Taking Charge of Your Health

Thank you so much. I speak very little English. I tried English for three months, speaking
and studying English. My life is beautiful because of Dr. Paul Drouin. God bless you in my life and the Lord in my
life is beautiful. A diamond in my life, Dr. Paul Drouin and
the Lord. I’m don’t speak English, so Hortensia
will translate for me. [Translator(inlove) “Muchas Gracias!” (translated) I give thanks to God for Dr.
Paul Drouin and Alexis by allowing me to be here with you. It is a privilege to be graduating after so
many years of studies because I did the translation of what he has
in English for the program so that I can graduate this year. Everything I did in Spanish because I can
give the clients that I served what Quantum Medicine has for the world. We have to bless a lot of people that have
a lot of needs, since conscience, mind, spirit and heart, yes, to take this life to those
who are in need with my heart, spirit and love, so we can distribute everything that
Dr. Paul and his group have given, we can give the whole universe. This is a privilege to be here with you and
be graduating with all of you. Thank you so much.

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