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hi viewers welcome to our channel today we are along with doctor Dr K Raghavendra Vinn Hospitals Urologist and at the same time is a specialist in US andrology good morning all of you
thank you very much for this nice program let me answer things related to
a neurology basically a neurology is a special entity in urology it is a
subspecialty which deals with male infertility erectile dysfunction and
men’s sexual health this is a special entity what is so ages Palmilla the
reasons for ages for me we have to look into it the changes in the environment
genetic changes these mobile radiations congenital problems that means by birth
some defects there is a problem with our testes there is very small testes these
are all the reasons for a Jaa’s Palmilla I this Agios Palmilla can be an
obstructive azoospermia or it can be non-obstructive azoospermia so if it is
an obstructive azoospermia in those patients where the testes size is normal
mine is hormones FSH LH and total testosterone hormones or normal on
examination there is a vast difference is a structure probably in those
individuals worse maybe normal sometimes maybe absent if it is an absent it is a
clear indication that is an obstructive azoospermia in case of non-obstructive
azoospermia where hormones are lower set especially turtle disco Spearin FSH and
LH hormones are higher side and leave some patients there obeys there is a
east radial elevation will be there and patients examination wise testicular
size is smaller when compared to normal individual
this gives some clue towards a non obstruction so we need to confirm a
Joe’s poem with Semin analysis so these Semin analysis whenever we are
sending a sample the particular laboratory should look into specific
things before labeling a person as a azoospermia
so in that laboratory they should centrifuge the sample at three thousand
rotations for at least for a period of five to seven minutes and they should
examine the pellet so if that pellet is also not showing any spoons that is a
clear-cut case of a Jose phormium especially in these patients they also
look into especially cement volume is low they should look at pH and fructose
levels also that gives some clue whether it is an obstruction or non obstruction
so this is the way we need to confirm a Jose Palmilla then we need to proceed
further so whenever patient comes to me with
fertility issue criminally I’ll take thorough history so from his childhood
onwards and what are all the treatments he has undergone what are all the
investigations he has undergone by this time after checking all the
investigations I will go for physical examination of the patient so how is
this built up so is there any V realization is mustache and the male a
pattern is there or not is there any kind of come and say enlargement of the
breast is there or not how is is testicular size what is the location so
especially epididymal configuration whether it is irregular or bulge is
there any third epididymis is there and is vast difference both sides the sperm
transport tubes will be there vast difference how is the vast difference so
this will use some clue whether this person is having an obstruction or non
obstruction is there any problem at physical examination level if person is
having very small testes that is an obvious clear everyday
supported by the hormones especially FSH LH will be elevated total testosterone
will be low that gives towards diagnosis of
non-obstructive azoospermia if testicular size is normal
hormones are normal still that person is a Joe’s formula that he gives some clue
towards obstructive azoospermia so to deal with a Joe sperm iam so if it is an
obstructive azoospermia where we got them depending upon the reason if it is
a vessel vessel obstruction or gas or epididymal obstruction for those
patients they need exploration and reconstruction micro surgical
reconstruction procedure so it in our hospital we have a very good microscope
like RF 50 it is an advanced at microscope for and illogical processes
microsurgical processes with which we can do micro surgical reconstruction of
vas vaso vessel or verso apolitical anastomosis we can do which will give
you a better results for the patients with chance of natural conception if it
is a non-obstructive azoospermia for those patients also we can do
microdissection TC so at micro level we have to open the testes and will look at
each and every corner of the testes so that in those patients we can get spawns
in out of 50 100 patients in 50 patients we will get the spawns the advanced
processes will be micro surgical or did microdissection t say micro surgical
reconstruction processes and we can do micro surgical very cozy lab Tommy get
our Hospital see definitely so in the first itself I would like to mention
regarding the changes in the last five decades in the last five decades
fertility trends have been going down so when compared to 50 60 years back there
they are having two to three children for children now in newer newer
generation people are struggling to one baby the reasons one is change in
the environment environmental pollution is there and mobile radiation so that
radiation levels are very very high now people are using more than four or five
hours a day that mobile usage second thing adulteration food adulteration
nobody knows with advancement with hard work we are getting money but nobody can
give guarantee what food here we are eating today so there is adulteration at
oil level adulteration at all food edible things and also at production
level they’re using lot of pesticides okay so all these things are
contributing to make some sort of genetic changes in our genital urinary
tract so that is leading to a Jaa’s form a majority of the patients and also
changes in the lifestyle where there is a lot of obesity is their work stress
patterns are there in there along with all these things these changes are
leading to fertility issue especially reducing the sperm comes as well as some
patients it may be going to zero level patients used to ask my parents are fine
they’re having three four kids why I am facing this issue because the
environment what we are exposing today is different from our parents so these
all environmental changes are making most of the patients I chose for me are
low sperm counts in facing these fertility issues you have list and if you have any kind
of suffered me the diamond of this difficulty for definitely concentrate
over angles and of this vegetation you

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