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Greetings, sir! Greetings! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center. Thank you. Sir, I would like to know your name. Deepak Sharma Where have you come from? Guwahati, Assam. For whose health issues are you seeking treatment here? My mother. What disorder is she suffering from? Liver cirrhosis. She has liver failure. How was the Liver failure detected? What were her symptoms? We first got to know about it in 2015. Then, we took her to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai. But, everyone suggested for a Liver transplant. I brought her here in September 2017 and after taking medicines for 3 months she recovered. Now, she is absolutely fine and living a normal life. What kind of symptoms did she suffer from? She was bed ridden, passed urine and stool on the bed itself, no physical activity. She didn’t even recognize her own children. Oh! She couldn’t recognize? No, she couldn’t even recognize me. She hasn’t come here personally. He’s her son. Yes, I came here. My entire family thought she wouldn’t survive. How much relief does she have after taking the ayurvedic treatment? She cooks her own food and eats. Oh! She is cooking food. Dr. Vikram, I’d like to ask you, what kind of medicines. See, in liver failure, the patient’s jaundice level increases, ascites. Did she have ascites, Mr. Deepak? Yes, a lot! He came to me from around 2500 – 3000 kms for his mother’s treatment. You are coming from around 6 months? Yes, sir. He’s coming from around 6- 7 months. He is here after every 2 months and takes a prescription from me. He is himself saying that she had ascites along with other symptoms. All doctors had asked her to undergo a liver transplant. We would remove 5 litres of fluid per week via abdominal tapping and we did this for three months. For patients like these, I prescribe Ayurvedic medicines. One of them is Bhumi Amla, it is usually given in Liver failure, Kidney failure, kidney stones. It’s around 1 to 1.5 feet tall from the ground. The plant grows around 2 feet tall sometimes. It is a miracle for the liver. Then, there is Liver Detox, it has Kutki, Punarnava, Kalmegh, Kasni and herbs like these. Apart from this, I’ve given Punarnava. 2 capsules thrice daily because there was a lot of fluid retention. Punarnava is really good to remove excess fluid from the body. Rencure formula is something I usually prescribe to Kidney patients but, in case of excessive fluid retention or ascites in liver and this gets rids of the excessive fluid. Liver is such a tissue which has the ability to regenerate its cells or hepatocytes. It can be recovered if, we don’t put anymore toxins in it. People consume alcohol or hepatitis can be the reason which causes liver damage. But, in his mother’s case, may be sedentary lifestyle was the reason. Did she take some medicines regularly? Yes, she took painkillers and antibiotics. Did she have arthritis? Or some joint pain? Yes, she did. She would have taken painkillers for it. There is one formulation which I give particularly for the liver. Yakritplihantak churna, a classical Ayurvedic medicine. It’s formula has been written in ancient texts. This also has Bhumi amla or Phyllanthus niruri, Kalmegh or Indian Echinacea, it is also known as King of Bitters, Sharpunkha which we have planted in our clinic also. Sharpunkha is really beneficial for Liver and spleen. It is known as Pliha kshatru (Spleen’s enemy). Sharpunkha is very useful in any spleen or liver disorder. Similarly, Kutki is considered the best for Pitta Virechana, it can be used in curing Jaundice. It also has Makoy and Punarnava. This formulation is a combination of all these medicines. A patient who has increased SGOT SGPT, liver enzymes, liver inflammation or swelling or water retention. Moreover, a person who has increased level of Nitrogen in the brain and the patient starts speaking non-sense. Just like you said, your mother didn’t recognize anyone that is known as Hepatic encephalopathy. They have improved up to 95% in 6 months. Yes. Mr. Deepak, I would like to know, how did you find out about Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I got to know it from the internet. He has come all the way from over 2500 kms and brought reports from 8 patients and all of them have asked him to get their prescriptions from me. They’ve built a lot of trust in Planet Ayurveda. One patient in these had Liver cirrhosis and he took medicines last time. Now he’s completely fine and has joined his job. That’s very good. I would like to give a message to my fellow BAMS doctor or students. After completing BAMS, they practice allopathic. It’s better to study Ayurveda thoroughly and practice it. The ones already practicing it, should also polish their Ayurvedic knowledge again. Ayurveda has so much power that a patient is coming from afar and is getting results which makes him want to get treatment for 8 more patients. That means Ayurveda has the power. I’m also using the same Ayurvedic herbs and you’ve read the same texts, so, you should apply that knowledge. Apart from this, the allopathic doctors that advice Liver transplant or immediate surgery. There’s no need to hurry. The Ayurvedic herbs I’ve mentioned have their Latin names written. There’s Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Phyllanthus niruri, they can study about it on the internet, it’s structure, compounds mechanism of action. According to Ayurveda, there have been researches, modern clinical trial on the herbs. So, they can also use and get the benefit & give the benefit to the patients. Sir, there was a time when allopathic doctors had asked your mother to undergo liver transplant. Now, after taking allopathic treatment, how much improvement has she got? About 95%. 95%! That is quite good. Any message, you’d like to give on your behalf? I’d like to say, everyone should adopt Ayurveda for Liver and kidneys disorders. There are other problems also. There are skin problems like psoriasis, autoimmune disorders, heart problems and even ITP, blood cancer and various other types of cancers, Sarcoidosis and numerous autoimmune disorders. I come across them every day and they’ve very good results. Thank you sir, you came to Planet Ayurveda and gave such nice information to our viewers. Thank you, Dr. Vikram. Thank you.

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  1. My name is shivangi,sir kya urethra me chot lagne ke karan aayi problems ke liye koi ayurvedic medicine he kya , mere bade bhai ki urethra injured ho gayi he docters operation ke liye bol rahe he, sir usko is karan se erectile disfunction , or semen, or urine lekage joke abdominal wall or scrotum me leakage ho raha he , or sar ab testicles or organ ki veins bhi vericose hoti ja rahi he , esa ho raha he, sir kya urethra ko wapis pehle jesa heel karne ke liye koi ayurvedic medicines bataiye ,

  2. hamare father in low ko liver sirausis h jo ab ekdam kam nhi kr rha hai uske liye please koi treatment bataye jisse liver thoda function krne lage

  3. मेरे भाई के शराब के कारण लीवर खराब हो गये है dr. 90% बता रहे है । पेट में पानी भर जाता हैं । कोई इलाज हो तो बताए

  4. Respected Sir my brother aged 46 is having problem of lever psiriohsis and severe blokage in heart .Can we save him sir ? Please guide me Sir

  5. Sir my name is Kamala I am 32y old. I am suffering with portal hypertension and spleenomagely with 21cms sir I had glue injection for fundal varice last month doctor said that there are early esophegal varices . Sir doctor said that blood vessels were blocked in my liver.sir just now I watched your video can u please suggest me is there any medicine in ayurveda.please help me sir I am having 5yrs child.l will be very thankful to u.

  6. Doctor sahab mujhe sgpt 76 or sgopt 55 or blurobin 2.5 or thyroid ka tsh 9.4 or chest mai akasr problem hota hai caugh banta wait loss ho raha ankhe m jaln ho taha chest ct v hua tha normal batete doctor lekin mujhe kuchh thik nahi ho raha hai kaam nahi kr pata hun or abhi thyrocxine 50mg or calcium carbonet 500mg le raha hun or ayurvedic medicine v le raha hun pr kuchh relief nahi ho raha hai urine yellow hota hai liver m pain v hota hai

  7. Sir meri mother ko liver cirrhosis h or abhi woh hospital mai admit h ICU mai Dr kah rahe h look dawa work nhi kar rahi h unko woh unconscious h bp bhi low ho raha h or SGOT SGPT badha hua h kya hum apki dawa le sakte h

  8. sir mujhe liver cirrosis hai ek baar taping kara chuka hu mera fibroscan 13-4 hai kya aapki davao aur parhej se main stable rah kar life ji sakta hu meri age 32 hai pls reply aapki davaiya kitne time tak khani hongi

  9. Mere papa ko liver cirrhosis bataya Gaya he. Fibroscan ka report 72%he kya aapki treatment se liver thik ho Sakta he .aapka hospital Maharashtra me Kahi he kya aapse contact kese kare pls Reply

  10. Sirji mere husband ko bhi liver n kidney problems ho gyi thi.liver cirrhosis ho gaya tha aap bata rahy hy ye sare symptumps thy bt 10/11din ke baad death ho gyi hy.Sirji muje bhi fatty liver problem hy kafi time se bt last 1/1 1/2 months se stomach me sujan ho gyi hy pet full ke stone jesa ho gaya hy.khana kabhi accha lagta hy kabhi iccha nhi hoti hy.vomiting jesa feel karti hu saans lene me taqlif ho rahi hy.feet face pe sujan aajati hy spl morning mei.muje thyroid hy 100power ki tablets leti hu BP hy n knee joint pain hy.mera weight bhi bhut hy.heavy weight hy.age 50urs hy abhi akele hi sab karna hy esliye mei fit n fine rahna chati hu.pls help me.

  11. Our clinic is located in Mohali, India. I have seen many patients of liver cirrhosis getting better and excellent response with Ayurvedic medicines. Even the fibroscan showed reversal and the clinical symptoms improve…the ascites goes away in 2 to 5 months and overall strength increases. The total bilirubin levels decrease and come to normal.
    Send your reports to [email protected] OR start with liver care pack. You can buy at

    It's a basic pack but for more serious cases, it's recommended that they send an email or visit us in Mohali. Contact 0091 172 5214030 ( day time india)

  12. Sir my name is Pankaj Bhowmik from West Bengal, Alipurduar. I am suffering to liver cirrhosis. Fibroscan report 17 kpa, Agot or agpt 180 .
    More than symptom my body.
    Please help me sir.

  13. sir.
    my dad aged 72yrs has hcv since 1978 and now he suffered with liver cirrhosis,ascites and edema.
    Spleenomegaly with portal vein hypertension.
    He took kamalahar(khatore pharma) for 5months but didnt get any effective result.
    Then he took homeopathic medicines now along with aldactone 100 which helps to reduce excess fluid from stomach and legs..but taking homeo drugs for 4-5 months,he didn't get any result.his bilirubin is 5.0,and sgot,sgpt levels are above 100.after watching your video,i want to start your treatment.can i directly talk with you?

  14. Sir I have suspected autoimmune hepatitis . Biopsy shows non specific chronic inflamation . After taking steroid lft is improving . Can it be cured permanently With ayurvedic treatment?

  15. Sir ma pakistan se hu mere bhai ko hehatitas B or D he or us ki age 19 years he doctor keh rhe hn liver transplant hoga mene ap ki video dekhe to koi umeed nazar aaye hm ko plz hamari hamari help kre hm ko medicine mangwani he mene ap k number pr sms bhi kiya he plz koi whatsup number de ma ap ko report send kr sko shukriya

  16. Sir papa Ko blood nhi bn rha h aankh pila rheta h pairr me Sujan rheta mtlb phula rheta h body pila rheta h sir solution h to btaye….

  17. Sir i feel excess gas formation moving upward with errucation.pain&burning in Liver position &sever indigestion. Besides i feel sever pain&soreness in my chest&thorax ,shoulder arms upper back lower back, neck&left part of head with congestion. Neck&shoulder pain is very unbearable.i also feel anxiety and depression, all time feverish &weak.tingling&pinning allover body.why it happens? Now i m taking med for depression &anxiety bt no improvement seen. My condition become worse day by day.what sud i do…plz guide

  18. Dear Sir, Hum Agra se belong karte hai mere father liver cirrhosis se pidit hai or yha ke doctors ne lever transplant ka option diya hai, mai aap ki saari videos ko follow karta or bhut vishvas karta hu kripa kuch guide kre, we don't have sufficient money & we can't afford the transplantation charges.

  19. sir mujhe fatty liver 1.2 hai plz help me mai 1mnth se dwai kha raha hu but kuchh fark nahi pad raha blood test ultrasaund v karaya hai..

  20. Dear Sir,

    sir mere papa ke body pain hai kal se, papa ko lever cirosis ki problem h or last 15 days se aap ka lever care pack use kar rhe hai jo ki report dekh kar dr. sab ne suggest kiya tha Chandigarh center par

    body pain kyo or usko dur krne ka koi upay btaye..?

    pehle motion problem thi wo sab ab thik hai only bady pain hai.

    fibroscan- 34.2

    please suggest..?

  21. sir meri mom ko hepatitis c huwa h.bahot sare treatment kare lekin koi farak hi nahi pad raha.muze ab kya karna chaye plzzz batao.
    Dr.sahab mob no bhejo plzzzzzź

  22. Sir. Mujhe chronic haptitise b hai 3year se. 2016 me mjhe pata chala aor maine viral lod test karaya to viral lod 1000000.tha for maine allopathic treet ment liya 6 month tak fir viral lod test karaya us time pe mera viral lod 750000aya abi mai ayurvedic treatment le raha hu. Jaise punarnavadi mandoor. Arogya vati Arogya vardhni vati. Udramrit vati live d 38 teblet . Giloy sat. Swarnmakchik bhusm moti pisti to kya sir in dawao se ye rog dur ho sakta hai. Sir apka cleenik kaha aor kis steat me hai. mujhe pata bataiye sir mai aap se milna chahta hu. Sir mai bahut pareshan hu kuch to rasta bataiye.

  23. Sir,i am from assam .our patient is in icu in a hospital.which reports should be send of chorosos patient.

  24. Sir, I sent my liver test report on 11 April 2019 in your whats app number but yet no reply is seen by your staff.sir I want to order Medicine through online.

  25. Sir please help me . Meri buaa ji ko liver cirrhosis hai and unke stomach and feet me swelling bahut jyada h

  26. Sir sgpgi ke Dr ne usg CLD+PHT liver disease batayen hain. Plz sir iske bare main batayen jisse hum aap ke yahan se treatment leven

  27. Hello people who all are taking treatment from Dr Vikram sir, please provide feedbacks.
    Is it really working or not???
    My father is facing the same issue.

  28. Sir meri mummy ko cholelithiasis or liver cirrhosis ascites hai 3stage or sir mmy ka heart ka operation bhi ho chuka h or heart bhi bahut weak chl rha h hmne bahut hospitals medical collage har jgh dhikq diya h kuch bhi araam nhi aarha h sir har jagh se bs niraash hi ho rhe h doctors bol rhe h mmy jyada nhi rh oayengi sir bahut hi dare huye h pls meri maa ko bacha lo sir pls bta do sir ki meri mmy thk ho pqyengi ya nhi..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Sir. I am from Chennai. Do you have any one has taken your treatment?. Where can I get your medicine. I am being diagnosed as liver cirocis I'm MRI scan.

  30. aap devta ho sir..mere father ko liver cirrohsis ho gaya hai ..main next week tak mohali aa raha hoon.. aap rahoge na sir? antim asha ki kiran dikhi hai aapke paas

  31. Sir muje hair loss aur muje skin me khujli b bahot hai hair k liye to mai ne bahot kuch kiya kuch b faida nahi huwa

  32. SAR seene me ashnye gash ban Raha hai letring karne me bhi presar nahi Banta hai letring bahut chipka SA mitti type SA ho Raha hai pls help SAR 3saal se paresan hu SAR

  33. Sar ultrasound karwaya to mild gread 1fatty liver Aya fibro scen karwaya gread2fatty liver Aya CT scan karwaya to diffuse fatty liver Aya our 1baar fhir se ultrasound karwaya to acut hepatitis Nikla Mai kya Karu SAR kya dava lu samajh me nahi aa Raha hai Maine apka plynet Ayurveda se yakrit plihantak churn Ko magwaya hai online kya SAR usko kane se ye gash banna mal ka Sahi se nahi hona ye samshya thik hoga sar

  34. Our SAR mere left hand ke hath ke hathelyon me jo safed wala bhag hai usme jo Nash hai wo Neela SA dikh Raha hai blood test karwaya to accidic blood urin me bhi accidic aa Raha hai our pilya hamesha rahta hai liver bhi kharab hai

  35. Hlo sir
    My father is suffering from 100 %liver failure please help me to find your address and contact details. It will be a great great help

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