Taking Charge of Your Health

(upbeat pop music) ♫ Live it ♫ I’m gonna live it ♫ Live it – Ever crave a juicy steak or a tender serving of filet mignon? Well, you may be better
off craving something other than red meat. – A team of researchers at
Loma Linda University Health have been investigating
lifestyle and health for nearly 60 years in what’s known as the Adventist Health Studies. What they’ve found is those
who eat a vegetarian diet have a lower risk for chronic diseases, which ultimately translates
into longer, healthier living. – In our study, the vegetarians compared to the non-vegetarians
do have a lower risk of chronic disease, a lower
risk of high blood pressure, a lower risk of high cholesterol,
a lower risk of diabetes, they’re less obese, and
a lower risk of dying from heart disease, ultimately. – [Dr. Reeves] The researchers
recently discovered that vegetarians are 22% less likely to develop colorectal cancers,
the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. – So how can you start
eating a vegetarian diet and experience the lifestyle benefits? If giving up meat entirely is too much, why not reconsider how often you eat meat? For example, try eating only fish. Or, eat other meats only once a week to experience similar health benefits associated with a vegetarian lifestyle. The second tip is to
eat fewer refined foods, like sugar, desserts, snack
foods, and fast food meals. – Instead, we should eat more
whole grains and natural foods like fruits, vegetables,
legumes, and nuts. – The closer you get to
some kind of natural state, growing your garden, shopping
at a local farmer’s market, that can be very helpful. – [Dr. Reeves] If you commit
to following these tips, you can enjoy the benefits
of lowering your risk for chronic disease and living
six to nine years longer. – [Patricia] There’s your tip for the day on how you can live healthier, longer. ♫ Live it ♫ I’m gonna live it ♫ Live it

27 thoughts on “LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Chronic Diseases with a Vegetarian Diet

  1. I have been trying to switch to a more vegetarian lifestyle and loved these tips. Going to try to cut down to once a week at least.

  2. Live a long life even tho I'm gonna be tortured of not eating meat and candy then everyone will bully me or live normal age and have a happy life but disease hmmm so many things happen to me it has somehow not done anything to me

  3. Eating fruit and veg isn’t that hard. It also tastes better and helps you to learn to appreciate your food more.

  4. I posted a video talking about why I became vegetarian, tips for beginners, and pros and cons. Im a new youtuber and would love for you to subscribe. If you comment done I will be sure to the same:)))

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