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There are two main types of alopecia. There is scarring alopecia and non-scarring alopecia. Most of these are either hormonally triggered
if they’re non-scarring or stress-induced or medication-induced. Scarring alopecia
often are inflammatory or your own immune system is triggering the alopecia. Most patients experience increased shedding
of hairs. Some people will notice a widened part and
then patients that have acute hair loss can have redness itching or pain in the scalp
sometimes tenderness. Hair regrowth depends on the type of alopecia
you have. So a non scarring alopecia does grow back. It does take time hair grows very very slowly. It’s like watching grass grow in your yard. If you look out your window every day you
don’t see anything. But if you look in a month you’ll see thick
lush grass and so the same thing applies with hair growth. It’s very slow and you’re not going to see
it on a day to day basis. So in non scarring alopecia you can get full
regrowth back to your normal baseline with scarring alopecia scar replaces those hairs. And so really starting treatment early to
prevent further loss is the best option because once those scars overtake a hair follicle
the hair cannot grow back. Treatment options can span from watchful waiting
for your immune system or for your level of stress to improve or you can go all the way
to systemic oral treatments that suppress your immune system so it kind of depends on
classifying that type of hair loss that you have but you may start with things like Rogaine
or anti-inflammatory shampoos or topical steroids and work your way up to more aggressive oral
treatments if need be.

47 thoughts on “Managing Alopecia: Cause of Hair Loss and Treatments for Regrowth

  1. Oh no…. I waited almost 3 years now and it hasn't grown back… if anything it expanded slightly and also I think i see very small thin hairs growing back but I'm not sure. Am I too late to get treatment?

  2. Asian women have been using coconut milk and coconut oil as hair nutrient for centuries since a coconut dropped on the head of a native that gave him a headache and an idea. Buy a coconut, grate the meat, squeeze the pulp (you can also use the pulp or fresh coconut milk on your hair and rinse), add a little water and slow boil until all water are evaporated and let cool, and the remaining oil is good to use on your hair. Many causes of hair loss : exposure to radioactive elements, tainted drinking water, stress, genetic.

  3. I first got alopcieca when I was 14 years old and it affected my confidence badly. It was only 1 bald patch but my hair grew back. Later on when I hit 17 I had a very stressful situation moving schools and dealing with a lot of stuff at once, the stress was so bad that I lost my eyelashes, 2 bald patches at the back of my hard and my sideburns completely gone and it was traumatizing for me as a young kid, what i found grew my hair back from this even was pure dress detoxation, I started bodybuilding at 20 started eating proper, took vitamins supplements religiously and my hair grew back so fast and I thought I conquered alopecia forever… skip ahead 5 years and I broke up with someone i really loved deeply, and had to watch them be with someone else immediately… I didn't know how to handle the situation and got the most stress I've had since I was 17, I cried almost everyday and sadly this brought back my alopecia, one right in front near my fringe and another small one at the back of my head… I know regrowth takes time but surely there are treatments to speed up the process?

  4. There's no cure for LPP. They don't even know what is the real cause but stress does make it so much worse. Best wishes to all who have it.

  5. I have frontal fibrosibg alopecia I am a girl and 22 I have been using casteroil for about 8 month I also take iron tablets it is getting better but I'm not sure whether it is FEA or not if you know a doctor that could help me to regrow my hair let me know

  6. I have been using monat ! For hair lost and it absolutely works! I’ll leave the link down below!

  7. I’ve had this condition since July and I started to workout and try reduce stress activities, it has grown a bit but still noticeable. It’s one bald patch on the side of my head any suggestions to speed the process.

  8. Totally agree with you. Hair loss is just because of genetic problem and sometimes it comes with your growing age. You just need deal with it and not to take any kind of stress and be happy.

  9. Starting treatment early is the best options ????!!!
    Seriously, I can’t stand doctors.
    We know our hair. I was losing sooooo much hair after every shower for a couple of months.
    I knew the hair loss was abnormal.
    I went to see THREE different doctors they all looked at me like I was crazy because I still had a full head of hair.

    One doctor didn’t even bother looking at my hair or scalp. Told me it was most likely stress. DONE.
    Second one had a smurk on his face and told me to get Monoxidil “every now and then….”

    I finally was even embarrassed to see someone else and demand a blood work.
    Gave me a shitty basic blood work . All good. DONE.
    Two years later, I litteraly have bold spots. My hair is so thin. I am so angry.
    They are great and dedicated in front of cameras.

  10. It is good if you are taking precautions regarding your hair loss and starting treatment early to prevent further loss is the best option.

  11. Hi everyone i am selling guava leaves it's very good benefit for Wight lose or stop hair full or regrowth hair it's very cheap remedy but fast work its only 15 pence each organic leaves if anyone interested so contact me please thanks

  12. Do opioids cause non scaring hair loss? I have been on fentanyl pain patches for about a year. I have round circle like patches of hair loss. Not inflamed and doesn’t hurt. Thanks.

  13. Is having uncontrolled Diabetes Type 2 considered scaring or non-scaring alopecia? And if controlled and HbA1c under good range, can the hair loss from that grow back? Also if if all hormones are balanced can hair loss stop and growth come back?

  14. My alopecia started at the age of 19, in little patches here and there on my head. By 20, the patches grew bigger and bigger and in larger numbers, to the point where I felt like I could no longer hide them. I ended up shaving my head, and it was a huge relief to no longer worry about what I am going to do with my hair every single day. The only problem I have now is having to shave close enough so the patches look even with the bald parts. Don't have enough money to seek treatment, so this is how I live in the meantime.

  15. I got mine when I was in 7th grade. It was cause by stress that led to depression. It started by patches until it all fall off only for 3 months and I got bald. Of course as a girl it is our crown and glory but I really did not take it that seriously. My treatment was with steroid injections every month and a medicine which is being applied to my scalp that is menoxidil (dunno if the spelling is correct) that medicine is so effective that my hair started growing for like 1 month that I looked liked that I had an army cut in less than a year my hair is shorty long like a pixie cut and grows longer continously.

  16. Why do people say hair loss cannot be stopped? I've used Biotin, Nioxin, Divine Herbal, Minoxidil, Regaine (contains Minoxidil) & many many others over the last 15 years. Regaine worked but made my scalp itchy and red. The only 2 things I found helpful were Biotin (10,000mcg daily) and Divine Herbal Hair Oil (twice weekly) and this combination's helped more than anything else I've used.

  17. I can say without hesitation, that most true experts in this field agree that "the pill" or hormonal contraception is the #1 cause of early onset female "pattern" hair loss. If the mainstream medical community would only warn young women of this extremely common phenomenon, I believe that far fewer women would be impacted by this emotionally devastating side effect. Sadly once genetic hair loss is triggered early by the profound hormonal changes of taking both high androgen index pills, and in more cases than admitted, low androgen index pills, effective treatment can be difficult. It's amazing to me that this documented reality is hardly discussed by dermatologists and that most gynecologists fail to provide full disclosure of this extremely common risk factor to their patients.

  18. This was very informative. I have found other great information that my hair loss here

  19. I have alopecia areata…and it sucks,i can see some hairs on the bald spot and I just want it to grow back,I heard people tell me it won’t grow back or it will grow back,I’m just really depressed about it and I hide it all the time,I hate getting haircuts too,it started in February last year and they said about a year it can grow back but nothing really…I just want some help

  20. I have low lvls of testosterone and im only 20 years old not only that but Ive been starting to lose hair for a while now and from what everyone has been telling me apparently having high testosterone causes hair lose and more DHT so Ive been really confused as to why im losing hair if I have low testosterone lvls it makes me scared to start medication to boost my testosterone lvls Because if in losing hair now with low lvls then Im thinking I’ll really start losing hair with higher testosterone lvls so Im really starting to wonder if you could lose hair if your lvls are low or if im just really screwed

  21. Hi , I've discovered I have the same amount of Hair, more in fact on parts of my body that used to be on my head. Like on my Back and Sholders , in my ears and out my nose, My Ass especially .. Im 42 how do I train it to go back to my head .. is Gravity to blame ?

  22. Nowadays people usually use allopathy medicine for instant relief, but these do not provide the permanent relief, I also suffered a lot from allopathic medicines, as I suffered from hair loss problem, I used all the type of medicines, a different type of oils, shampoo but failed. At last on the suggestion of my one of the friends I follow Ayurveda. And I took the herbal medicines from Planet Ayurveda and get rid of baldness.

  23. hey
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  26. I have non scaring alopecia
    My dermatologist prescribed spironolactone 25% for two months then I didn't go back cause copays is very expensive
    After that I've seen some improvement but later my hair start shedding again
    I've taking plant biotin 5000mg ,trace minerals, viviscal and eating healthy (as much as I could ) and drink lot of water
    I did prp once every months for 7 months
    I have some scalp revived
    I don't know what else should I do really, its very stressful and I'm tired of that 🤒

  27. I've used ArganRain professional hair care product and it works pretty well. I bought three bottles of shampoo from online at ArganRain products. . I've also tried Rogaine. To be honest , it was really awful because of it’s content. Fortunatelly, ArganRain helps my lost hair grow back.

  28. I was taking Seroquel a bipolar medication is my hair gonna grow back I loss volume of hair I’m not bald but my seems thinner after taking the medication 2 weeks now I’m off the medication

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