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FRAINK WHITE:I look better with the shade
that I am. That’s just me. COMM: 28-year-old Fraink White has been lightening
his skin for years, with what he insists are nothing but natural products. FRAINK WHITE: I first wanted to originally
lighten my skin to get rid of hyperpigmentation. And that was when I was a child. I noticed that there was a really big taboo behind it. So, I wanted to break the taboo. COMM: Through his quest for lighter skin,
Fraink has developed his own line of natural skin whitening products. FRAINK WHITE: Trust me, you guys, you do want
to try the peroxide trick on your face to speed-up your skin lightening. FRAINK WHITE: So, I was like, ‘Okay, well,
this would be a good way for me to stick out on YouTube because people are going to talk
about it because of the controversy and when they do, they will come to my channel.’ FRAINK WHITE: They will learn that there’s
not a taboo behind it and that they will learn it. Also, that there is a safe way to go about
it. COMM: Fraink now runs his online YouTube channel
and skin products line with his husband, Elijah. The couple met in 2014. ELIJAH RODGERS: I saw him every single day
and every single day he would tell me how much he wanted to be with me. And I kept trying
to say, ‘No. I am not, I am not gay.’ But it happened. ELIJAH RODGERS: He has the same dreams as I
do, you know. And he changed my life for the better. FRAINK WHITE: Muslim community, skin lightening
is huge and it’s also taboo. So, he understood and he got it. He knew it wasn’t, like,
a big deal either. That was another reason why we clicked because, you know. He said,
you know, he is there with me, like when I came out with this plan, you know. I am like,
‘Look how these people react to this. You know, this is…this is my calling.’ COMM: Elijah has always been supportive of
Fraink’s quest to lighten his skin. FRAINK WHITE: Right here is the
It definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely gets you awesome results and it’s a good
pre-gamer if you are trying to lighten you skin. ELIJAH RODGERS: I didn’t think it was a
big deal at all. Because I am from the Middle East and a lot of people lighten to just,
just to brighten their face. But people bring race in to it. I guess for obvious reasons
because of history. But viewpoints can change. FRAINK WHITE: I feel like there are people
out there, obviously, who are using skin bleaching as an outlet. But I think that majority of
people who do it are doing it for minimal cosmetic reasons. Like, you know, what’s
the difference being, you know, mocha coffee colour or cinnamon? It doesn’t matter. I
look better with the shade that, with having the like a honey brown shade or the shade
that I am. That’s just me. Like, some people look better skinnier. Probably 80% of my notifications
and my messages are just people who are leaving me, like evil stuff. The formulations, they
are very effective and I am very proud of them. I get a lot of feedback from customers
every single day about the results and it shocks me. Every single time somebody sends
me a picture and I am like, ‘Wow! Like, I can’t believe. Like, I am still astonished
at the science.’ FRAINK WHITE: All right, god bless you guys.
May you guys be covered under his blood while you are sleeping and may you awaken to blessings.
I love you and good night.

100 thoughts on “Man Lightens His Skin Using ‘Natural Remedies’ | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. Description: African American Man
    Me: Why does he have to to African American why can't he just be African or American

  2. negroid bone structure don't fit well with white skin it looks very weird same for black skin on a white person well unless you get some surgery to correct what doesn't fit

  3. Dark skin is beautiful. Beauty is not about skin colour. It's always been about facial features, EXAMPLE: compare pictures of singer Rhianna (31) and Princess Beatrice (30) or Rosie O’Donnell and Naomi Campbell or reversed: Whoopi Goldberg (63) and Bo Derek (62). Not hate to any of these women I'm just proving my point that skin colour is not the decider on how beautiful you are

  4. It's makeup on his face
    LOOK AT HIS HANDS. Dark dark.
    He manipulates the brightness in pictures because the differences are slim. Giving himself cancer for a shade difference and a lifetime of maintenance.

  5. man with you negroid features you way look better in your real skin color ( don't wanna be rude ) you don't have white face bone structures !

  6. So when a black man bleaches his skin for lighter shade y'all end up being sarcastic but when a white person tan a lil darker y'all will drag them for blackfishing? I don't get it😐🙄

  7. I don’t see a problem with it, you see white people using fake tan all the time to make them feel better and he just wants to do the opposite

  8. wow…so many people with an opinion about this lol
    does anyone of you ever let someone else tell you how to style your hair or dress??
    what shoes to wear, jewelry, music to listen to?
    well if you do…'re not like him, because he does what he wants lol

  9. You do you, but just so you know you look beautiful before and after the skin lightning ❤️👏🏻🙌🏼 thank you for helping ppl do it safely. I think the taboo it’s because unlike fake tan it seems permanent and in most cases unsafe and drastic.

  10. He got emotional and mental problems here… his relentless pursuit in lighting his is the hook here. It is self Hate and it’s sad

  11. ?? but wouldn't he have to apply all over the body, not just the face and hand, because once the clothes come off at the beach or intimate moment,

    lol the color difference would be quite obvious

  12. I don’t see a difference personally, it jus looks like he’s used more lighting on the camera . Look at the background of the room🤣

  13. First our ppl relaxing our hair now we’re bleaching our skin to be lighter us black ppl need to mf appreciate what we have 🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. Keep talking shyt about your dark skin Brothas n sista n then get mad when they don't feel comfortable in their own skin television commercials movies igs always some lite skin we druel over them n forget the dark skin bros I know females that will open their legs much quicker to a light skin dude go broke n yet have no idea he checkin the white men or woman but then again they're not even comfortable in their own skin yall created the monster dont get mad now he/she don't want feel comfortable in their own skin

  15. It's not worth the increase risk of skin cancer. Melanin protects the skin and purposely removing comes with risks. But do what ye will.

  16. The real reason he wanted to tun his skin lighter.. his last name is white so it could match XDDD

  17. I don't think it was necessary, I mean, everybody is beautiful the way they are and to be honest, I think that darker skin already suited him, but, at the same time, everybody has their right to do anything they want to feel realized, to feel like themselves, so, if to like himself he needs to lighten his skin, and share his story, than shall be it, I want say anything against it, but I thought I should express my opinion as well about been unnecessary from my point of view, but then again, I'm not him, so my opinion doesn't matter, the only opinion that matters is his and anybody else.

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