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Hi, I am Dr Sweta Gupta, Clinical Director,
Medicover Fertility. Today we are going to discuss about Low Sperm
Count or Oligospermia, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment available, and how Medicover Fertility can
help you with Low Sperm Count? What is Low Sperm Count? • Low Sperm Count also called Oligospermia
means that the number of sperm in semen is below average. • The World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies sperm count less than 15 million sperm/mL as low. What are the different types of Oligospermia?
– Mild Oligospermia is a condition in which 10 to 15 million sperms are found per millilitre
of semen. – Moderate Oligospermia is a condition in
which 5 to 10 million sperms are found per millilitre of semen. – Severe Oligospermia is a condition in which
1 to 5 million sperms are found per millilitre of semen. – Cryptospermia is a condition in which 0
to rare sperm are found per millilitre of semen. In this condition, sample is centrifuged and analysed again to look for rare sperms What are the symptoms of low sperm count? The primary symptom of low sperm count is
the inability to conceive. There are no other noticeable symptoms. But in some cases of chromosomal abnormality
or hormonal imbalance there may be symptoms like:
1) Problem with sexual function, 2) Low sex drive or difficulty in maintaining
an erection, 3) Swelling in the testicle area. How is it diagnosed? A low sperm count can be diagnosed by a Semen
Analysis Test. What are the causes of low sperm count? There may be medical issues, environmental
exposure and lifestyle choices that can hamper sperm production. The medical issues are
• A presence of a varicocele, ejaculation problems, infections of the reproductive tract,
surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, hormonal imbalance, and sometimes chromosomal abnormalities. The environmental causes are
• Exposure to industrial toxins, heavy metals. radiation or X-rays The lifestyle choices that can affect sperm count
are • Addiction to alcohol, drugs, smoking. Obesity a long term psychological
stress may cause low sperm count. what is the treatment of low sperm count? It is treatable area in the field of infertility
and treatment depends upon the cause of the condition. A man who is suffering from varicocele, surgery may be recommended after examination by urologists. Low sperm count due to infections in the
reproductive tract can be treated with antibiotics. Low sperm count due to hormonal imbalance
can be treated with medicines or hormone replacement therapy. In case sperm count does not increase and
it is causing difficulty in conceiving then Assisted Reproductive Technology is useful. • In very mild cases IUI or Intra-Uterine Inesemination is recommended,
and when IUI fails, IVF is recommended. • In severe oligospermia and cryptospermia
where there are very few limited number of sperms. IVF with ICSI is recommended i.e. Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is recommended where only one
healthy sperm is injected inside the cytoplasm of egg. In cases where no sperms or very few sperms
are found in the ejaculate, Testicular Sperm Aspiration procedure is recommended How can Medicover Fertility help men with
Low Sperm Count or Oligospermia? Medicover Fertility is a renowned International
Brand. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced
doctors who help couple deal with infertility. Medicover Fertility has a high fertility
success rate as we use the latest technology in fertility treatments. Low sperm count is very much treatable. Best is to consult us, and we will recommend
a treatment plan for you. Depending on the type of oligospermia a treatment
plan is chalked out. With IUI, IVF, ICSI, Testicular Sperm Aspiration
we are regularly treating patients with low sperm counts. Thank you for watching this video, if you
have any questions or concerns regarding low sperm count. You can drop your questions in comment section
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  1. I'm suffering from low sperm count (moderate condition ) today I have analyse the sperm count was very less please guide me in direction

  2. Does low sperm count means very low amount of ejaculate as well … or it does not directly related? Please I need the answer … thank you.

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