Taking Charge of Your Health

Mali. You like ‘Idli’ (South Indian dish),
don’t you? That’s why
I’ve prepared ‘Idli’ today. Eat it before going to college. Father, why don’t you keep a cook? You won’t have to take
the trouble of… …cooking different dishes
for me everyday. I’m strictly against keeping
a cook in the house. Why? – Does anyone keep a servant
to breathe peacefully? Cooking food is included in it. You’ve kept cooks in the shops,
haven’t you? That’s different, Mali. That’s for business. Like a factory. Every cook over there is not
less than a technician. I’ve been cooking for you
since so many years. What happened today? Eat it. There’s no need for
you to cook for me. There’s a canteen in college.
I’ll eat there. Mr. Jagan, I’ve got to see Khadi
so early in the morning! Yes. Some weaved cloth was left. Perhaps, you are the first
person in Malgudi who… …makes clothes for himself
with weaved cloth. From the time Gandhi-ji
has ordered to weave… …I just use my spinning
yarn from then. Ok. Your lifestyle is different. Ordinary and equal treatment. Yes, Gandhi-ji used to say,
simple living, high thinking. Does that mean no shaving daily? It’s nothing like that. But I don’t have the habit of
looking into the mirror… …everyday and wasting time,
like the foreigners. Yes! Yes! Who’s after Gandhi-ji!?
Jagan, the confectioner. No! But I don’t forget the days
of the non-violence strikes. Even you were with us. Even you have contributed
in freeing the country. But you have changed now. The milk is spoilt.
– Yes. We have to make something out of it.
– Absolutely. Greetings, sir! Hey! What are you doing!? Are you washing your
hands or bathing!? If you sprinkle water in hot oil,
then I’ll break your bones! What’s going on? Nothing, sir. Nothing. Uncle Jagan…
– Keep it there. Go. Uncle Jagan. Uncle Jagan. A sweet… no, a…
a sweet made from gram flour. See, he isn’t giving me. Captain. Captain.
– Yes, sir. That child is standing
since so long. In which thoughts are you lost? Dear, have some patience! Captain, ask that beggar
to come on Friday. This isn’t a hermitage Go! – God will bless you!
God will bless you! Sir! Give me something, sir! You consider this marriage
to be fixed. Don’t worry. I’ll handle everything! Greetings.
– Greetings. Give me. Ok. Put sugar carefully. I’ve heard that the government is
going to increase the rates of sugar. The rates of wheat
are reasonable now. I was passing through
the godown street. I scolded that supplier so much. I got a discount of
10 paise on a kilo. These people fraud openly. What were you doing
in godown street? Don’t ask me what work
I had at the godown street. I have atleast one friend
in every street of Malgudi Every friend seeks my help. Someone wants wheat,
someone wants cow dung… …someone wants nails,
someone wants to dye his hair. No. I don’t mind helping people. Did you taste the new sweet? Taste! I ate! I ate a lot!
It’s delicious! Only the structure of the
new sweet is different. The ingredients are
the same old ones. The ingredients are the
same in all the sweets. It’s wrong. There is a huge difference
between money & barfi. You’re a saint.
You’ve sacrificed all the tastes. Human being should accept
only those things… …which are available from nature. I’ve stopped eating
salt from now on. Sa… you’ve become so self-reliant.
Do you drink water? You know I’ve stopped eating sugar… …and rice since so many years. I’m satisfied with 20 drops of
honey and green vegetables. You’re a saint in the art of
living on the basis of air. But what about Mali? What about Mali? All that I follow don’t
affect Mali in anyway. It’s 5 o’clock! I have to meet the
superintended at Lauli Road! 560. The sales tax people won’t get this. After all, every man
has a right to… …keep some money for himself. And even Gandhi-ji hasn’t said
anything about sales tax. Had he said, then even
I would have paid. It’s done! Everyone, come! How many sweets are left? Just this. All this can be sold tomorrow. But this sweet will get
stale by tomorrow. Sir, what if we make a new
sweet from tomorrow? Yes, with the remaining sweets. We’ll think. The rates
have increased so much. And this… sweet won’t
be prepared tomorrow. Captain, shut the shop. Greetings, sir. It’s very strong. Yes, you don’t find
such locks nowadays. I got it made from a blacksmith
in the village. You go. Let’s go, Shiva. Natarajan, is there any progress… …in the making of my book? Mr. Jagan, what should I tell you? I’ve ordered for bold
alphabets from Madras. I’m waiting for them. This is what you’ve been saying
since so many years. Yes, but sir, these are not ordinary,
but special kinds of alphabets. I’ll write to those people today. Write. Because Natarajan,
this book is not for me. I want to devote it to serve people. Definitely. It’s not
an ordinary book. It’s the entire incident.
Magnum opus! Mr. Jagan, I found your leather. Is this the skin of an animal
who died himself? Absolutely, sir.
But can I ask you something? Why did you stop searching
for leather? You used to bring such good leather. Ok, so you were missing from home… …for so many days to search
for this leather. You search for dead cows
just for a pair of shoes! Yes. This time I had to
go to strange places… …in search for dead animals. Look, you can wear non-violent
shoes if you want to. But don’t do this leather
work at home. What should I do then? How will I be assured of the
fact that for the facility… …of my feet, an innocent
animal wasn’t killed? But what sin have we committed? The leather factory stinks so much. Last time, we sprinkled
the sandalwood oil… …and burnt the incense stick. We still found it difficult
to breathe! If you want shoes made up
of non-violent leather… …then you’ll have to adjust. It’s enough now. I’m warning you. Throw this leather out, or else
I’ll lock myself in the room. And I’ll fast till I die. Fasting till death. I’ll keep it in the
room full of woods. But what if the rats eat it? What did she say? Any last wish? I didn’t understand clearly. I think she said, throw the leather. Sir, isn’t the leather good? Did you like the leather, sir? I’ll make new shoes in a week.
Should I? No. These will survive for
the next 6 months. I’ll tell you later. They taught them such a lesson… …that they’ll remember
all their lives! What are you watching, Jaganna? See. Mali.
– The West Indies were batting. Bapu Nadkarni came to bowl.
– Yes. The West Indies scored
fours, sixes… …eights, tens,
everything in one ball. Okay. He’s the best amongst
all the boys, isn’t he? What happened then? God knows what’s written
in his destiny. Will you come home? I have to go for dinner for
the death anniversary… …at the lawyer’s place, ok. I’m telling the truth. I want a toothbrush! I told you once. No. Now what’s the problem if
Mali wants a toothbrush? Because toothbrush is made
up of a pig’s tail. I can’t even imagine someone… …chewing a pig’s tail
early in the morning. And even nylon isn’t good for teeth. That’s why neem-stick is the best. God knows from where you learn
such strange principles. This is definitely not one
of Gandhi-ji’s teachings. Not Mahatma, but my father! Do you know what his age was,
when he died? 90. And how many teeth did he have? 32. I’m grateful to him that he grew
this neem tree in our courtyard. Or else we’d have to buy the
neem stick from the market. Your father and his principles. You use all that on your family. You know, neem has been
considered holy. Because of this, the Gods and… …the Goddesses used to be immortal. Even in the holy book, it has
been named ‘Sanjeevani’. ‘Sanjeevani’, which makes a
dead person alive, got it? I’ve never heard anything
as such anywhere… – Yes! Ordinary people don’t
know about this. That’s why I’m going to gather… …all this information
and publish a book. Jagan’s nature-cure therapy. Ambika! Ambika! What happened? My head is aching again! I need an aspirin! There’s no need of aspirin. Swallow four neem leaves, after… …grinding them with
clarified butter. Your headache will disappear. I said I want an aspirin! The blood becomes pure
if you have neem. You won’t even suffer from typhoid. My headache is better than
this lecture of yours! You want me to die as soon
as possible, don’t you!? You have gone mad.
Do whatever you want. Mali, do you know where mother’s… …tablets for headache are? Yes. But she doesn’t allow
me to touch them. Why? What if I eat them?
Those tablets look so good. That’s drinking water!
Don’t put your hand in it! Look, whether you like
the tablets or not… …don’t ever eat them! That’s poison. – Poison! What’s poison, father? People die after eating them. Then? What happens then? Now will you tell me where
the tablets are? There. On top. You think my
hand doesn’t reach there. Look Mali, I’ll bring
better tablets for you. But don’t touch these
tablets, got it? Go. Go and play. What kind of medicines
are these? Red! Here. If it’s your stubbornness,
then have them. When my book will be published… …then you’ll realise why I
refuse you to have tablets. Father. I’m thinking about something. I won’t be able to study more. Why? Did anyone say anything
to you in college? No one can dare to
say anything to me. Dear, tell me atleast.
What’s the matter? What happened? Nothing. I’m not interested
in studying anymore. If I can help you in any way,
then let me know. I just don’t want to study. I’ll go to your college and
meet your teachers today. Father. Ok, Mali, I won’t come. Eat something first.
Then we’ll talk. Man doesn’t need to
eat too much to live. It’s your slogan.
You don’t worry about my diet. But Mali, if you leave college… …then… then where will you eat?

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