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Hello, my names Rebecca Herrick, I’m at Everything
Peaceful Massage Therapy Center in Wilmington, North Carolina, to discuss how to become a
reflexologist. A reflexologist works with peoples feet, hands, and ears to restore balance
to their overall well being which helps the body to heal itself. In order to do reflexology
you need to be trained in healing nurturing touch. Everywhere has different standards
for that. You need to check with the local authorities in your areas to see what the
credentials would be for that. Once you have that under your belt you can then go ahead
and further your education by specializing in reflexology. There’s continuing education
courses, and also certification processes that you can go through in order to get to
be called a certified relexologist. Just by graduating from a massage therapy program
that doesn’t exactly qualify you to call yourself a reflexologist, you would need to go ahead
and get that continuing education and certification in order to be able to call yourself a reflexologist.
And that is how to become a reflexologist.

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