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Magnesium is essential to life, period. It
just is. It’s one of the most prevalent minerals in the body. It’s involved in over
300 metabolic pathways in the body. You’re never going to get adequate magnesium in a
multivitamin. Magnesium is found in dark, leafy greens. Almonds are a really good source
of magnesium. I have my patients supplement with magnesium because so many of the issues
that I see are magnesium-related. Magnesium deficiency can cause leg cramps and migraines.
Insomnia from a lack of magnesium is a really common problem. Muscle tension can be caused
by lack of magnesium and lots of my patients have muscle tension. They’re just working
too hard. Magnesium will help with all of those things. So I really like Natural Calm
brand. This is available everywhere such as Whole Foods and other health food stores.
Natural Calm magnesium is so easy because the one thing about magnesium is it’s kind
of a large molecule, so sometimes to get a good dose of pills, you kind of have to take
like, three or four pills and nobody likes taking… I mean, some people are just pill
people, and that’s totally fine, but most of my patients are like, “No more pills.”
It’s like, they totally are just, “No more pills.” With Natural Calm magnesium
I have my patients do about a teaspoon in water before bed, and they just kind of work
their way up in dosage. There are different flavors. I think the raspberry lemonade tastes
better. It kind of makes a little fizzy drink, but you could make it as a tea as well. This
is just magnesium citrate. Some people are a little bit sensitive to magnesium if they
tend towards diarrhea; if their stools are looser, magnesium can really accelerate that.
On the flip side, if a person has had chronic constipation issues, this is typically their
Mecca. And the other thing to say is that magnesium can drop blood pressure, so people
who are already really hypotensive, careful with taking too much at once. You really just
want to kind of break up your doses throughout the day, and you can add sea salt to the diet
to kind of bring up the blood pressure if the blood pressure’s too low. But I think
that magnesium is really wonderful. The only other place to really caution with magnesium
is if people have kidney damage. It’s actually really helpful for kidney stones, but if people
have kidney damage, like they’re on dialysis, that is a place where they would need to check
with their physician, but otherwise, I love magnesium across the board. You had a question
on magnesium. So her comment was that she had heard all of the beneficial health things
about magnesium, but she was also told that it really helps just keep the colon clean,
and it does. I mean, if you dose up with magnesium the same way as if you dose up with vitamin
C, you will really promote a looser stool. The higher up you go, you will just see a
direct effect, so it does help you clean out constantly. So in terms of a gentle detox
on a regular basis, magnesium will keep your bowels moving. Depending on your body type
I recommend taking 400 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams of magnesium per day. Start with
a teaspoon of Natural Calm magnesium. Make sure you tolerate that, and then just work
your way up. So basically start with 150 milligrams and just kind of inch your way up and make
sure you’re tolerating the amount without diarrhea. Most of my patients take 600 milligrams
easily in a sitting, but it’s better to kind of start slow and work your way up.

37 thoughts on “Magnesium: A Natural Way To Treat Constipation, Insomnia and Muscle Tension

  1. calms! i love the "natural" flavor of this product. But, Calms is off the charts acidic and it is bec of the citric acid. Citric acid is in so many products! All wheat products for instance bec citric acid is used in pesticide on the wheat, so buy organic.
    In Sept 09 i started itching and was given the diagnosis of eczema. After a year of itching i took a half tsp of baking soda in a glass of water and got INSTANT relief. Citric acid is the root of the problem as we get it in everything!!

  2. I eat a lot of dark leafy greens (chard and spinach) was well as some raw almonds each week. Would I need to take a magnesium supplement? Would a blood test show magnesium levels?

  3. Dr. I would like to know if you could give me some orientation on how to treat alopecia areata. I have it on my face and in my legs. I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide.

  4. @Ezzilevy I'm the video producer. You can contact Dr. Agrios directly by going to her website (listed in the description). Medical questions like this one require a consultation, and she does do phone consultations.

  5. love these short to the point vidoes and easy to understand explanation– i post your videos on my facebook to get the word on your these bits of information!! even it makes people think- hum i have a body maybe i should learn more about it!! x shelly

  6. I love magnesium. i would say I get plenty of magnesium as I eat a lot of raw nuts, seeds, and spinach. I also eat aloe vera. I have about 4 bowel movements a day everyday

  7. Just started this and already feeling SO much better with some issues that I have had. Thank you so much for the video

  8. I know this video is kind of old but Im going to ask anyway I just recieved mines in the mail and I got the natural calm sport for my son now as far as for myself how many times a day would you say to take this because if it works for insomnia I cant drive so what do you suggest

  9. Thanks for mentioning it lowers blood pressure and to take sea salt with it… I see so many videos where they only tell you about the benefits without educating about possible side effects… I am still gonna try the product, but I make sure to take it at night and with sea salt to help increase my blood pressure.

  10. Love this product, I suffered for years with constipation, I feel so much better I have bm on the regular, my stomach feels flatter but this neutralize my stomach acid so my body couldn't digest my medication. It expelled as a whole pill. But I will not give up my calm lol

  11. I suffer from chronic constipation I've tried boosting my Fiber intake but no luck until I started to supplement with Magnesium.Magnesium is amazing I love it.

  12. They been Removing Magnesium from our FERTILIZER for over 80 years in America the average Person only has about 15 to 20% of the Mag they need to stay Healthy

  13. I bought Natural Calm last week. Amazing results. Sleep the whole night through. Feel rested. Great mood elevator as well.

  14. This product is great! I have been having anxieties, sleep problems, and my menstrual cramps…all have been better.

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