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Hey, everyone, welcome back. So this is part 2 of a series I’m doing to get back my health. Yay. In part, 1 I talk about the history of my health issues. I did a number of tests and also shared my results. So check it out if you want to. So since I was a little kid, a little kid, I used to suffer from bloating issues. I used to have to see a doctor like every week or every once in two weeks because I was always having lots of cramping issues like just lots of stomach ache So the doctor just gave me lots of pills just to take just to feel better But it never really got a lot better and in middle school and high school I used to have to call my mom to pick me up from school because I’ll be having I really really severe stomach pain and I can’t even like function in my class So I have to call my mom to pick me up from school And also my attendance was so horrible because I had to skip school so many times just because of my stomach issues So this is nothing new to me. It has just gotten a lot worse in my recent year Anyway, my gut health has never been that great. But in a recent year especially the last years I’ve been so stressed out so when you’re stressed out your problems just Amplifies because stress just causes a lot of inflammation in body. So that’s what happened to my gut gotten a lot worse in the last two years So on top of my gut issues now I have adrenal fatigue. I have hormonal imbalance My female hormones are just out of whack. What else do I have I have liver issues as well This is all because of stress and inflammation and my chronic gut issues. now today I’m gonna share the first step to my recovery with dr Cabral’s protocol that he put together for me. Step one is a seven-day detox for my liver because my liver can’t detox that well which is what I’m talking about in this video and step two is a four weeks protocol to heal my gut and Also address my adrenal fatigue problem so in a month time I have part 3 up and I’m gonna be sharing my experience and I’m really hoping that have good results because I really really Want to feel better now. I also need to make a note that I’m not being paid for this video I’m not trying to promote my doctor over any other doctors I’m just pretty much documenting my health journey I actually put in so much time in researching the doctors and I just really liked his approach which is why I Decided to go with dr. Cabral. The only thing that I’m hoping to share is to try to Consider to hear your body naturally instead of going through pharmaceutical medicines because I’ve done that in the past and it really destroyed my gut that’s pretty much what I really want to share. You know, I mean So what’s the detox for? why do I need to do a detox? Am I really gonna lose weight? Am I gonna poop a lot? ewww So this is the first step to make sure that my liver is better before I get into my actual Protocol for my guts which is the real deal and also based on my test result for my previous video My liver is not able to detox as well, which is why I need to do this But you might be thinking I why do you need it? Like what do you need to do detox? So every day we go through some sort of toxins whether it’s from food from water from the environment from a makeup and cosmetics that you put on your skin from cooking pans and all of that so every day were exposed to lots of toxins and build-up toxins causes a lot information in body and Having lots of information in your body causes a lot of health issues like heart disease and diabetes and all of that and also you’re gonna find a lot harder to lose weight when you have very inflamed and which is why The task can be quite helpful sometimes when your body break down fat the fat is gonna release all these toxins because toxins actually start in fat So basically all these toxins are gonna float around your body and this detox basically helps to turn all these fat soluble toxins into water Soluble toxins and then you can piss it out poop it out or sweat it out And now I’m going to show you guys my detox product and I’m not trying to sell you guys anything I’m just telling you guys what I’m doing and please also know that this is an actual detox It is not some sort of bad detox or bad diet out there. Adrian is also doing this with me as well So I’m not doing this alone. So this is the product I’m using I’m doing a seven days detox these three products in here This product here has a better hopes in it which helps you to detox And also this is a functional medicine formula over here and this nutritional detox. Shake has some protein in it it has a lot of vitamins like vitamin A B and what not also has minerals in it also has Electrolytes, which makes the detox process a lot easier because when you’re detoxing it is often very difficult When you don’t have enough minerals and electrolytes, you’re gonna get a lot of symptoms But this detox process is a lot easier because of this and although detoxing is really great for weight loss I actually didn’t do it for this reason, but it is a plus anyway, so I’m not complaining so when I was looking at the product description like one of the reasons why people can lose the weight or Maintain the weight loss is because they are not addressing the root issues, like the root causes So I saw tons of result from the website that people lost about seven to ten pounds in a week I think that’s a lot I know I’m not gonna lose that much because I’m a pretty small person and Maybe those people have more to lose in the first place So yeah, it really depends on how much weight you can lose or you have to lose So the reason is obviously dependent on your current weight and I’m gonna share my result and Adrian’s result later as well So on to the detox experience, I was warned that the more toxic you are the more side effects you are gonna get from this Detox, and I found that to be true So on day one and day two of the detox, I’m not eating anything We’re just doing kind of like a fast so I’m just drinking this shake four times a day and also take these capsules So that’s all I have in one day and to be honest. It wasn’t that hard like day one I was feeling a little bit hungry since lunchtime I was a little bit hungry during dinner time, but these shakes really helps. It really helps with my hunger It also just makes me feel not to tie it you know I mean like you just need some salt minerals vitamins and electrons and you feel a lot better So yeah day one was kind of okay day two my hunger went away. So I was feeling pretty good Like I was being a little bit weaker There’s no doubt that I have no energy because I haven’t eaten for like close to two days So day two hours feeling a little bit weak during like nighttime, but I just went to sleep. I was feeling okay like it was no biggie. I can handle two days But yeah I was still drinking the shakes four times a day and on day three I was so excited because I can finally eat After two days, so it’s more than 48 hours fast kind of like a fast like I say It’s not a real real fast because I’m still having some sort of shakes, but there are only like less than 200 calories So it’s not really Substantial, you know, I mean, so yeah, it was actually pretty nutritious. I wasn’t feeling hungry I was feeling pretty satisfied like I get to eat healthy food and all got my lunch tasted So yummy! it was so simple, but it was so good. The hemp seeds was so delicious You gotta try it if you haven’t tried it before now on day 4 to 7. They are pretty much the same I just kind of rotate my food a little sometimes like tofu. Sometimes I have hemp seeds for lunch sometimes tempeh So it’s basically, you know, whatever vegetarian meals I can find and for dinner. I just kind of rotate my dishes Sometimes I have sardines sometimes I have salmon and it was oh very delicious simple food Tasted so great after you’ve fasted for two days, but on day seven, that’s when I started having diarrhea So I went in the bathroom eight times. It was insane on day eight I was feeling a little bit better, but I guess because I always had got issues so that amplify my gut problems and for Adrian he had some skin rashes from days five Onwards and I guess that makes sense because he always have skin issues that he always have skin rashes So I guess everything just comes out from your trouble area. And for me, it’s my gut for him is skin So now time to share the results and I’m pretty sure all of you guys are more Interested in this part, but before I do that I just want to tell you guys numbers on the scale is just a number and the number is not always the best indication of fat loss So I don’t want you guys to be obsessed over the number as well And as I mentioned in this video earlier, I did this for my liver not because I want to lose weight I mean obviously losing weight is great But yes I’m actually doing this for my liver prepping for my gut protocols and let’s start with ?Adrian’s result. On day one he weighs in at 70.3 kilos and after two days he went at 67.9 kilos and that’s close to two and a half kilos Which is over five pounds and that’s a lot. That’s a lot in two days and on day seven He’s at 67.3 kilos So he has lost over three kilos in a week, which is super insane That’s seven pounds guys, seven pounds in a week! How is that even possible and now for my result I weigh in at 47 kilos on day one and after two days I went at 45.9 kilos So I lost one, over one kilos in two days and that is over two and a half pounds a lot for me Okay, I am a small person. So two pounds is a lot for me, but obviously a lot of it is water weight I know that and on day four even after eating our still at 45.9 kilos So I didn’t gain the weight back after four days and after four days, I was still at 45.9 kilos So even after eating so much more food, I was eating pretty much like my maintenance level I guess, I wasn’t feeling hungry and I didn’t gain weight back and finally on day seven I was still at 45.9 kilos, so I didn’t lose any more weight Which I’m totally fine because I didn’t do this for weight loss but right now as I’m recording this video It has been two weeks since I did the detox and I’m still weighing at 45 to 46 kilos so I guess I was able to maintain my weight which is Absolutely, great. So in summary, I didn’t lose as much weight as Adrian, But he is a big person compared to me. So it’s not a fair comparison Okay, but yeah, I didn’t do this for weight loss reason Anyway, I did this for my health and I’m really happy with the result. Regardless. I felt really great after seven days although I did poop a lot on my day seven, but after that I was feeling really really good before I went on on my real protocol my gut protocol and Let me tell you this guys. This detox is nothing compared to my gut protocol I’m in the middle of it right now, and I honestly feel like crap I don’t know if I’d come across that way in this video and my way to happy so I need to be a bit sadder But I’ve been feeling extremely fatigued like extremely tired Just lack of energy and my stomach is so bloated right now I look like I’m three months pregnant right now, but it’s all okay is all part of the healing process My body is just freaking out right now from all the toxins from all the bacteria from all the small intestinal bacteria They just need to go the bad ones, the good one can stay. Just the bad ones can go But yeah, I’m really hoping that in the months time. I’ll feel a lot better and I hope I still look happy Anyways to end this video lots of people do these detox and are able to lose about seven to ten pounds in a week I think that’s pretty pretty impressive I don’t think that’s a number everyone should look forward to because everyone’s different as you can see I only lost about two and a half pounds, which is a lot for me, but maybe for other people it’s nothing So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I hope you guys liked it smash that thumbs up button Smash it. Smash it. Smash it. Smash it just smash it and Also, subscribe and turn on notifications. I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  3. Get better soon Chloe! I understand how you feel because I suffer from frequent bloating as well. Thanks for making this series so that people like me, who suffers from bloating won't feel so alone :')

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    i fully agree that emotions make pain a lot more painful,… if that makes sense.

    finally,… hopefully he isn't some idiot. his plan seems very specialized.

    03:31 holy crap,… I didn't know that. that's terrifying. I'm never gonna let myself get fat after hearing that. I don't want to be full of toxins and have things like breathing and motion trouble.

    03:45 I respect that. you're actually making efforts to be honest with people. I love, love, looove the hell out of girls who tell the truth,… it's an admirable trait honestly.

    I feel like I'm learning a lot from this. depletion is a difficult due to lack of nutrients so a supplement can help balance out homeostasis from what you are saying.

    04:52 always the sense of humor!! that's actually really funny and reminds me of doki doki faces.

    also you are perfectly right about people not addressing root issues. most are on vicious cycles going up and down with own crash diets and stress increasing poorly performed workouts as behavioral changes. no wonder they get nowhere.

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  11. I normally don’t support detox products for the sake of losing weight. It’s just a terrible idea that in the long run will decrease muscle weight and increase fat weight. It’s such a misleading product that does nothing it promises. I’m glad you did your research on the doctor and a product and that your doing this for a health reason not a weight loss reason. I don’t know that this would be a long term solution to your problem though. You’re problem may resume after the detox. You’re doctor should have you taking probiotics to improve the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut. Get a second opinion to be safe.

  12. Hope you will be better soon. Maybe you should take a look into the vegan diet or at least eat less fish because fish and it's high amount of heavy metals can cause a lot of tummy and digestion issues, too.
    All the best,

  13. I just wish for your health to get better and for you to stay happy because bloating is very bad and trust me, I know how horrible it feels. So yeah, get better soon and feel free to share your results with us if It makes you feel better ❤❤

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  16. You should probably cut down big time on seafood since these days the oceans are very toxic!! I used to eat very very low mercury fish almost daily, but after I got a heavy metals test my mercury levels were off the charts high!! So, I rarely eat it now and detoxing mercury and other toxins can take years. I take a NAC supplement daily to help my liver make glutathione to detox. 💖💕💗

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