Taking Charge of Your Health

Greetings, peace be upon you and welcome, my beautiful family, to an episode of serenity and sleep. Open your eyes and focus up. I’ve talked about sleep in
all of my previous episodes and how it is important and useful. Then, I receive messages saying
“Dr, I have a night shift and I can’t sleep. Our pizza orders, chips,
yoghurt and popcorn start at two o’clock in the morning”. And I tell them that I know that
because I used to live in Egypt. So, let us focus because today I will tell
you everything from A to Z. I’m not just here to tell you
that the chance of getting cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and obesity
increases if you stay up late. We haven’t even begun the episode, but we will after the intro. Let’s go! “Health” “Diet” “Physiotherapy” “Fitness” “Herbs” “And a new day begins” New Thought (Different thinking) Hello and welcome! It has been scientifically proven that those who stay up late at night, or work at night, have an increased
chance of getting blood pressure problems, obesity, and Alzheimer’s. Also, chances of getting cancer increase
in those who stay up late at night, work late, or even those sarcastically
saying “Oh, you want me to wake up at 5 AM?” “I’m a night owl,
I can only function at dawn (that is at night)”. Let me address you, night owls.
You’re going against God’s will because when the sun sets, your body releases hormones that
only release when the sun is down. God said, “We made the night a covering”.
That means that we’re covered so that we can go to sleep and start our day right, which will
also make our health better and better First of all: “Dr, why did the scientists
link weight increase to us staying up late at night?” Listen to this: First off, when you don’t sleep, your body becomes stressed, and what is released in the
body when it becomes stressed? Cortisol!
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord. What happens when the
cortisol level increases? Insulin sensitivity increases and blood is withdrawn
from the digestive system. That means that the body needs sugar now
because it is at war; it is stressed. You’ll get hungry – The
first thing was that the cortisol level increases, which leads to an increased appetite. During the night you’ll be hungry, and
you’ll run to the fridge looking for food Why? Increased cortisol level. So, the first thing is that
it increases your appetite, specially for sweets.
That’s the first thing. The second thing: Your body temperature
drops at night anyways, and when that happens,
your body’s metabolic rate drops as well. That’s normal – God wouldn’t
make the metabolic rate increase at night. So you end up eating at night while your metabolic rate is low. That’s the second reason why
your weight increases at night. The third thing is that
it’s not digestion time, and the food will not be properly digested. The food reaches the digestive system, and this is an important note that I
mentioned during the episode about sugar. When does your body store fat? When it receives something
that it does not need, which means something
that has a lot of calories, or when it receives
something it does not want. More accurately, something that
it doesn’t know how to handle. Why do you think hydrogenated
fat ruins the body and results in a fatty liver, etc…? Because it doesn’t know how to handle
it, so it just stores it. “Junk food late at night?
What is that? Store it away”. “This food was eaten at a bad time, and I’m not able to digest it
or do any metabolism at all. Put this in storage for now,
we’ll deal with it later”. So, these are three reasons that
increase your weight at night; because you’re staying
up late watching a movie or something uncreative.
Nobody is creating anything worthwhile at night, you’re just kidding yourself. Right now – today, I’ll be telling you the solution
to those who stay up at night working, but those who stay up late playing
games or going to coffee shops, this isn’t for them. I’m talking about people who work at
night; a doctor working a night shift, a pharmacist working in a pharmacy, or a lady working around
the clock in a factory. “Dr, what do we do in this case?” I will give my solution to these
people, but for those who can… Look here, 20% of all people have
sleeping problems, and I thought I’d talk about
them in today’s episode. I’ll tell you the solution for those who
stay up late so we don’t get lost, but first,
those of you who – normal people, who try – “Dr, we try to sleep but can’t”. “I have trouble sleeping, Dr. I listen to what you say;
I don’t even have work, and I don’t stay up
late in front of the TV, please help me sleep and become one of those people who
sleep at night, wake up at day”. So now, this is how I’ll help you on how to have a proper sleep that will
heal the body, in the way God intended. First of all, you should know that proper sleep should last from 10:30 PM, to 4:30 AM. Why? During the first two hours,
the body gets hydrated. Hydrated means that water
increases in the cells. Between midnight and 2:00 AM, a change happens in the cells, biological systems, even dead cells, where the body rids itself from cancers,
oxidation , etc… Basically, unhealthy cells. Then it rests during the last two hours, until it is 4 AM. So, if you don’t manage
to experience this – that word sounded close
to the Alexandrian accent, but anyways,
if you don’t manage to experience this, then the time needed to heal
your body would have passed. It doesn’t heal during the morning. Next point I’ll be talking about is something called ‘circadian rhythm’, which means that there’s
something like a clock in your body created by God. And once it’s night time,
some hormone levels increase when you sleep, and others increase in
turn when the sun comes up. So in case you don’t have this mechanism working like God intended, your biological clock won’t work properly, and bad things like
cancer, high blood Listen up now so I can
help you sleep normally. First thing, don’t drink coffee 8-12
hours before going to bed, because the caffeine stays in your body for up to 12 hours. So first thing is, don’t drink
coffee 12 hours before going to bed, that’s the first thing. The second thing is to reduce
your room’s temperature. Reduce the temperature – you
shouldn’t be even under covers, and the room mustn’t be too warm. For your body to get a proper sleep
as well as release hormones properly, it needs 15-19 degrees Celsius. Again, between 15 to 19 degrees. I don’t know how Americans
would convert this, but this is in our normal
measurement, not Fahrenheit. Alright, so it should be
between 15 and 19 degrees. Adjust the air conditioner
to cool the temperature, or even cool your pillow, so that your body sleeps
faster, and your melatonin also increases faster. Melatonin is the basis for all of this, and isn’t released into the
body unless you’re sleeping. I talked about the ‘sleep’
topic for the last 95 to 100 episodes to emphasize
the importance of melatonin. If it isn’t released in the
body, you won’t be able to sleep, the hormones won’t be fixed, you will grow old earlier than expected, your liver will become under stress as well as your kidneys. You will also get Alzheimer’s –
melatonin is the secret behind sleeping, To be honest, when I tell you that the quality of sleep should be good
– “What do you mean by that, Dr?” I want the melatonin to be released. So, caffeine counters melatonin the same way hot weather does. Also, eating right before going to bed, while blood is pumping in your stomach because
you ate a big meal, I mean – how will you sleep? How will you sleep after eating
a meal 4-5 hours before bed? How will you sleep after
eating a fatty meal? Eating exactly right before going to bed, how will you sleep when the Melatonin won’t even be released? However, if you don’t
eat before going to bed, following the fact that night time
was meant for sleep and rest for the body,
the stomach and the digestive system. But you force them to work all night! So, we shouldn’t eat anything
4-5 hours before going to bed. The next thing is, and 30 minutes before going to bed – no TV, no mobile telephones, nothing electronic, or – some people watch action
movies before going to bed, and others even watch horror movies. My friends, if cortisone levels increase as well as stress levels, going back to bed means that melatonin
will increase around 3 or 4 AM, and it will only last 30 minutes. So prepare yourself for bed! Everything in this world needs preparation. You don’t see me walking
in the gym lifting 100 KGs immediately – I warm up
for at least 30 minutes. Just like that,
30 minutes before going to bed, there should be no electronics. You can read the Qur’an, listen to music, do your prayers, or even some meditation, it all depends on your preferences. So, in those 30 minutes
before going to bed, prepare your mind and get ready
for your body releasing melatonin – “Melatonin is here, thank God”. The next point: bed is only for sleeping! Within your subconscious mind,
your bed should only be connected to that. The bed isn’t for eating, dear. Nor is it for studying, talking on the phone, or watching videos on your mobile phones. Only connect it to sleeping. As soon as you get into bed, your brain will link it to sleeping,
and you’ll sleep right away. But if you’re used to eating,
drinking, calling your friends, studying and whatever else you may think of – What shall I say then?
What shall I say then? You should not go to bed
unless you’re going to sleep, that’s it. The bedroom is where you
sleep, so as soon as you enter it, your mind will know you’re
about to sleep and will help you. The next point is: The blue light, guys. The blue light. Also, neon lights, mobile phone lights, and – if you’re exposed to
artificial light all day, and we’re talking about day
time. So just imagine if you do that right before going to bed. Artificial light stops the
release of melatonin by about 80%. There some some glasses that are used for mobile phones, and it’s called ‘blue box’ or ‘blue blocks’. I’ll look for the name and put it here. It’s sold for $400, so find another solution because I
won’t tell you to buy something for $400 – “We can’t even make ends meet,
may God have mercy on us”. But, you see,
for someone to be ready to pay $400 for a pair of glasses,
they must’ve reached an understanding that it will protect them
from the light two hours before bed, so they wear it at home
because of the mobile phone, cameras, living room’s light and any other
light source for that matter. Why do they wear it two hours before sleep? To allow the melatonin to be released, because they know the melatonin is amazing. It will prevent chronic diseases, stress, waking up with a headache, waking up with sore muscles and losing focus the following day. Do you understand now why people pay $400 for just a pair of glasses? It’s raining, What can I say,
we’ll just resume from some place else, never mind – come with me, come. Oh God – what can I say. I mean, look! Sun, and rain. Bless our lord, what can I say. I’m doing a ‘vlog’ now. Hold on a minute, I won’t stop recording so you can share the moment. Share the moment. Alright! So, we reached – we now know that – I’ll raise my voice a bit because
it’s raining. Alright, so, the melatonin that people pay $400 or $500 for – I’ll show you the sunglasses
so you can know their price. You should take care
of your melatonin. How? Sit in a dark room 30
minutes before sleeping. Put on that black thing
when you’re about to sleep, the sleep mask that costs
five or six pounds. It’s a plastic thing that covers your eyes. Why? so the melatonin is released.
Every once in a while, while you’re asleep,
your eye opens up, just like that. And when it opens,
and sees there’s still light, the melatonin won’t be released. Get it? take care of your melatonin! Stay away from artificial
light as much as possible. Stay above – sit in a dark room for
15 to 30 minutes before going to bed. It’s raining less now, so we can continue. “Dr, we need some solutions please. Some of us have night shifts, and others
going through difficult circumstances, so what do we do to avoid
illnesses since we stay up late?” This is what this episode is all
about, so focus up now! First thing: ‘Keto diet’. “Again?”. Yes. Look here, let us think about this together; what’s harmful about staying up late? A lot of oxidation will happen in the body, melatonin won’t be released, which will lead to cells not regenerating. Infections will increase, and that will cause high blood
pressure, obesity, etc… Obesity is a special case because Alzheimer’s, cancer, high blood pressure and the oxidation in the body – all of those are here,
and are treated with the ‘Keto diet’, but the obesity is dealt with differently. So, now we’ve covered all bases, and when you do the ‘Keto diet’, you won’t get hungry at
night, that’s number one. Second thing is that infections
in your body will decrease to almost zero because
there’s no sugar in your body. There’s nothing to –
your infections increase, you’re very hungry and you’re crashing, which happens when blood sugar is low, and you’re so hungry
you could eat anything. Third point is that the ‘Keto
diet’ includes ketone bodies,, which live from 12 to
18 hours after you eat. They help your mind stay focused and your heart stay active. They also help your muscles retain activity even if you stay up late at night. So, ‘Keto diet’ is a safe weapon for those who work late night shifts, until their life is normal again. Number one is the ‘Keto diet’. Number two is intermittent fasting. We already agreed that oxidation
increases at night time, but it decreases with intermittent fasting. Also, cortisol increases at night, which in turn increases hunger and decreases temperature. So food intake will
increases alongside hunger – you should stop eating at night and do an intermittent
fasting from four o’clock , assuming your shift is from six to six, and stop eating at four o’clock
– I’m fasting now! During fasting,
growth hormone levels increase, insulin levels decrease, oxidation decreases, autophagy increases – cancer and
harmful cells die, as well as oxidation processes.
Dead cells are also devoured, while some other cells are consumed
by the body for their energy and water. So, intermittent fasting is superb
for those who work night shifts. We’ve solved two problems now: ‘Keto’
solved infections, fatigue and illnesses, while intermittent fasting, or fasting at
night, will prevent you from getting fat by increasing insulin and cortisol levels. We’ve finished those two points.
Now for the third: Before starting your shift
at, let’s say 4 PM, increase your ‘omega 3’ and fatty
acids intake – what does that mean? It means mix coffee,
if you’re planning to stay up all night, around 4 o’clock, with butter. Doing that will protect
your brain all night, and you’ll have a lot of energy. Also, you won’t be hungry
because your fat levels are high. You’ll be focused, and there will be no oxidation
because you’ll have the fatty acids found in butter. What’s better than all of this is the ‘MCT’ oil. If you take one spoonful of
‘MCT’ oil before your shift, your mind will stay focused,
your ketones will increase, your energy will increase, your mind
will be protected from Alzheimer’s, and you won’t feel like
you want to eat and eat. The ‘MCT’ oil! It’s really amazing!
– I’ll share its picture with you. So now we’ve mentioned
butter and the ‘MCT’ oil, both of which will give
you ketones all night, The following point: Decrease your caloric
intake in the morning. Also, make sure most of your
calories have ‘omega 3’, that will protect you
from Alzheimer’s, your nervous system, nerves and
cortisol from crashing. It will also make sure that your mind
doesn’t lose focus during night time. All of what I mentioned is important:
‘omega 3’, ‘MCT’ oil and butter. This is a temporary
solution until you change your work hours to day time. You will be protecting yourself from
Alzheimer’s, early aging, increased weight, hormonal failure, etc… So, I’ve told you what
to do so you can sleep, but if you can’t sleep – not so you can
joke around and sit in front of the TV and hang out with your friends,
but to put food on the table. The solutions are: ‘Keto diet’, cut down your calories, and start intermittent fasting at night. Thank you very much! An episode all about sleep. May God bless you,
and I wish you a good sleep and sweet dreams. This was Kareem Ali, and until next time. Peace be upon you, bye.


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