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Natural cure for loose motion buttermilk buttermilk is a very useful remedy for
this motion as well as diarrhea it contains acid which
fights with germs and bacteria take a class a buttermilk and add two
teaspoons of salt star the solution properly and drinking
four to five times in a day this aids to avoid from dehydration in
weakness by providing essential water for metabolic process babies only take painfully thin crash it
to make a paste and then add two teaspoons of honey give
it to the individual affected from loose motions immediately it will go into the
intestine and reacts with poised food and aids to stop any further loose
motion also you can use dried apple powder is
said to be fully in consumer three to four times in a day
for Quake relief for Greece motion problem banana banana with kurt is the most
useful natural remedy for the situation at least motion banana has the ability to hold food for
a long time and helps to digest food quickly banana contains potassium which create
resistance power in the body to fight against infection bottle gourd take a
bottle gourd and prepared you said give this choose to patients Weiss in a
day this two-stage to store the last above water from the body at the patient can’t avoids the problem a dehydration
as well as weakness pomegranate believes it has a wonderful
and quick effect on loose motion just make paste ovett and mix with
lukewarm water then give it to patient the patient can feel relaxed within an
hour and gets really from loose motion Apple and milk 0 take apple pieces and
mix it with milk and then boil it let the patient to consume it at least
three times in a day it helps in reducing the situation as
loose motion by immediately affecting intestine system in boosting digestive
enzymes on the ground leaves are commonly used for loose
motion home remedies lemon or lime sticks prepare glass and
human or orange juice by adding a pinch of
salt and storing it there early let the patient to conceal in this
liquid it avoids from weakness and water loss on other side it provides sufficient
energy to get rid of loose motion some elder suggests givens you submit
the seeds helpful from loose motion taken at the powder and out but I’m not
tired give this prepared used to the loose
motion patient minimum three to four times in a day Hey being in

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  1. loss motion 8 time day mein wash room jana parta hai or stool pass kartay waqt zor huta hai anus pe or blood b atta hai.kafi 5 months se hai ..age 36

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