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Hi, I’m Heidi Brockmyre with Fertility TV
and I’m going to tell you what you can do to increase your AMH levels when you’re trying
to conceive. If you’ve been told by your doctor that you have low AMH, they may have said
there’s nothing you can do to improve the number. I have seen the number increase so
there are things that you can do. AMH, which is Anti-Mullerian Hormone, is an indication
of how well your ovaries are functioning and is believed to be also an indication of your
ovarian reserve. If you have low AMH, which would be considered 1.0 or lower than 1.0,
then it may be believed that you have very little ovarian reserve left and/or that your
ovaries are not functioning very well. Of course if you’re 40, you have less egg
supply than when you were 20. That’s just math, you’ve lost them in those 20 years,
but if your ovaries aren’t functioning well, they’re not going to be able to recruit the
eggs for ovulation and they’re also not going to be able to mature them very well. You want
to make sure that the focus is really to improve the ovarian functioning. Nobody knows for
sure how many eggs you have left, but it’s not just the matter of how many you have left,
but how well they develop and the quality of them. You may have more left than your
AMH would indicate if you’re ovaries just aren’t recruiting them, but even if you don’t
have as many left as would be ideal, you want to make sure that your ovaries are doing the
best that they can do to recruit them and mature it. One important supplement you can focus on
is Vitamin D. There was a study that showed that woman with deficient levels of Vitamin
D were more likely to have low AMH than those that were not deficient in Vitamin D. It’s
a simple blood test and it’s a simple treatment, you just take a Vitamin D supplement if you
are deficient in Vitamin D. I would get the test in this case from your doctor or naturopath
and see if you just need a low dose like 1,000 or 2,000 mg a day, or if you need a high dose
like 10,000. Another good supplement is L-arginine. It’s
been shown to improve circulation to your ovaries and also to help with egg quality,
but you should take 4-5 grams of it to make a difference. If you have any autoimmune or
inflammatory issues like lupus, if you have allergies or endometriosis, I suggest you
watch my endometriosis video for some tips of managing that because that can affect your
ovarian function. For instance, if you have endometriosis on your ovaries. One of the
goals is to increase circulation to your ovaries and a [inaudible 00:02:56] pack and abdominal
massage are really great ways for doing that. I have videos that give you instructions on
how to use both of those tools so you can check those out. Also, Chinese medicine; acupuncture, acupressure,
and, herbs are excellent tools. I’ve used all of these tools in my clinic, as well as
through the program that I teach women to use self acupressure called ‘Total Fertility
Wellness’. Women in my clinic, as well as globally, I’ve helped to increase their AMH
levels through these tools, so I would really encourage you to use them. In fact, you can
sign up for the free acupressure video here at the link below and it will help to increase
circulation to your ovaries, as well as to help with hormones, and balancing the hormones,
and balancing the hormones that go to your ovaries. Make sure you’re also reducing stress. I see
stress as a huge factor with AMH and I’ve seen women who have taken measures to reduce
their stress in their life, and get more rest, and breathe. I’ve seen that alone make the
difference in them successfully increasing their AMH levels. Another great tool is bone
broth. Bone broth has been used in Chinese medicine and now it’s kind of a health trend
outside of just Chinese medicine world, but it’s very good at nourishing your body and
nourishing your ovaries. I have a blog post with a recipe for bone broth and I’ll put
that below, but you can drink it every day like you would drink tea and that can help
as well, give you some of the nutritional support to increase your AMH levels. Please leave comments below and sign up for
the free acupressure video. It’s very easy and you can start right now to reduce stress
and increase circulation to your ovaries to help increase those AMH levels.

72 thoughts on “Low AMH ­- How to Increase AMH Levels when Trying to Conceive

  1. What do you eat for your AMH level back and what's medication do you need because not everyone can get money for IVF because at my age really ni don't have money for that

  2. I m 30 n my amh is .06
    Doctor suggest IVF ASAP, but success chances r extremely low due to high FSH. will these massages help me?

  3. J'ai 45 ans, j'ai une fibrome utérin et l’insuffisance ovarienne avec le taux d’AMH 1,6 ng/ml . Le fibrome fut découvert par hasard au cours des analyses chez ma gygy. Ma premiere grossesse se déroulait naturellement à chaque étape. Alors avoir retrouvé cette fibrome était la douche froide pour nous. Notre couple est en 2 ans d'essay de bb 2. J'ai suivi le traitement en France, mais malheureusement le fibrome a rétabli après le traitement endovasculaire. Maintenant elle a moin de volume, mais elle m'empeche toujours la fécondation naturelle. J'ai changé 2 cliniques pma en France ayant 3 Fiv sans résultat. La troisième fois j'ai eu la fausse couche… J'ai eu la fc en 4 mois de grossesse. J'ai senti la douleur et j'ai eu des saignements. Puis des saignements avec des "cailloux". J'ai appellé l'urgence. L'écho a aprouvé la fc.Le medecin m'a prescrit cytotec. C'est un coup très fort pour moi. Donc la j'ai pris la décision assez courageuse, on a trouvé un centre pma en Ukraine. Les finances on joué le role principale car au cours des traitements de fibrome on a dépensé une ronde somme et les prix en Ukraine sont plus modéré que chez moi. Alors pour l'instant je suis en essay de Fiv avec donation, j'ai mon +, le premier mois se déroule sans problèmes et j'espère que dans 9 mois je verai mon enfant tant désiré. Je souhaite bon chance à tous ceux qui ont rancontré cette obstacle. Il faut aller jusqu'au bout et croyez moi ça vaut la peine pour etre mere.

  4. I have endometriosis- every thing I read says that I should not consume red meat- even grass fed. I am wondering- for bone broth- should I stick to chicken and turkey or is it ok to do beef?? Thanks for the great video!

  5. I'm 34 and my AMH is 1.0
    Doctor said we can try to do IVF it depends on us. Does it mean the chances are too small but if we want we can try to not regret it later?
    Also I'm vegetarian, is there anything I should include in the diet instead of bone broth?

  6. that's interesting because I got a blood test and I'm very low in vitamin D so hopefully once I get that in check my amh will improve…

  7. amh level of .2 and 46. Type 1 diabetic and very well controlled. Doctor said no chance of concieving even with ivf. What can be done?

  8. Hello I have very Irregular periods unable to find out my ovulation dates. How should I use the castor oil pack? My AMH is 0.07. will castor oil help me?

  9. I am 39 have an amh of 0.13 do you think I have a shot at getting pregnant naturally using castor oil? You're opinion mean a lot

  10. my AMH was O.117 and I've done my IVF it was negative 🙁 I'm thinking maybe because my AMH was very low :(??? now I have to be strong and Continue to eat all healthy food hopefully it's working I was so depressed 🙁 but God knows he has always plan to us.ive never lose my hope.

  11. Hello I have water pcos but my husband h less senAm is 18 percent im not pregnant plz help me and tel how I do plz reply my mes I'm waiting ur reply

  12. You have made me have hope for the future! Thank you, I have been taking my vitamin D and bone broth. I hope to increase my numbers.

  13. In Turkey they also praise figs for this… you should boil 7-8 dried figs in 1 litre water (not tap but bottled) and drink the water of this for 2 weeks.. then make 2 weeks pause and do it again… figs are also praised in the holy Koran so it's worth trying…

  14. I requested to join your Facebook group but still no reply
    I really need your precious help
    I am 42 with AMH 0.3 with bilaterally blocked tubes trying to conceive

  15. Hello please how can you help me. My AMH is 0.2 and FSH is 16.4 and LH is 14.6 and TSH is 1.55. What can I do. Iam 38 years old. I don't have kids. I would have loved to

  16. I followed the "tοsορο wucu" (Google it) when my spouse and I made the decision it was time for having a child. Numerous lives have become better because of this program and if you intend to know why, just go to Google. After enhancing my dietary and adopting the formula for three months, I discovered that I was about to end up being a parent. In spite of being in the older parental age set, this particular program has changed my life around.

  17. Thank you doctor for giving this valuable information. I've checked my AMH, and it is shockingly 0.3 and my age is just 26. During my teenage I was an Osteomalacic after that my periods got irregular. Is it the reason for my low AMH? and also I am a vegetarian so can anything replace the bone broth? Also I want to know how to use the castor oil pack…
    You have come to my life as an angel.. thanks doctor 🙂

  18. Hi, I'm 32 years old my AMH is very low 0.351 suggest treatment how I can improve my AMH levels mrs Malik its very hummble request

  19. Your success rates depend on a few things: How low is your amh, how high is your fsh, your age, and your antral follicle count. That being said, I'm all for taking a chance with your own eggs at least once (if it's financially possible). I tried 3 times with my own eggs before realizing it wasn't going to happen with an amh of .39 and an fsh of 19.9. I had a cancelled cycle due to only one follicle. I had a chemical pregnancy due to poor egg quality, and I had a cycle that resulted with nothing to transfer. It was after all these failures that we decided to move onto donor egg. My RE at Bio tex suggested donor egg after my second failure but I wanted one more try. After that third failure, I just wanted to be pregnant. I'm a few weeks shy of 36 so I don't want to waste more time or money. I think a lot of it comes down to finding a really good research based RE who leaves no stone unturned when looking at you. "Your blood work should be reviewed with a fine tooth comb" is what my RE said to me! Now that's what I'm talking about! GL honey, this is such a difficult & painful journey. No one can advocate for you better than you so ask as many questions as you possibly can and find a RE that you feel is fighting as hard as you are for not only a BFP but a healthy, live-birth pregnancy!

  20. Hello I hve just turned 44 Amh level is 0.3 will IVF help if not can I increase my Amh level naturally or thru medicines desperate for a baby

  21. I have low amh levels (.455) & I am 36. One child (14) & 1 miscarriage early this yr. 2018. My OBGYN has referred me to a fertility for IVF. I have researched online regarding natural ways to increase my AMH levels. So I have decided to start with a better healthier life with eating, exercise, and managing to help increase my amh and fertility on my own first before considering IVF treatment. How successful has your video helped other women with my same condition?

  22. When i feel loose all my hopes something is coming .. I’m 46 years old .. my period is regular every 28 month but I have thyroid desease I have HASJONOTTO and doctors said I have a scare in my utero dio to a uterus surgery in my pass and that is why I never got pregnant 😪 do u think is impossible for me???

  23. Hi there I am reaching out to others who are TTC … if you know of anything in similar please dont hesitate to leave a comment . Id love to continue to have hope, as my fertility specialist gave me no hope.

  24. Hi, I am 28 years old and my amh value is 1.58ng/mL… Is it normal, Can I conceive normally? What should I do? Please, please suggest me some remedies

  25. hi dear my AMH is 0.45 I'm doctor suggest me to go direct ivf there is any natural way to increase my AMH quantity n quality

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