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Be it Sushruta Samhita, Bhava Prakasha, or
even atharva veda, ancient sanskrit texts mention the use, and misuse, of marijuana,
or cannabis. In this video, let’s look at what it is exactly,
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below. पञ्च राज्यानि वीरुधां
सोमश्रेष्ठानि ब्रूमः। दर्भो भङ्गो यवः
सह ते नो मुञ्चन्तुअंहसः॥. the meaning of these lines from atharva veda
is, there are five types of plants that are the best source of sOma. May these plants relieve us from our troubles. One of these five, is Marijuana also known
as bhaṅgā in Sanskrit. The meaning of the word, bhang, comes from
the root word, bhajyate meaning breaking, or splitting. marijuana, is called bhangA, because it creates
a break, or a split, between your mental burden, and your own self. This break is what causes the lightness, and
euphoria. While it lasts, this euphoria can be an extremely
liberating experience, and is the main reason behind marijuana being so strongly associated
with free thinking and libertarian movements. This freedom from the burden of one’s own
mind, is also the reason behind unbridled and brilliant mental capabilities during a
high. When the societal structures get too rigid,
and demanding, it is natural for the mind to desire a break. While recreational and medical use of marijuana
might not seem too harmful, it’s capacity to create a break, could also eventually lead
to a break down. bhangA, has a long history of use in Ayurveda. It is classified as upa visha or a mildly
toxic substance and has been used in healing preparations after proper processing, or shuddhi. The toxicity of marijuana is elaborated upon
by many of the Rasa Shastras. One of them, called Ananda Kanda has a whole
chapter dedicated to bhangA, its toxicity, the procedures for cultivation, preparation,
and consumption. In this chapter, the Ananda Kanda describes
9 successive stages of marijuana toxicity. This text also prescribes various antidotes
to counter the toxic and narcotic effects of excessive use of marijuana. Let us now look at the exact sanskrit lines
regarding marijuna, from some of the Ayurvedic textbooks. verse two hundred and five of bhavaprakasha,
says bhangA kaphaharI tiktA grAhiNI pAchanI laghuH
tIkshNoshNA pittalA mOha mandavAg vahni vardhinI this verse describes the various medicinal
properties of marijuana. It calls, marijuana by names like ganjA, mAtulAnI,
vijayA, and jayA. It is called a kAmadA, meaning, it increases
libido, ruchyA, meaning it increases the sensation of taste, vAk vahni vardhini, meaning it causes
increased speech, and heightens the fire in the body. This applies to various faculties like digestion,
sexual desire, and thought process, all of which are seen as various manifestations of
agni, or fire. It is also called nidrakara, meaning, it induces
sleep, madakrut, meaning it causes intoxcation, pAchanI, meaning it causes quick digestion. It is also called kaphaharI, which means,
it suppresses the production of mucus in the body. kapha is the property which causes coaggulation,
and heaviniess, not just in the respiratory system, but throughout the body. All these qualities make marijuana an excellent
remedy for various disorders like epilepsy, glaucoma, schizophrenia, indigestion and impotency. It is also used topically, to cure worm infested
wounds and relieve pain. However, since it is categorized as upa-visha
or mildly toxic, purification processes, called shOdhana, have to be performed before bhangA
can be consumed. It is also used in ayurvedic medicines like
pushpadhanwa rasa, which enhances sexual stamina, and reduces premature ejaculation. jAti phaladi churna, which enhances the respiratory
and digestive functions, in nidrOdaya rasa, which treats insomnia and
nocturnal ejaculation in bahumUtrantak ras, which treats frequent
urination, and in mahajwarankush ras, which brings balance to body temperature. Other ayurvedic works like kaiyadeva nighantuh,
and sushruta samhita, have similar descriptions of the benefits of marijuana. This fairly establishes that bhangA was not
seen as a substance of taboo, in ancient indian culture. It was even attributed divine qualities, of
being a favourite of lord shiva. But what needs to be understood, is that it
was not a substance to be abused. We we extremely aware of it’s toxic nature. Consumption of bhAng was always done after
shuddhikarana. Even though it’s toxic effects are not extensively
mentioned, i think the reason behind it, is because once it was categorized as visha,
maybe the sages trusted us, that we’ll not intentionally poison ourselves. So, should one use marijuana, or not ? If
you are consuming it in smoke form, you should stop it immediately, you are slowly killing
yourself. If you are consuming it orally, are the proper
purification processes being done, to remove it’s toxicity ? Essentially, the question we should ask ourselves
when using the plant that breaks the mind,bhangA ,is, is it giving you a break, or is it giving
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    The procedure of purifying cannabis is to take the cannabis plant leaves (remember that the buds of the female cannabis plant has the most toxicity and potency) and boil it in water on low heat for a minimum of 4 hours up to 6 hours, then take the leaves and put it in a clean cloth pouch and press it to release the juice or tincture from it, the procedure finishes here.

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