Taking Charge of Your Health

Today, I’m going to be talking about Lyme
disease. And there are millions of people struggling
with Lyme disease. In fact, there are millions and millions more
that have Lyme disease and don’t realize it’s what they’re struggling with. So today, I’ll be going through the top foods,
supplements, essential oils and natural treatments to help you combat and overcome Lyme. In fact, you see some stuff on the board. I’ve got a lot more that’s not on the board
I’ll be talking about as well. Now, Lyme can develop when you get bit, typically,
by a tick. Now, it’s not always a tick. They also believe it can be a spider bite. By Lyme can be passed on to a person. And Lyme is something that, a lot of times,
people are prescribing antibiotics for or antifungal medications or anti-parasites. But you know what? It doesn’t ultimately work when you’re looking
at the conventional treatments today. Here’s the key I’m going to share with you
as we get into Lyme disease. Lyme disease is not about treating the Lyme. That’s the biggest thing I’ll tell you. If you are a person and you have Lyme disease
or know somebody else that has and they go and they’re trying to treat the condition,
it will fail 100% of the time. The way you heal Lyme disease is by naturally
strengthening the body to where your own body can fight it off and get it to the point where
it’s dormant and at bay, killing off Lyme in that way. That’s how you heal Lyme disease. And all these tips I’ll be going over are
how to beat Lyme disease the natural way. Not by treating it but by supporting the body
and helping it heal itself. All right. Let me see who’s joining me. I know, again, we’ve got people from all over
the world right now. All right. Here we go. It looks like we have Ashley Galvan watching. Hey, Ashley, thanks for joining me here today. We’ve got Lynn watching in Pretoria, South
Africa. Hey, Lynn, thanks for joining me here. We’ve got Lily Soca from Michigan watching. We’ve got Janice McGulin from Prince Edward
Island. All right. Let’s see who else here. We’ve got Dina Martin watching from Kentucky. She’s asking questions about Rocky Mountain
spotted fever. We’ll talk about that in a minute. Very similar. Can be similar symptoms. And actually, you’re going to do the same
things I have up on this board for Rocky Mountain spotted fever here as well. Thelma Bateman from South Carolina. Hey, Thelma, and thanks for joining me here
today, everybody. All right, guys. Let’s go ahead and dive right in and talk
about how to beat Lyme naturally. So again, here’s the biggest thing I want
to point out. If you have Lyme disease, here’s what happens. Most people go in to, whether it’s a conventional
medical doctor or even a naturopathic doctor, typically, what they do is they’ll prescribe
them an antibiotic or natural antibiotic or anti-natural viral herbs and that’s how they
treat the body. Here’s the truth. People with Lyme, their body tends to be run-down. And the reason why they actually have Lyme
symptoms is because their system is weak. Their immune system is weak, their spleen,
their immune system. And there are a lot of people today who have
Lyme disease or Lyme living in them and they have zero symptoms whatsoever. So what’s the difference between those people? Well, the people that don’t have the symptoms,
their immune system, their body is strong enough to a point to where they can resist
it. Listen, all of us have bugs in our body. You know what? Every person that I know has some type of
cancerous cell in their body or some type of bad bacteria or some type of bad virus. But if your immune system and body are strong
enough, hey, it keeps them at bay, it fights them off. So again, it’s not about killing what’s inside
of you, it’s about strengthening your body to where your body kills it for you. I hope that makes sense. But that’s the strategy you have to follow
if you truly want to heal from Lyme disease. So let’s dive right in. now, Lyme disease, let’s talk about this in
Chinese medicine. There are typically certain organs you really
want to focus on and help. They tend to be, in Chinese medicine, that
you really want to focus on your spleen and that area of your digestion system, your spleen
and pancreas. You also really want to focus on supporting
your colon and lungs because that’s a massive part of your immune system. And also your kidney and adrenal glands. So those areas are what you really want to
look at because those really regulate your immune system. So here’s the deal. Here are the foods you absolutely want to
remove from your diet: processed sugar, or most sugar in general, dairy products, gluten
and refined grains. Let me tell you why you want to remove these
from your diet. For the most part, these foods cause excess
dampness in your body. Now, in Chinese medicine, your body can be
too hot or too cold, too damp or too dry, too much movement or too little movement. People with a Lyme disease diagnosis tend
to be too damp. They tend to be very damp and often times
they have stagnation as well. But they’re almost always very damp. Now, when we hear the word “dampness” in Chinese
medicine, one of the first conditions that come up is Candida. That’s an overgrowth of yeast in your body. A very similar thing happens with Lyme here. You have an overgrowth of this Lyme that’s
affecting the body. And so what you really want to be able to
do . . . a similar thing with Candida. A lot of people, when they have Candida, their
doctors say, “Oh, let’s give them antibiotics.” It never works. In fact, what happens is when you take an
antibiotic, not only does it kill the Candida or the Lyme but now what happens is it kills
the good bacteria as well. So now, all of a sudden, all of this bad bacteria
or viruses or parasites grow back even stronger after the use of antibiotics. People need to know the truth that it’s not
the solution, not the long-term solution, to helping somebody heal from Candida or Lyme
or even parasites there as well. So the number one thing you’ve got to do is
remove sugar, dairy, gluten and refined grains. Here’s the reason why. They cause dampness in the body. Think about this. If you go into a very wet climate, like go
to Florida, Florida, more mold grows there than almost anywhere else in the country,
in the USA. The reason is it’s very damp. It’s warm and it’s moist. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria to grow
or viruses or just pathogens. So when your body gets damp, we want to work
on drying your body out. We want to increase the dryness to eat up
that mucus and dampness. But the worst foods for causing dampness are
sugar, dairy, gluten and refined grains. Here are others. Hydrogenated oils like canola oil and corn
oil are very dampening to the body. What else is dampening are even certain fruits
like bananas are dampening. Egg whites are dampening as well. So again, wheat bread, egg whites, cheeses,
regular milk, these things are very dampening to the body and can increase your likelihood
of having a Lyme reaction and weakening your immune system. So stay away from all of those foods. Now, the next thing you want to do is consume
certain foods to help you naturally fight the Lyme. Again, remember this, you’re not fighting
the Lyme. The antibiotic is not going to work to fight
the Lyme. Your own body . . . you’ve got to get your
body to where it’s strong, it’s energized. Your immune system is really, really strong
to where your body fights and kills off Lyme disease by itself. That is the secret. So in order to build your immune system and
the health of your colon, your small intestine, your organs, let me ask you, what foods should
you eat? Well, foods that help repair the gut lining,
foods that help you overcome leaky gut and really that are easy on the body. That’s one of the keys, foods that are easy
on the body and help boost your immune system. Number one, you’ve got it, bone broth. Whether it be a bone broth in a powder form
you add to a smoothie or simply drinking chicken broth or beef broth, chicken broth is the
best. Type II collagen is what you want. But consuming bone broth daily. Now, in ancient Chinese medicine, if somebody
went to an Oriental medical doctor and they had Lyme disease or something similar, here’s
what they would have done. They would have told them to go home and to
rest. They’d say, “Hey, go out and get a lot of
sun and do a little sun bathing. Go on daily walks out in nature. And then we’re going to put you on what’s
called a one-pot diet.” So remember this. This is big. Now, this is true if you’ve got any immune-related
issues. This is Lyme disease, this is chronic parasite
infections, this is a chronic immune where your immune system is really run-down. But in Chinese medicine, they would have said,
“Okay. Get some sunshine, go for walks, reduce stress. And then we want you to follow a one-pot diet
where you’re going to consume, basically, a crockpot diet. You’re going to do chicken broth, lots of
vegetables, lots of herbs and maybe a little bit of rice and chicken. And that’s what you’re going to consume for
pretty much every meal.” That’s what they would have had them do in
ancient Chinese medicine is to consume meals like that and then drink herbal tea all day
long. That’s right. Herbal teas with certain herbs that help dry
up dampness and kill things like Lyme, they would have had them drink that tea all day. Pau d’arco tea, maybe oregano tea, ginger
tea, they would have been having them do these drinks all day long and consuming these soups. It would be predominantly this liquid diet
or this soups and teas that really helped heal the body is what they would have done. So again here, bone broth, cooked vegetables,
the herb ginger. Now, within Chinese medicine, certain foods
help nourish and heal certain areas. Foods that are a light yellow and white color
in Chinese medicine are rejuvenating and healing for your colon, which is where all of your
good bacteria are, and your lungs, a big part of your immune system. So again, look at all the white foods here. Chicken broth is a light, pale yellow, right? Cooked vegetables, ginger, ginger is that
sort of light, pale yellow color. You know what else is? Garlic. So are onions. So are mushrooms. So are pears. These are the foods that are that white or
very typically a pale yellow color that are known to be the foods that are the most powerful
for enhancing your immune system. And think about how true this is. Bone broth or chicken soup, for centuries,
has been known to help the immune system. So has ginger. So has garlic, right? All of these things together, these are the
top foods you want to be having in your diet on a daily basis to help bolster and strengthen
your immune system, to help you fight off Lyme disease. By the way, I want to say thanks to everybody
who’s watching this right now. Hey, do me a favor. There are millions of people around the globe
suffering with Lyme disease and, typically, they go into their doctor, they get put on
a prescription antibiotic and they never get well because that just makes them worse over
time. Hey, be on mission with me right now. Take a minute, punch that Share button, click
that Love button. Let’s help spread the word that food and lifestyle
are the ultimate forms of medicine here as well. All right. Let’s talk about supplements. If you have Lyme or know somebody that does,
here are the top supplements they can take. And I have two others I’m going to add. Number one is probiotics. Remember, we’ve got to bolster up that immune
system. Doing lots of probiotics, you want to do an
SBO probiotic, that’s a soil-based probiotic, and a food-based probiotic. I would do two and do one serving of each
a day, an SBO probiotic and a food-based probiotic. So an SBO probiotic will have probiotics like
Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans, whereas another probiotic, a food-based one
will have more lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. So those different types of probiotics are
what those two types are going to have. But lots of probiotics. Number two, collagen. Now, you can get collagen from a bone broth
powdered protein. So you’re adding bone broth. So that’s an option. Or just doing a straight collagen protein. But listen. If you’re doing a collagen powder, make sure
it has type II collagen. That’s the one you want, the type II collagen. B complex. Oftentimes, when we want to help support cellular
activity and energy, a B complex that’s food-based is going to help you do that. Also, adaptogenic herbs, specifically, are
great. reishi mushroom, ashwagandha, holy basil,
even different types of ginseng, whether it’s American or Asian ginseng, all of these can
really help support the body. These are some of the top supplements. I also do want to mention with Lyme, I think
certain herbal teas can be greatly beneficial. I mentioned earlier Pau d’arco. Pau d’arco is probably the most powerful herbal
tea for getting rid of Candida, but it’s going to serve the similar to same benefits in fighting
Lyme disease. So I would say that’s a great one on a regular
basis to do is Pau d’arco. And I would actually do a tea where you mix
Pau d’arco and ginger and do those two together. Astragalus is another tea that can really
benefit the body there as well. And then different herbs that have antimicrobial
benefits, but then are gentle on the body. But if I were you, again, Pau d’arco and ginger
would be my top two and also adding in something like astragalus could also benefit. And I would do actually three glasses of tea
a day and just be drinking that tea all day for a period of 90 days. That’s a total of three months. If you do that, in terms of supplementation,
you’re going to see great results there. I guarantee it. Another thing to know, I want to jump back
up here to mention here with Lyme, in Chinese medicine, you don’t want to consume foods
that are very cold. The worst things that you could eat for Lyme
disease would include ice cream. Actually, even ice water. You also don’t want to do a lot of vegetable
juice. That’s right. You don’t want to do vegetable juice. Now, a ginger shot would be okay. But again, a lot of these things, ice cream
and raw vegetables and vegetable juices, they cause more dampness in the body. Remember, we want to dry the body out. You want to do things like ginger that is
very sort of warming and immune enhancing. And then foods that are very drying include
things that are bitter in nature. Think about this. Our diet is predominantly sweet here in America,
and even in Europe and Australia. We have a lot of sweets, right? We’re missing bitter and sour in our diet. If you want to overcome dampness, which causes
Lyme to stay in your body, you want to increase the bitter foods. So most herbs are bitter. That’s why I mentioned Pau d’arco is very
bitter. Orange peel is very bitter. Arugula and a lot of green, leafy vegetables
have a bitter taste to them. You want to get more bitter foods, bitter
vegetables, bitter herbs in your diet on a regular basis. It can absolutely help you in beating Lyme
disease. All right. Let’s talk about essential oils here. Thyme oil is one of my favorites. You know thyme contains thymol, which has
antiviral, antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties. And it’s gentle on the body. It’s really great for the immune system and
the kidneys and adrenals. Doing thyme can be a good option. My favorite essential oil for Lyme disease
is holy basil oil. Holy basil essential oil has tremendous benefits. Now, it’s very unique in that it’s almost
like a crossbreed between your traditional basil plant and clove. In fact, when you smell holy basil, actually,
the reason it smells, it actually smells a hint like clove because it contains the same
compound, eugenol, which is really great for fighting and killing off parasites, but also
really supporting your immune system and acting as an adaptogen at the same time. Holy basil, probably one of my top five essential
oils in the entire world. So holy basil, thyme. Myrrh oil, myrrh is great because it’s very
bitter. Very bitter. In fact, if you’ve got gum disease, rubbing
a bit on your gums, that’s one of the things I’d mention. If you have Lyme disease, one of the best
ways to use myrrh is to diffuse it, rub it on topically, or to wash your mouth out with
myrrh. And then it’ll sit on your gums. You’ll get just the smallest amount internally,
but that bitter flavor and taste actually can help expel and kill off Lyme. Orange. We know oranges are also bitter. They used to call it bitter orange peel. It was a historic remedy that’s been used
for thousands of years there as well. And then rosemary and ylang-ylang. Rosemary is great for its anti-inflammatory
properties and for supporting the adrenals and kidneys. Ylang-ylang is great for improving the mood. If you are a person that struggles with Lyme
disease and depression, you’re just kind of sick and tired of feeling awful all the time,
using essential oils like ylang-ylang and orange together can really help lift your
spirits and mood. So again, for that reason, I put ylang-ylang
on the board here as well. And by the way, if you’re enjoying this live
training video I’m doing right now and want me to do more of these, take a minute right
now. Punch that Share button, click that Like button. Help me spread the word that food is medicine. There are millions of people that need to
know the truth and how to fight Lyme disease. And the shocking fact is there are millions
of people that have Lyme disease and they don’t even know it’s the cause of their issues. Remember as I’m talking about here, you don’t
want to have a focus if you’re working with a doctor on killing Lyme. You want to focus on just strengthening your
body and then your body will kill the Lyme. Remember this. The body heals itself. All these things here, they may kill Lyme
for a period of time, but to keep it at bay and to really heal your body, you’ve got to
strengthen and nourish your body, get it functioning properly, get it as healthy as possible to
where it kills Lyme itself. You’ve got your own immune system. Again, your body knows how to kill these invaders. Let’s talk about emotions and then I’m going
to go over natural treatments last and talk about things like stem cell therapy. And if you’re a person . . . this last thing
I’m going to talk about, you’ll realize it is probably . . . if you want to see a fast
result, it’s probably the fastest way you’ll feel significantly different with the last
treatment protocol I’ll teach here. But let’s talk about emotions here. So here are some emotions that you want to
really avoid and then some things you want to do. Within Chinese medicine, you have something
called your body’s qi. Now, qi is spelled Q-I. So Q-I. And essentially, qi refers to your level of
energy. When you see somebody like their eyes are
glowing, they’re energetic, you can tell, “Wow, this person is energized.” In Chinese medicine, you’d say that person’s
got a lot of qi. When somebody is sort of depressed and tired,
they’re just worn out, man, their tank is empty, they’d say in Chinese medicine, “Man,
that person has low qi.” You’ve got to boost qi. You’ve got to boost up your body’s natural
energy and resources if you’re going to combat Lyme disease. And the emotion that sucks the most energy
and life out of your kidneys and adrenals is the emotion of fear. If you have a past history of fear, here’s
an example of fear. Maybe you’re a person whose system got worn
down because you’ve had a lot of fear. Maybe it was the fear of disappointing your
parents, disappointing others, disappointing your coworkers, disappointing your spouse. All of those things. That emotion of fear . . . or fear of failure. You’re afraid of failing. That emotion will drain your body’s qi and
your body’s energy. So you really have to combat that. And I’m going to teach you how to do that. The next things here are grief and depression. So where fear affects the adrenals and kidneys,
grief and depression affect your colon and your lungs, so essentially, your entire immune
system. Grief and depression affect those. So a lot of times, people will have these
Lyme symptoms come on. Sometimes, it’s after a tick bite. But sometimes, it’s after a traumatic emotional
experience, such as experiencing a lot of fear or maybe losing a loved one or something
like that happened. The way you combat fear is through affirmations
and really going through and focusing on not just the good things you’ve had in life, but
fear is one of those things you’ve got to combat head-on and you’ve got to do it with
a community. You’ve got to get people around you. So the number one tip to overcoming fear is
having a positive community around you and people that build you up verbally and emotionally. Let me ask you this. Do you have people around you that instill
fear in you? Do you have people around you to where you’re
letting them run your life and you’re not running it for yourself? I see this all the time. I’ve had patients come in where their parents
have dictated what they’re doing in life and they’re so afraid that they’re going to let
somebody down. If you have people like that in your life,
you’ve got to kind of push them out of your life a little bit. And what I want you to do now is to write
down those three people that bring you the most life, bring you the best in you, encourage
you and strengthen you naturally, and who are going to help you overcome fear. So that’s one way to overcome fear. The second way is to really meditate on . . . now,
listen. I know we’ve got people watching this that
have various religious perspectives and backgrounds. But for myself, I’m just going to share with
you myself. My own mom, when my own mom was battling cancer,
we had her quote Bible verses. And her quote, the Lord is with her, so whom
shall she fear? If the Lord is for her, who could be against
her? So for my mom, she really meditated on scripture. And for you, hey, if it’s not the Christian
Bible or Jewish Torah, if that’s not for you, then, hey, find something else. But again, it’s really important that you
have something that you meditate on where you realize that it’s not just you. You’re not by yourself. You’re not isolated. You have a community that’s for you. You have a family and friends that are for
you. You have a god that’s for you. When you meditate on those things, it pushes
fear to the side. It’s one of the important things in overcoming
Lyme disease. Now, the next thing here, let’s combat grief
and depression. Two great ways to do that: practice gratefulness
and do things that give you joy. So getting grateful. Wake up in the morning and just start saying
everything you’re grateful for. Now, I love to listen to some Christian praise
and worship music. Hey, if you’ve got other positive music and
vibes you like to listen to, hey, absolutely go for it. First thing in the morning, I just wake up
and I say everything I’m grateful for. This is something I’ve had patients do as
well. So spend some time saying what they’re grateful
for and then being joyful. Being joyful. This is something that’s talked about. Laughter is the best medicine or even, Biblically
speaking, they talk about how a happy heart or laughter is good for the soul. So joy. Getting joyful. One way to do that is by singing and dancing. That’s right. Now listen, close your door at home, put on
some music you’re embarrassed that you listen to. Some type of R&B, maybe some old school. I don’t know. I don’t know what you listen to. But, again, get in a room, sing and dance. I’m telling you, it’s one of the greatest
ways to build joy in your life. And then get around those people that make
you laugh, you have fun with. And listen, the thing is to not just do this
once. You’ve got to take these things, getting grateful
and practicing joyful, put it in your schedule. Literally put it in your schedule that I’m
going to spend 20 minutes dancing in my room by myself, listening to some sort of music
that’s really happy and joyful. And I’m telling you, these things sound a
little silly, but I’m telling you they work. They worked for my mom in beating cancer. They’ve worked with thousands of patients
I’ve worked with. I’m telling you these things matter. The diet matters too. The lifestyle and taking care of yourself
emotionally are critical. And I’ll tell you this. Especially with people diagnosed with Lyme
disease, taking care of your emotional health is just as important as all of these other
things listed here. I’m going to talk about one more thing here
and this is something a lot of people don’t even know exists when it comes to fighting
Lyme disease. And by the way, take a minute right now. If you’re enjoying this live training and
you believe this is truth right now that these things can help heal the body, take a minute
right now. Punch that Share button, click that Love button. Help me to spread the word and be on mission
with me that food is medicine. Lifestyle is medicine as well. So now there is a natural treatment protocol
that’s harnessing your body’s own cells. Now, you may or may not have heard of stem
cell therapy before, but there are stem cells where they can take your body’s own stem cells. Now, with treating Lyme disease, this is typically
done where a doctor takes adipose tissue, that’s your body’s fat, they’ll take a little
bit, an equivalent of a couple of tablespoons of fat off of you. They will culture it and pull out your body’s
stem cells. Now stem cells are incredible. Think about this. When a new baby is forming and turning from
a fetus into a child, it’s really stem cells creating new and healthy tissues in the body. Stem cells, if you inject stem cells somewhere
else in your body, they actually differentiate and actually sort of patch up a whole. Imagine you had a big chunk taken out of your
arm. You inject stem cells in that area and they
will create new and healthy tissue. Stem cells today are used for treating arthritis,
they’re used for treating chronic injuries and pain, but they’re also used now for treating
immune-related conditions. So again, there are lots of doctors out there,
I know, that do stem cell for Lyme disease, stem cell for COPD, stem cell for arthritis
or for an ACL tear and for a number of other health conditions, diabetes even. A lot of people are turning to stem cell. I did want to mention that as a last treatment,
doing stem cell. In fact, I know a great clinic in Florida
called NSI Stem Cell. That’s NSI Stem Cell that actually does this. But again, there are stem cell places all
over the country. But I know that I’ve seen great results. Again, that’s NSI Stem Cell. You can just Google search that online, NSI
Stem Cell if you want to know somebody that does. But again, I know there are some really great-quality
doctors all over the country that practice and do this type of stem cell in their clinic. But here’s the big thing. Remember this. Taking antibiotics and conventional medical
treatments will never completely heal Lyme disease. Typically, they’ll make it worse because it’s
going to cause an overgrowth of more pathogenic bacteria and viruses in your body. What you really want to do is remember this. You want to strengthen your body to where
it heals itself. Remove the dampening foods: the dairy, the
gluten, the sugar from your diet. Start consuming foods. Remember, I talked about that light, pale
yellow food or those white foods. Ginger, garlic, onions, mushroom, pears. Cooked vegetables and bone broth, do lots
of soups and herbal teas. Remember I mentioned that mixture earlier,
Pau d’arco and ginger tea combined. Doing the supplements like probiotics and
a bone broth powder with type II collagen, essential oils, holy basil being one of my
favorites there. And again, transforming your emotions. What I would do is all of these things in
combination together. And I’m telling you it can work incredible
things in your body, overcoming Lyme disease. And hey, as I mentioned at the beginning of
this broadcast, there are millions of people struggling with Lyme. Listen, if somebody has chronic fatigue and
they don’t know why, it could be Lyme disease. If somebody’s getting dark circles under their
eyes, it could be Lyme disease. If somebody has that bull’s-eye tick or has
a lot of rashes or outbreaks or these really just harsh immune reactions, that can be Lyme
disease. And oftentimes, if somebody continually gets
these flu-like fevers, that can be Lyme disease. So again, it’s important you work on naturally
strengthening the body to get you to your absolute best with Lyme disease. And again, as I mentioned earlier, there are
millions of people struggling with this. Help me share this information now. Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video. And also, don’t forget to subscribe if you
want to get more great content on things like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies and
how to use food as medicine. Also, check out more of our content on my
YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

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  7. This is excellent information however it is for treating symptoms and will not get rid of these parasites. Most MD's are deliberately clueless- the government ignores it because they are liable for the spread of this carry over from WW2 you can thank the Japanese Imperial Army for this pandemic -Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night. Watch out for trivial treatments from all over the web because this bug will kill you – keep an eye on China for treatment that is where the Japanese bio-weapon engineers developed some virulent strains of this organism as well as other emerging plagues.

  8. Just this inspiration I need 4 months after my chronic Lyme diagnosis. Thanks Dr Axe, your video is extremely helpful to me and I look forward to my fresh start building my mind and body. Thank you 🙂

  9. Dr axe, I have been batting Lyme for 7 years now and I'll tell you that your spot on with your research on the proper nutrition for the body to heal but what you mention that I disagree with is that the body will heal itself from Lyme. Lyme disease and co-infections like Bortonella, Basessia, Urlicha etc require powerful treatment besides for just nutrition. The reason why some people suffer and other not has a lot to do with what co-infection they got and the immune system and length the bacteria has lived in the body. Symptom free and Lyme free are two different worlds!

  10. Lol. Antibiotics for candida. It's a fungus. Not a bacteria. It requires anti fungals. And they work. Ask any girl who got a yeast infection. Good video, but I wouldn't let you treat me. There are many strains of Lyme and some, once it gets out of control will literally kill you if you don't intervene with antibiotics. I went from trying to qualify for my pro card in triathlon to not being able to walk up an incline without feeling like my heart would give out in a span of 4 months. I'm a 28 year old male btw. Your lifestyle tips are spot on though. Props for that.

  11. thank you dr Axe! 35 yr old son totally believes in you and preaches to me all the time…you sound like you are talking about me on this video..i got sick 6 yrs ago.. I have seen so many drs , nd, I have tried medicine herbs,, I'm a lot better but not all the way hit me after severe stress…now I'm virus, candida and lyme…I do refuse to take abx,,I take Japanese knotweed and andrographis roots…made here in Vermont…it has helped but I'm on diflucan, Advair, acyclovair, levothyroxine…im working on getting off…the diflucan is my worse so sick without it I feel like I'm dying with a flu and hangover….im going to be string and work on my gut and follow your protocol…thank you…. 1 q – do I ingest the ess. oils or how do I use them? Tammy – female….56 yrs old

  12. Great info…saving this for my clients with Lyme!  also shared on FB.  THANKS…I know I developed lyme after a traumatic experience with a very wealthy, very nasty client.

  13. I’m glad you’re doing this work. I’ve been contending with Lyme, leaky gut, candida, Epstein Barr, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and a childhood history of sexual abuse. I’m a walking miracle in spite of the train wreck that is my heath at this moment. I’m given so much information and support by your videos. Have you considered Bach Flower Remedies? They address the emotional aspects you speak of in such a gentle, soothing way. I’d love to hear from you on Bach Flower topic if it’s an area that you know about or are exploring. Thanks again.

  14. Your one of the best doctors ive seen.The big pharma regular doctors are a joke.We the people in this country better wake up and stand up to the big pharma corruption and tell them to stop this crazyness.God bless ya Dr.Josh Axe keep up your great work ive got you back.

  15. My vet told me a funny story
    Said his mother was diagnosed with Lyme disease, the vet studied the bug his mom took to her Dr.said it wasn't a tick but a bat bug needless to say his mother was misdiagnosed and. Didn't. Have lymes disease

  16. Please help, i have Lyme relapse symptoms after neuroborreliosis one year ago. Can someone send or prescribe me antibiotics?

  17. I have noticed that people with the genetic snip(s) MTHFR struggle very much with chronic Lyme. This is critical because we MTHFR people are generating very little energy in our mitochondria and we can not detox. This is a very real physical impediment. All the people who have Lyme and show no symptoms are not out of the woods either. Lyme lies in waiting and when your immune system becomes stressed it can take over. An accident or stressful experience can give Lyme an opening. Unfortunately, chronic Lyme complex is a very hard group of diseases to fight, related to syphilis but a supersonic strength spirochete. Lyme may be the cause of MS, ALS, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. This is really big world wide, a serious epidemic. As a medical person I ask that you stand up to our government and fight for and with us. It is hard for us to fight when we are denied by our doctors and insurance and the CDC, run out of money and are hanging on by a thread. This disease is so awful that lives are destroyed, careers are lost, relationships implode, some commit suicide. When our bodies can not heal ourselves we die. Lyme kills. It is hard to take care of anything when your disease isn’t even acknowledged and you are at the end. Compassion and understanding would go a long way in boosting our immune system. You are asking us to do the work but we need help and we are invisible.

  18. You are right about the spleen. My first symptom after the tick bite, and swollen knee was lightning bolt pains in my spleen, horrible. I never knew when they were going to shoot through me, horrible at night, got no sleep. The doctor mocked me and treatment was delayed. Chronic Lyme now. Treating with clean food and herbs, tea all day but still really weak. Still have pain in spleen every day.

  19. He makes no mention of biofilms?? Your body will never be able to get through the biofilms to kill the infection on it's own.

  20. Thank you for the video. I encourage you to be more bold to share the faith. God is ultimately the Healer, as He has created these marvelous bodies we live in!

  21. chinese herbs that take it out fast and american indian herbs .. try see any way .. see other people used good herb oils or essential oils // lyme hides and changes when it comes back . sheds outer layer .. hard to fight it . therapy helps . you learn why whats happening and boost immune system . good stuff though ..

  22. Thank you so very much, I've been fighting Lyme for 2 1/2 yrs. I thought I'd read everything. I am so pleased that I found this today, this info has been the best I've come across. I am so grateful. I've been telling my doctor all along that we need to ducus on the food.

    I've deliberately gone dairy and sugar free for months because I wanted to improve inflamation. It has worked. Many years ago, a holistic MD said I had adrena fatigue and suggested basil and rhodiola/ginseng. I neglected to use them and then I got Lyme.

    Also, I'm glad you toughed on the emotions. I've been in a state of "fear/depression" for decades. Now I know I can heal.

    Thank you so much, I now know what to do. Warmest regard and kind blessings.

  23. Why do you say all of these Herbs and oils do this and that for lyme? Why so you think so? My grandfather (and I am old) was a Medical Dr Missionary in old China. I studied Chinease medicine in college. It sounds like you just read a Chinease medicine book. Not all Chinease medicine is effective or worthwhile. Where is your data , research, info coming from?


  25. I was trying to see the right side of the board but he kept blocking lol – gonna look up a different vid so I can see WHAT ESSENTIAL OILS fight lyme.

  26. Hello Dr. Axe. Very grateful for this video. Thank you. My 5 year old son Joseph had the target like bite and have joint aches, stomach ache and pain and burning sensations around the knee and joints. He cries loudly in the middle of the night at times and only sleeps back when we give him ibuprofen. My question is, how much coq10 he is allowed/safe to take? Can he overdose on coq10? Appreciate your answer. Thanks.

  27. Thank you so much for this, Dr. Axe!!!

    I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme in March 2016. I was told then that I would never be well, but that I would have to manage symptoms for the rest of my time here on earth. I don’t accept that. I am on LDN and it has helped me so much. Not a “miracle” like some others have claimed for themselves. But it has been a game changer that brought me back from feeling like I was at death’s door. I believe my health really nosedived due to the stress of surviving a tornado and the stress of the recovery/rebuild period and moving into a new house with all new furniture. I am basically housebound now because I am SO UV sensitive. The sun and fluorescent lights are like Kryptonite for me. I break out in itchy rashes that make me scratch until I bleed and am bruised. It feels like it goes all the way to my bones. I hurt like crazy. My lymph glands swell up and become tender. And I get a crazy headache on the left side and what we call “crazy eye” that feels like a stroke on my right side. I have been struggling with this for over four years now. And no one can figure out how to get me well. I just hope and pray that one day I will be healed. This has been the most frustrating and isolating valley to go through. I pray for anyone that ever contracts this. It is awful! Thank you for posting this video. I have to find a new healthcare provider because my nurse practitioner closed her practice in March. I pray that I find someone soon that can really help me implement some of what you discuss in your presentation. I would give anything to be well again this side of eternity. I have missed out on so much living the last few years. ??

  28. I must say, your education is better than Joel Olsting…. because you seem to know what we are suffering….

  29. So a question… I am histamin intolerant and fructose intolerant. I cannot have onion, garlic on I get nausea from bone broth.
    What should I eat ?

  30. There's only one God, one bible, and he is the only way, the only truth, and the only life! Don't be afraid to draw the line there, and let the chips fall where they may. I would be willing to lose subscribers over the Truth of Christ.

  31. Research Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D. PhD. He is brilliant! Listen to everything he says. Every other doctor follows him. Can you research or cutting edges information and treatment about Lyme disease comes from him 99.999% of it. He is king of this disease, it’s attributing factors, treatments, CURES. Keep up-to-date w/ his research— he IS CONSTANTLY (like monthly) researching/updating/discovering/changing his methods to adapt. Do NOT just listen to one part & not the other or else you could find yourself getting sicker. MOST of all if you have not turned to Christ yet, you most likely will. You will need HIM to get through this… and you WILL get through this! Lyme is just the tip of the ice burg. God bless!

  32. I believe in what he is saying is good but there is no proof that if you follow these instructions that you will get better. Nobody has come forward saying that they have , that I know of. People with chronic Lyme disease , that were unfortunate enough NOT to see the tick, have this bacteria growing from head to toe in their body and doing what he is saying will help tame it but not cure you I believe. Still, I believe in what he is saying can HELP. Unfortunately we are far from a cure

  33. I thought Lymes could hide from our immune system so how can it fight something it can't detect? I read that there is an epidemic of Lymes in the country … the CDC and AMA are really letting us down… what good are they when they stand in the way of treating all these sick people

  34. Hi Dr Axe, I received about 5 tick bites during the summer 2018 and soon became very tired and started to get sick more often. Over the course of the 6 months since these symptoms started, I’m now having a lot of digestion issues, memory problems, brain fog, whole body pains and neck pains. I got the test for Lyme disease a month ago and it came back negative. I know the disease is very difficult to diagnose and that I may not actually have it; however, I feel as though following these steps could make me feel a lot better. Is there any harm in me doing this. After all, I need to start feeling better so I can start to focus on my studying and family life again. I wish you all the best, cheers. Andrew

  35. SUCCESS STORY: I got infected in early summer 2018 (scratched a bite on the back of my knee which resulted in a large rash, long story) and ended up with severe arthritic pain in the nearby joints. After about a month of it getting slightly better pain-wise but spreading to other joints I finally did research and realized I had every symptom of Borrelia infection. The symptoms were much much worse with food but primarily I was just in pain. I couldn't really walk for months as I recovered. At its worst it would spread to my shoulders and I couldn't even get out of bed without screaming (icecream=death).
    Anyway, western medicine is absolutely absurd so I searched youtube like any sensible person and this was the first video I watched. I do not agree with everything he says, for example nuts are very heavy, literally 40-60%+ oil, which is too heavy for the healings. Its too easy to eat too many and too many isnt many. Also I did homemade bone broth for the worst part of it and its hard to say if that helped, but I didnt eat ANY meat or dairy and that did help. I did eat chocolate occasionally and I always felt it the next morning either in my ankle, elbow or knee.
    ANYWAY I basically followed everything more or less not only in this video but in others (going vegan seems to work well for most) and I recovered, it just took many months. I can now eat gluten and dairy again with no consequences.
    One thing that is never talked about though that is important is fasting and just plain eating less while you're recovering. Inflammation begins in the gut.

  36. Thank you for not shoving your faith down our throats. And accepting everyone regardless of their beliefs!

  37. Um….Dr. Axe, you may want to update some of your info to include co-infections, all methods of transmission, and how many have associated gut issues such as SIBO, IBS, Candida Overgrowth, etc. For instance, garlic for many is a big no-no

  38. Bullseye rash on my right upper arm happened between 82 and 84. Diagnosed about 3 DECADES LATER in 2013. Treatments had to be delayed until 2015 when Lyme demensia hit me. My Doctor put me on Purepaleo Protein powder and soon after I started my 9 months course on Metronidazole and Minocycline. I was on nothing for 4 months until it returned in the span of 10 days attacking my nervous system and knocking me down with lethargy. It’s like a trip through hell. You soon find out how much your family actively cares about you. There are plenty of people who in their mind care but do nothing to help.

  39. 30 years ego I was bitten by a tick had no symptoms up till12 years ego always been healthy until I went true several trauma close to one and other no I am so week I don’t eat sugar never liked sugar but have week stomach allergies to most food I tried almost everything still tired and week I am very dry so I am confused ?‍♀️?

  40. This is sooo accurate. Could not have asked for a better explanation and suggestions. Thank you so much!

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