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– So, my sister is coming in town tonight for the Fourth of July. She discovered that my niece has lice. What I’m gonna show you is the tried and true natural home remedy. It’s also way, way better for your hair than this is sure to get rid of lice. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, I’m Mindy
from Cute Girls Hairstyles and today we are talking about lice. (gasps) The scary word that anytime you say, everyone around you panics,
starts scratching their heads, starts panicking wondering if
anybody around them has lice and what they’re gonna do, right? In today’s video we are
gonna talk about lice. We are gonna blow the
lid off of it being taboo and we are going to teach you lice treatment,
lice removal, etc., etc. Everything you need to know in case somebody you know comes down
with a case of head lice because inevitably
somebody probably is going to either in your family
or someone close to you. Now before we get into the video, be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right here and if you wanna see some of our over 400 hairstyles tutorials, you can click the i button right up here. Now let’s get into lice. All right y’all, so
today we had a real life, this is total reality right here when you have families
of many children moment. So, my sister’s coming in town tonight for the Fourth of July and she called me and she was like, I’m about to get on the plane. We’re about a couple hours
before the plane ride and she discovered that
my niece Kylie has lice. So, totally normal. I mean, lice is not a gross thing, getting lice is not gross. Keeping lice is gross, right? Like everyone can get lice. I had lice when I was a kid. None of my kids fortunately have had lice. – I’ve never had lice. (laughs) – Apparently I am the only one
in our family that had lice, but the point is that lice
happens, that’s real life, and now we have to get rid of it. So she de-liced, washed
with RID before she left for the airport so that they were not contaminating everyone on the plane. And jump to the plane to come out and they are about to
land and so now we are working on our end to get everything set for when they get here. So, I have called the lice doctors and they are meeting here
at 10 o’clock tonight to help my sister comb all
the nits out of her kid’s hair and they’re gonna teach
us some tips and tricks and since this is a hair channel, I’m gonna show those tips
and tricks to you as well ’cause I think probably
some of you out there can also use these tips and tricks, but in the mean time we are
preparing an area of the house that has no cloth in it
for when her kids get here and yeah, we’ve got a car
that fortunately has leather. So it’s not gonna be contaminated,
and we’re ready to go. So here we are, Tanna has arrived. There’s Tanna and Tad and
brought along the crew and as you can see, Kylie is over there getting her head de-liced. Okay, so let’s talk about how to do lice removal and lice treatment. Now, I know your first
instinct when you find out one of your kids or someone you know has lice is to panic, run to the grocery store, buy RID, pour it on their hair, clean, clean, clean your hair with RID. The problem is that RID’s
really hard on your hair. It can damage your hair. It can be expensive and unfortunately it doesn’t always eradicate
all of the lice issue. Sometimes it’ll kill only the adults, but will miss the babies or the nits and so in 10 days you’re
still having another issue. So instead, what I’m gonna show you is the tried and true natural home remedy. It’s also way better for your hair than this is sure to get rid of lice. So, what you do step one, is go buy some olive oil like this. Just a can of olive oil
or jar of olive oil. Extra virgin is best but
virgin olive oil is fine too, as long as it’s olive oil. You’re going to need an
applicator bottle like this, just have a pointy tip. You can put the oil in
the applicator bottle and you’re going to need
a nit comb like this. You can get these on Amazon
or at a beauty supply store. Make sure that you’re
getting metal, not plastic. The metal ones work better. So once you have those supplies, sit your child down, make
sure they have on a shirt that you don’t mind getting
oily and covered in oil because it does stain
and soaks into the cloth. So step two, you separate
the hair, bottom layer first, and you’re going to take
the applicator of oil and you’re gonna run it
right along the scalp. The scalp line, right along the hair line, and you’re going to use the nit comb then to comb all of the oil through the hair and make sure all of the
strands are getting saturated and covered in the oil
and as you’re doing that, you’re also combing
out any potential nits, lice bugs or baby bugs and
if you have a paper towel, this side you just wipe it
like this on the paper towel and that will show you what’s
coming out on the nit comb. So sometimes you’re not
sure whether they have lice or not and so as you’re combing,
you’re looking for that. Other time you know for sure they do and so you’re combing it out. So, that’s step two. Step three, continue to repeat
this process layer by layer through the hair, working
it over and over and over. If you find a spot where
you are seeing more nits or things like that, you wanna go through that
down and then go sideways and then go the other way all
of the direction of the hair just to make sure you’re thoroughly getting through all of those nits. Step four, make sure the hair is completely saturated in the oil. You’re gonna pull it up into a bun or braid it back and then you are ready to go to sleep for the night. So usually you do this in the evening. The trick is that lice can hold
their breath for six hours. So you need to make
sure that the olive oil is staying on your hair
for at least eight hours. So you are making sure
you’re basically drowning anything that could
potentially be on your hair. The easiest way to do it is to just put a towel over their pillow so they can just sleep on the towel. If the oil gets off anywhere, it’s just gonna be on their
towel or on the clothing that they already had on
you didn’t care about, it’s not gonna make a huge mess. In the morning when you wake up and you still have the
olive oil in your hair, the best way to get it out of your hair is to use just a little
dish soap like this. Little bit of dish detergent. This breaks down oils
and so it’ going to help remove that oil off the hair strands and then you can just continue to wash with shampoo and conditioner. If you only try to use
shampoo and conditioner, it’s not gonna strip all the oils out and your hairs still gonna feel greasy and look greasy when you’re done. Okay, so as you’re doing this, what you’re going to find
out is that they are those that have lice and those
that do not in your family. What was the verdict? – It was like three minutes. – [Mindy] Three minutes. What’d she say? – That’s good. – [Mindy] No lice. – Yeah. – [Mindy] Thumbs up. – It’s good. – Macie’s turn. So we’re gonna separate them out into two buckets for one second. If this person has discovered
that they have lice, you need to repeat this
oil treatment on their hair every night day one, two, three, and four. So four nights in a row you
need to do the exact same thing. Saturate their hair with
oil, rub it into the scalp, use the nit comb to
comb through their hair, check for all of it and braid it up and then put them to bed on a towel. If you have children
that you’ve discovered do not have lice, in our
case, only one person. My sister’s kids, out of my sister’s four, only one had it. So with the other three,
of course they got the olive oil treatment
the first night too while we were checking their hair, but after that we only had
to do the oil treatment on their children day four, day seven, day 10, day 13, day 16, day 19. So it’s every three days for pretty much two and a half weeks. And if you have lice,
you do it every night. One, two, three, four, and then you skip to the every 3rd night routine and this is just a surefire
way to eradicate it. You’re gonna maybe see some continued nits coming out during that
time, it’s all normal, it’s totally fine. It doesn’t mean anything’s alive. It just means that’s the natural process of the eggs as you’re
removing them from the hair. Some other tips and
tricks that you can use, you can try washing the clothing that, that person has worn recently. Remember lice don’t
live off of a human host for more than 24 to 36 hours, so something that’s already
been away from them, a shirt or a piece of clothing that long is not going to be infested with lice but if it makes you feel better certainly wash their clothing. Some people vacuum their furniture, but again, the likelihood of them moving from the furniture to their hair is very small. As far as your hair supplies go, you can certainly run things
through the dishwasher. I’ve done that in the past. You can boil the brushes and combs that you’ve recently used. You can throw away some of the items that you feel like are infested that you don’t want to deal with or you can just bag
everything up into a Ziploc or some kind of garbage
bag and set it aside for 36 hours or two days, three days, and then you know for certain that anything that was on there is no longer living so they
usually have to clean them and they’re ready to go again. Okay you guys, let’s do a
little FAQ on lice in general. Now, a actual little lice bug, I believe louse is the singular of lice, but a little louse bug is about
the size of a sesame seed. It’s a wingless little bug. It has six legs and it’s
kind of a brown color, but sometimes they can
look almost translucent. So you’ll see them
crawling around in the hair if you have a lice infestation, particularly along the scalp and each day the little
bugs are in your hair, they can lay six to 10 eggs a day which means that they can
overall, ’cause they live 30 days, you could end up with hundreds
of little nits in your hair for each bug and then it
takes those little nits eight to 12 days to hatch
and pretty soon, bam, you have a whole head
full of little lice bugs. Now I wanna reiterate very clearly that it is not gross and there should not be a stigma to getting lice. I know that everybody’s normal reaction is like ahh lice, oh no, panic mode. But really it’s not gross to get lice. It’s nobody’s fault, it doesn’t
mean you have dirty hair. In fact, lice prefer clean
hair if anything else. They prefer clean, long hair. That’s their very favorite. So if you are somebody that gets lice, don’t feel about it. I had lice as a child twice,
not just once, but twice. It is not gross to get lice. It is a little gross to keep lice, just because that means that you’re not taking care of your hair and you’re not doing the
lice removal treatments that you should be doing
to get rid of lice itself. You’re also potentially
spreading it to other people. Okay, FAQ number two,
do lice live on animals? No, they do not. So if you get lice, you don’t need to worry
about your pets getting them. They only live on humans
and they can only survive for 24 to 36 hours off a human host. So, it’s not even if you leave your house for more than 24 hours,
you can eradicate lice just by doing that simple thing,
is just leaving your house because they die if they
aren’t on a human head. Do lice carry disease? No, they do not, they do not disease. They might make your head very itchy and your scalp scratchy, but they do not cause
diseases of any sort. The easiest and most
common way to get lice is just straight up head to head contact. That means if I were to hug somebody and my hair landed on their hair and then the lice may move
from their head to my head or if I used a hairbrush
that they had just run through their hair and
there were bugs in their hair. It can also be ball caps or
hats, that type of thing. Lice can jump from head to head, but that’s not very typical. Just because they’re kind of lazy bugs too and so they don’t wanna
do any extra effort. So the best way to prevent lice is to just avoid sharing
brushes, sharing hats, pulling your hair up, and
back or braiding it tightly as opposed to wearing your
hair down can also help. So, update guys. The only one so far that has
had any lice at all is Kylie and she only had a few. So we caught it early, which yay. So we prevented an infestation, but we did learn a lot and
Kylie had her hair washed again and then wore olive oil
and now she’s off to bed since it is 1:40 A.M., time for bed. Hope you guys enjoyed this
video all about head lice, the removal of head lice, and all the tips and hacks I can think of. Now if you guys have not already
subscribed to our channel, be sure to do that by
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next week you guys, bye.

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  1. Have you or any of your kids had lice? Comment below! Remember you can order Brooklyn and Bailey’s LAST NEXT DOOR HERE: 💋's -Mindy

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  4. Okay I got some tips.
    1. Shampoo doesn’t actually affect lice at all. Well it does just not as much as coconut oil, tree oil, olive oil or apple vinegar.
    2. Suffocate lice by putting an shower head thing (like those hats where you put it on when you’re showering) and put it on for 24 hours.
    3. If you want to do the first step then please use a nit comb to take out the nits or lice in your hair.

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  10. Wow this video was helpful!! Its awesome!!! I am definitely an expert now due to my daughter catching these bugs from school, in the past 2 years she has caught lice 10 times!!! It is just exhausting but you are right lice definitely have a stigma but with effort they can be gone!!! I have learned many tricks to getting rid of lice even super lice!!! I use a spray bottle with half warm water, 15-20 drops of tea tree oil, coconut oil & peppermint oil. Spray every day before school and night time to prevent. Also if your child catches them, the method shown in this video is what I do or I comb her hair in the shower. Continue to check weekly!! If anyone has any questions or tips or simply wants to have someone to talk to about this you can email me! [email protected] Believe me you are not alone!!!

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  32. This method seems kinda long. I used a LiceFreee spray and it got rid of all the bugs in my 5 year olds head, then I combed and picked the nits out for about 2.5-3 hours. I did a repeat head check the next day and found about five nits, did a repeat head check for two weeks every day and he was clear, it’s been about two months and he’s been good. Schools starting though and my biggest fear is him catching them again. We bought some repellant shampoos and I’m ordering teatree oil online to make a spray to hopefully help repel them through the day @ school.

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