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Dr. Mitali Madhusmita Welcome to the world of ProHolisticHealth Good to have you here Thank you Dr Mitali, a lot of working women come to you these days with their health issues So what are typically the issues that they face And how are you able to help them? Yeah health issues mainly specifically now not only for working women like you know for those people who are at home like menstrual problems are there PMS, which is the biggest problem now Due to this PMS, they feel lot of mood swings, irritations, bloatedness Heaviness is there in the body Retention, puffiness they are feeling And aches and pains are there also As a working woman you know They are doing multitasking job They have to manage the career and the family both the way So first of all they have to keep themselves physically and mentally fit for that So to keep physically and mentally fit They have to follow a specific diet, like you know daily regiment So for daily regime they have to wake up early, they have to do regular exercise Massaging, oil massaging and bath is very good for them and to follow a proper diet plan Specifically, you know you can say 25% meal pattern This has to be carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, antioxidants a lot of greens and vegetables All these things has to be there So other than that they can come for a consultation They know their body type, Prakruti About that they can follow a diet also, what is good for them those kind of thing always it is there for them And in between they can come for a detoxification process also which is really good for them To keep themselves fit physically and mentally also we have many de-stressing treatments also Because to handle both the things always they will end up with a stress factor Due to that they cannot give 100% to both the things The career and as well as the family also When they are stress-free everything will be in and around very good So we can you know in many things we have many treatments like Shirodhara, Abhyanga, we are giving many cleansing treatments also many massages also Typically, massages are there So first of all they have to come for a consultation every now and then and accordingly we can manage the things. Dr Mitali, what would you say is today’s women it’s very important for them to be young, feel young and also feel energetic and healthy So what would be your recommendation for such women? And how will they take care of their health? Yeah that is the most important thing because you know everybody wants to look young and fit So first of all to look young and fit they have to you know take care of their body So after 40 it is very natural anti-aging process started But before also nowadays in young age also people are facing many other issues like skin problem, hair fall, you know that fine lines which they don’t like it we have many good and N number of facials over here like specifically for biological aging also and psychological aging whatever they are going through At Sri Sri Tattva we have Brahma Rasayanam, which is to rejuvenate and reconstruct the cells For every woman it is good you know they can start it also Having one teaspoon in the morning one teaspoon in the evening So it is good to maintain their like you know To rejuvenate and reconstruct the cell also To make them feel glow physically and mentally both the ways… It will help. So facials we have like Shankara facial, we have Mukhalepo we have merma like facial merma also they can come down for that So Hair oil also many things are there like Keshavarana, we do Chakradhara and many like Sirolepo, all these things are there they can come down for that and along with that all these things also they need deep rooted cleansing that is also most important thing for them So both the ways they can follow their food and lifestyle and some of the herbs also which helps them So Dr. Mitali today weight gain and issues about weight for women especially they are quite concerned about it and they are quite particular in terms of what their weight should be and how they should look and feel So what can Ayurveda do typically and help them with their health issue with their weight gain issues? See that is like you know a major concern for women nowadays First of all, you know they go through hormonal changes Specifically, nowadays young girls because of the quality food and lifestyle So you can say it is a metabolic problem Due to that they are facing all the PCOD like you know Polycystic ovary problem Due to that weight gaining tendency and you can say thyroid also Weight gaining, hair fall, bulging you know, bloatedness And they feel very uncomfortable They cannot do, you know because they are not physically active. So they cannot do many at a time. In Ayurveda we have many Detox program They can do it along with that a couple of massages are there To strengthen and tone their body also we have exercises also Which they can follow it anywhere They can start doing exercises And all these kind of things will help them But it has to be with help of doctors not like over-the-counter they will come and buy anything and take it
Yeah proper guidance which you know is marketed by many people it is better to come to a doctor for a consultation know their body, know why they are suffering with all these things and take a proper consultation and start the things Which is you know, help them for a long term What about women complaining about lower back pain and joint pain and earlier you would hear elderly woman complaining about it these days even younger women also complain about it Why do you think the prevalence is more now? And how can Ayurveda help them get the relief from this kind of problems? See this is a very good question actually But nowadays because females, not nowadays, females have to go through physical changes in their life Being a mother, being a lactating mother and menopause Due to that a lot of Iron and Calcium is needed And now after the C-section you know Caesarean Section also many people afterwards they are developing lower back pain that is there And otherwise you know lately also after Menopause because for the Osteoporosis also they are developing So back pain, knee pain and because of the weight also When the heavy load is there waistline fat is more so they are getting knee problems also So that is may be due to the lifestyles and people are running behind everywhere They are doing multitasking So for that only they are suffering And slowly and gradually it is more Because they have to handle many things at a time So we also have many things like Knee care program, Back care program And Spine care program also Exercises are also there, oil treatments are there And typically bones after a certain age bones are dehydrated To hydrate the bones also we have Sarvangadhara, Kativasti, Jaanuvasti, Trivavasti Which is really going to help them a lot So there is a whole lot of things that you can do to helping them And oral medication also they can take natural calcium which is really good for them, natural Calcium and Iron Because maximum our like 50% of Indian women they are suffering from Iron deficiency anyway Which is the biggest problem Due to that, they always feel low, mood wise, physically and mentally also And headache will be there They feel fatigue, tired you know And they don’t feel like doing any work, they are pushing themselves to do many things And you talk about the Calcium and Vitamin D3 which is the biggest problem now Being a vegetarian also And people have the occupational hazard you can say, those people who are in software and all these and sit in the AC room throughout Because of the temperature and all these things So they have also those kind of problems So we have many good supplements So they can take it as supplements also natural source to maintain their Vitamin D3 Calcium and Iron also So Dr. Mitali, Regarding today’s women and their issues with health Is there something like a Rejuvenation program or a Detox program in Ayurveda That you can really help them and make a difference to their health? Definitely you know rejuvenation program is the most important thing and Detox also First of all, you have to purify the body Then only you can start the rejuvenation For rejuvenation you have to have detoxification then only start the rejuvenation medicines for detoxification it is better to have an in-house program So they can stay somewhere, they can cleanse the system It depends upon their system as to what exactly detoxification they need Then only they can start the rejuvenation program at home also Some of the simple herbs will be there or medications will be there So that guidelines will be given to them, they can follow it at home For that there is no need to stay anywhere But initially maybe they have to spend 5 to 6 days over the in-house program that will be good for them
To understand and learn Exactly And they have to go through a certain diet that time and follow some of the diet plan And medications also it will be there So throughout if they travel and go it will not be easy to maintain all these things So for that we need to have to have here They need to have those here So, preventive health is important, At the same time today there is the tendency to reach out or panic in health conditions or health situation So what can be the home remedies or what can the woman do to take care of their and their family’s health? Yeah that is the things specifically women has to know Because they are the first doctor in the family When the child is not feeling well or any of the family members are not well There they have to you know and at the same time they have to Some of the important things are there in office or at workplaces or anything They are really stressed out They cannot give 100% to any of the places So first of all I tell all the women that they have to know little bit of herbs also. Which they can start it at home, it is a home remedy In our Ashram we just specifically launched the program its called as Ayur Jagruti So for all the women it is one or two days program. So they have to come and they have to learn what are the specific herbs that they can give it to their kids And then like you can say first aid they can start at home. Afterwards anyways doctors are there for the further things but they can start these small things at home. So it is always better to have a first level intervention at home. Exactly So they will also be stress free and all these things will be well maintained. And it is a great comfort to the family when they know that the woman in the house has got some knowledge. Exactly
And the diet also everything she can give accordingly. So that is why we say, whatever is the father of the diseases, sick or ill-diet is the mother. So diet also has a 50% role Because if at all we are following some medicines and eating ill-diet and you know abusing our body in that way So there is no use and end of the day you are going to fall sick. So first of all both the things we have to hand-to-hand follow like diet and medications also if anything we are taking. So if the woman knows how to follow, how to maintain the family diet plan and all these things for everything, everybody So it will be really going to help them, for her also and for the family also. So an awareness of what is good diet and what is the best, is important.
Exactly. And follow some of the things You know now nowadays everybody is running behind the Yoga, Pranayam and all those things. It is the most important thing to keep the body and mind both the ways stress-free also. So that is also, maybe you know, from your busy lifestyle 15-20 minutes you can spend everyday and do these things. That also makes you feel mentally very free and relaxed and rejuvenated also. Any tip you would like to give to people as to what they can do in their daily routine in terms of their exercise regime? Which will help them to keep the health at a very good state And keep them healthy and happy and comfortable? See first of all walking is the most important thing Maybe 15-20 minutes, every day you can go for walking And exercises Surya Namaskar is the best thing To increase your metabolism and it is very good for the intuitive minds also. But Surya Namaskar also it has to be very specific, if the person is having back pain and all this thing.. Always you do in a, like you know comfort zone. Any exercise you are doing Not very intensively, so you can do it in that way. And elderly people if they don’t know how to do it also Like they have lot of back issues and all these things are there Even they can do some exercise in the swimming pool also, which is the hydrotherapy, which is the most important thing also. There will be no load on any of the spine and bones. So Dr. Mitali Madhusmita, it was a pleasure having you and thanks for your wonderful inputs. Thank you! Thank you!

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