Taking Charge of Your Health

– Hi, how you doing? My name’s Margaret. I am from Spiritus, and
I am coming in today just to speak about this beautiful menopause package that Karina Naturopath has going for people that, the women that are
going through menopause. I’m pre-menopausal, so since
my body has gone into that, it has, I’ve created a lot of weight. I would just eat everything and anything because my body was changing,
I was feeling tired, you know, menopause is a really big thing and it can be quite joltful for the body, especially if you haven’t had great consistency of diets,
too, I mean eating properly, I shouldn’t say diets, eating properly, which hasn’t been always my biggest forte. So I’ve started, I’ve
seen Karina now many times on and off throughout the years, and I have regularly been
going this year, in 2019. And she’s brought out
these clean, herbal teas, which is freaking amazing. I have started on my,
it’s a 21-day program, and of course you can continue
doing it even after 21 days. And it is, I’m on my third week, nearly finishing my 21 days, and I have taken the teas. You take a cup in the morning, oh not a cup, it comes in this beautiful, you can actually make it
in this beautiful jug, it’s like a heat-proof jug
where you can actually just keep it hot throughout the day and you can sip through
it all day if you like, which I usually do. So you have your breakfast,
you have your tea, your hormone blend, you
then have some lunch, and then you have your detoxing blend. And with this comes the teas, the drink bottles, and
also an amazing ebook that is incredible. It has all the information about what our body’s going through, what our body requires to
sustain throughout menopause, thousands of recipes
that you can just follow which is really easy and light to make. I have, I’m a big coffee
drinker, I love my coffee, and not that Karina’s never,
ever said stop your coffee or anything, it’s just
eat and drink clean, and I am doing that and I drink
one cup of coffee a day now. And I used to be a big
one, like coffee drinker, and now I just, I don’t feel bloated. With menopause, I don’t
know, with some women, with myself, I get hot
flashes, just any time. Usually when you go to
bed was a big thing, my heart would race a lot,
would beat really fast. When it started, I remember
going to the doctors and they checked everything
and everything was fine, they gave me a blood test and they said I’m heading into the menopause stage. And that’s what we do,
that’s what our body does. And if, I believe if you
haven’t taken care of your body throughout the years, it’s going to react probably more tenfold. So for me, now as I’m taking
better care of myself, I am finding that my bloat-ness is gone, I don’t feel and look as
fluid-y as I have in the face. It’s the best program. You also have a Facebook
group that you can go into and you can share your recipes or you can talk about how you’ve been and how it’s helping or if
you wanna ask any questions. So the program is awesome. If anyone is going through
the menopause stuff throughout their body,
give the clean teas a go because honestly, it’s
really changed my life and it hasn’t even been 21 days yet. I have more energy, I’ve started to do a
little bit more exercise where I’m not a big exercise person, I just am being more and
doing more for myself since I’ve started the teas. So you know, you do find
that they taste great, like I’m not a tea drinker. And it’s all natural
herbs from Mother Earth so you can’t go wrong. Karina, you have done an amazing job, I just wanted to come and do this little, little YouTube video for you just to tell you keep
rising, keep shining. And anyone that is umming
and ahhing and unsure, give it a go, it’s a small investment and you get so many benefits out of it. So I just wanted to share
that, thank you so, so much. Karina, keep doing what you’re doing because you’re freaking amazing. Love it. Thank you, see ya.

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