Your Health

Hey praccies! I know you love your clients, and I know that you’re really
great at taking the case, asking the questions,
and chatting with them, but I also know that
you’re way less confident with your physical examination skills of your client in the consultation. (inhales sharply) So
what if you had a plan? What if you had a structure? What about if there was
a way of making it easy and simple to ask the right questions, do the right physical examinations, and gather the right information? So grab your FREE cheat sheet, which is loaded with
prompts, tips, tricks, and questions to ask about
the different body systems, as well as spaces to record the results and where you can go
back and check progress and see how things are going. You can also join the Let’s
Get Physical Facebook group where I go in every week
and create short tutorials on the different topics and
the different techniques to get you confident on what you’re doing. Because what we know is
that if we can improve our physical examination
skills in the consultation, this leads to better patient outcomes and a thriving business. So I will see you soon. Bye.

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