Taking Charge of Your Health

I’m Antonio Calia, CEO of Manet. We developed a smartphone that will replace
the existing landline telephones that are currently found in hotel rooms. We provide travellers with a tool that allows them
to make limited free calls across 50 countries via a limited 4G internet connection,
which they can also use outside the hotel. We decided to create our own
customised operating system, based on Android, then internally we also have five or six of our own applications,
again based on Android. It’s the only open-source platform that allows us to modify and customise
at a low level, and therefore satisfies all of our requirements. And on the web especially, there is information
that facilitates the development of ad hoc applications. The key to our business
is providing a physical device. So, the fact that there are 1,200 manufacturers
that use Android is clearly of great value to us,
and our business model is based on this. Thanks to Android, we are able to support the 10,000 tourists who visit
Italy every month.

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