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Thank you for your question! You’re asking a question that is very simple
and hopefully I would be able to educate you our approach is to hair loss is. You’re
asking what is better for a hair fall: PRP or mesotherapy? So what essentially you’re
asking is what surgical and non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical option is better from these
two injection options. I can certainly give you some guidance. I
am a board certified cosmetic surgeon practicing for over 20 years in Manhattan and Long Island
performing hair transplant surgery as well as non-surgical solutions for hair loss. In
fact, I’m the founder of Trichostem™ Hair Regeneration centers which is based on Hair
Regeneration treatment we’ve developed in our practice using a combination of platelet-rich
plasma and extracellular matrix. In fact, our approach has been so successful that it
has dramatically reduced the number of hair transplants we perform in a given year. Patients
come from all over the world to afford this treatment. So I’m going a little bit of
perspective based on my understanding of the two options you asked for before how we approach
hair loss in our office. So to begin with, what does PRP do and what
does mesotherapy do? Well certainly, I can help you with the PRP. PRP is platelet-rich
plasma. It’s derived from your own blood and it is a concentration of the wound healing
factors that stimulate some certain key elements to the skin when it’s injected. So it’ll
improve fat cells, it’ll improve blood supply, it’ll improve the collagen. And secondarily,
it would stimulate short-term growth of hair. Now from our experience, from the patients
who come to us who have had PRP injections done elsewhere, the challenge is that you
need frequent treatments. You need to go at least once a month and in some place once
in 2-3 months but it means that you’re getting only short-term benefit and you’re not getting
a long-term sustainability. Now the subject of mesotherapy, for those
trained in the United States and trained in Allopathic medicine and even with this understanding
of some of the elements of what constitutes mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is something of a
controversial issue because in other areas, particularly in European countries where mesotherapy
is practiced, there is some belief in its value. Mesotherapy is essentially the use
of various vitamin solutions and other things that are injected to areas whether it’s
the face of the scalp. I personally don’t perform mesotherapy but from what I understand,
I would not consider mesotherapy to be of any value for hair loss and I don’t wish
to disparage anyone or insult anybody but frankly, hair loss that is 90% is genetic
hair loss. It is not from vitamin deficiency or any other nutritional or conceptually the
delivery of even a DHT blocker into the skin because it doesn’t work that way. Hair loss is genetic and the ways that we
treat hair loss in the United States are basically prior to what we developed are pharmaceuticals
which include minoxidil and finasteride. In our practice, many people come to us who don’t
want to take finasteride because of fears of sexual dysfunction while on the other side,
that is hair restoration surgery which a lot of people won’t do because of variety of
reason and because of the limitations. You can only have so much hair that you can transplant
before you run out of donor area. That is the true limitation regardless of technique. So Hair Regeneration is what we do in our
practice. What we developed is based on a technology of wound healing material called
extracellular matrix. When combined with platelet-rich plasma, it was discovered in our development
that doing hair transplant surgery, thinning hairs actually became thicker. We were able
to help the grafts survive better. We were also able to help the donor area heal better
but what’s different from PRP alone is that we are able to do a single injection treatment
and see significant improvement over the course of a year to 18 months. We follow our patients
every 3 months and we document extensively using a digital microscopy as well as digital
photography to document the improvement. We sometimes also do a second injection at the
12-18th month point to further enhance and build upon. It’s not like the treatment
regresses but we are actually able to improve upon that. With more than 5 years of data, we have been
able to at least clinically verify that the treatment is sustainable and that the hair
growth continues without constant injection. I think that’s a big differentiator from
either PRP or mesotherapy. Usually there’s some type of continuous, within a year, several
injections necessary to sustain the results. Again, these other treatments, these PRP and
mesotherapy won’t stop progression. With Hair Regeneration, we are able to show over
and over for patients who we treat from around the world that we are able to stop progression,
reverse thinning and thicken existing thinning hairs. So I realized that you asked a different question
but it was important for you to at least get some perspective since you are obviously looking
for a non-surgical alternative to hair transplant that there is also this other treatment that
is an injection called Hair Regeneration. So learn more about this option. With no intention
to confuse you rather to educate you, I want you to learn and do more research so that
you feel comfortable about your knowledge and the understanding of what the long-term
plan is. You know it’s very important that when people have hair loss, they’re often
desperate and they’ll try anything and I mean anything. So it’s better to at least
take a step back from the desperation and think about the long-term plan and think in
terms of years and decades and not short term solutions even though that is all you may
find when you just learn about just PRP and mesotherapy. So now you have a third alternative
that I think will make a bigger difference for you. So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the
best of luck and thank you for your question!

49 thoughts on “Limitations, Ineffectiveness of PRP, Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatments, and a Better Alternative

  1. Thank you,
    First of all thank you so much for this valuable video and information
    Q- 1 –four months ago I have got my hair transplantation done , some doctor advising for mesotherapy or PRP for good result of hair transplant ( bcoz still I m not seeing well visible result ) , does it help in good result after hair transplant

    Q-2 – it is really not possible to come at your place for treatment bcoz your clinic is not in India, if possible please suggest any treatment in India for good growth of Transplanted hairs and for best result ( my mail id is [email protected]), i would like to appreciate once again for your all efforts and information via youtube channel all info are really really helpful, Thank you and have a great day 🙂

  2. thanks for the info sir 🙂
    well,can i ask you one thing?
    actually i've had some kinda chemical treatments on my hair.
    those chemical treatments damaged my hair so badly.
    my hair's lost its looks lifeless and i'm having severe hair loss.
    i guess i've ruined my hair.
    so the question is,can i go for mesotherapy?
    as it contains various vitamins and minerals so i hope it'd heal my hair.

  3. doctor i let a relaxer on my scalp for too long, my scalp hurts after 1 year of this stupid chemical, the prp can help me? to thick those hairs and heal those damaged follicles? thanks a lot

  4. Currently I'm using topical Finasteride, Progesterone, and Minoxidil on my hair. But I have a receding hairline and I don't want a hair transplant. I'm a Norwood 3v.Currently in my forties. Is it even possible for PRP to grow some of my hairline back. I'm getting terminal hair regrowth from Progesterone, but not very much (twenty or so hairs on hairline).

  5. is this PRP treatment give permanent results ?? I mean to say that the grown hair shall be maintained by any supplement throughout my life ??

  6. i have baby hair on my hairline which are visible if i will zoom from camera…can they grow if i will take 3 sessions of PRP…please reply

  7. my hair was thinning and slowly balding so i opted for mesotherapy and laser(also they gave shampoo and cream to apply on hair) but after 1 session i lost 50% of my hair and my hair became very thinner so i panicked and discontinued treatment. Will i even get my old hair back ? , its becoming worse i m almost bald.Some 1 plz help and provide me suggestion?

  8. Sir tell me one thing, what do you do in hair regeneration system.?? is this medicine based out injection based out what

  9. Doctor, I have been suffring from hair loss for more then 7 years. I have gone to many doctors, they recommended to me medicament such as:Minoxidil 2%, neoptide and dietary supplement. They said that the reason behind my hair loss is stress and I do agree since it increases on and after exam periode. Iam kind of confused and I don't know which solution is better for me since my hair loss don't stop even when I take my medicine. Thank you for answering me doctor.

  10. hello doctor I have been suffering of incredible hair loss for about 3 months now my hair had never fall that much and I have seen a doctor and he suggested a mesotherapy sessions to my hair and I am not really convinced with it so I just wanna ask if it is really necessary to do it or their is another solution
    excuse my English not my first language thou.?

  11. Super Excellent Video! Served its purpose. Doc what about androgenetic allopecia, can that be cured or can a reversal be initiated by your hair restoration treatment? also once the hair restoration is done does one have to take any oral medicines or any other precautions (for eg. not wetting the scalp for a period of time etc.)

  12. Sir i have very thin hair in my crown and mid area…..should i go for prp or hair transplant….i am very much confused……i seriously need your advice….please do rply sir….my age is 24 male

  13. Hello sir i have several questions, I’m 23. I did prp and 2 session mesotherapy and when i did prp first there was thc in my blood but now i avoid these things does this thc effects negative on my hair. my doctor gave me some pills like biotin zink and hair vit, should i take finasteride too or should i do prp again, what is your advice for this dr thank you .

  14. hi sir,
    my name is nagarjuna iam suffering with hair fall past 18 months,iam consulted a doctor,she told me need to do mesotheraphy as early as possible,she tolds me, i had psoriyasis thats reason my hair got falling,so iam very confused about that,is it true?psoriyasis leads to hairfall? is mesotheraphy works? please advise me doctor…

  15. Prasad Sir i have used finasteride as 1 mg…because my hair is thin as i am in 23 only and i am losing it continuos… but finasteride gives me chest pain …. should i continue it.

  16. Thanku sir this video is very helpful. So one question . Is mesotharapy side effect for us? And please if you can make a video on mesotharapy and also on Minoxidil solution.

  17. Sir i m losing my hairs day by day my age is 24 so what shall i do i go through with medicines or hair transplant, mesotherapy or prp

  18. I am loosing hair also from my back of scalp and the nape of my neck. I am taking prp sessions but since it will only help the top of my scalp. Can you guide me what treatment i can take to regrow hair for the back of my scalp. My doctor diagnosed my hair loss as telogen effluvium which is leading towards pattern hair loss. I have been facing aggressive hair loss since 6 months. Although prp has helped me to reduce the hair loss, still i am concerned about the area on the back of my scalp from where i have lost almost half of my hair. I have overall thinning on my scalp. I am very much worried as my thickness has reduced considerably in the last few months. Can u suggest a treatment for the backside of scalp where i am unable to take prp injections

  19. Sir ..meso therapy is pemanently solution of hair loss or not ?? What is result of this and it does works??

  20. Hello Dr: i did PRP course and i haven't got any new hair regrowth however ,during the PRP injections my hair become stronger and my hair loss is stopped . Unfortunately after 3 months of PRP my hair start to fall Again and this time more than 100 hair per day , what should i do ?

  21. Sir muze alopecia areata hai, mere sar ke balo main patches hai, Aur eyebrow ke bal bhi ud gaye hai, 4mahine pahile Maine treatment karke Wo bal aye the but Abhi phir se ud gaye hai, all body ke bhi bal kahi kahi ud rahe hai

  22. Sir I am Naresh. I am used 3 injections of mesotherapy. I observed small,baby hair. That hair is become thick and long please reply sir

  23. Had 20 laser hair removal sessions on head and head kind of patchy from missed spots will prp revive those follicles after laser hair removal?

  24. Hello doctor
    I lost alot of my hair because i used chemical materials to make it staight ,i want my hair to be as before is it possible or not with treatment?
    Excuse my English

  25. Hi doctor.. I m from india and want to know… Can we do prp treatment all over the scalp even where hair is not lost but very weak and thin

  26. Hi sir I am from kerala…I am already transplanted 1800 grafts in sides … natural hair hair strenghth is very weak… to increase my hair strenghth….is prp..treatment helps to thining my hair lifelong?

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