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Long Term Effects of Alcoholism on Liver damage & how to prevent!!! Alcohol is only a single member of the body
while working for a moment to save him and to divide the alcohol into his blood! You cannot even say that labor. It’s a struggle. The name of the organ that stalks the liver! If anyone sees the greatest friend of man
it is his liver. If it is spoiled, there is no way of survival. Any other body
The liver does work with liver functions for example, if the other organs do 400 jobs simultaneously,
the liver performs 800 works. It creates more than a thousand enzymes. If our body gets a small injury and the blood
turns out, it will send the brain to the liver immediately. In the shaded liver, the blood transfers the
bloodstream to the place where the blood is extinguished. The chemistry makes a spider web-like place
where the blood is extinguished and freezes blood. This means that blood discharge is blocked. If the liver does not do this job, it’s a
minor injury to kill us too. Even though we have a mild headache today,
we have to bump into the pills, even if the body is tiring. All of these pills are poisonous. The liver is to protect the body from blocking
the toxin into the body. There is a lot of alcohol in liquor. The liver fights all night to get rid of the
toxicity. The verse can speak if the drunkards are drunk
unless they fight against liver poisoning. If the liver has been spoiled, he cannot even
breathe. Then where is the dialogue? If the liver is not perfectly correct, the
food that does not eat will not die. Not only the food items but also the liver,
which has the ability to digest food, pill, alcohol, and even poison. It is such an important element of life. For that, Not as good as ‘good’. The liver cannot prevent inflammation when
it comes to blindness. Compare the liver with the donkey. The donkey will carry a heavy load on it,
but it will not be burdened. The same donkey would not have risen up again. The liver also continues to struggle with
drinking alcohol to drink! To save such a liver
Avoid alcohol and smoke. Avoid coffee, tea, coffee and artificial soft
drinks. Instead of nourishing coffee, lime coffee,
milk and lemon tea, natural juices, cane juice, powder, and whey. Need to relax and swallow the meal. We should give priority to retirement when
we are tired. To avoid ingesting allopathic medicines to
the point where possible. Let the liver survive well Thank you very much for watching my creation,
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