Taking Charge of Your Health

Hello, my name is Rebecca Herrick, I’m here
at Everything Peaceful in Wilmington, North Carolina to discuss how Reflexology works.
There’s many different aspects of how Reflexology works, it works through restoring balance
in the body’s longitudinal zones which are located longitudinally with the ending points
on the hands, on the feet and also on the head. So Reflexology works by manipulating
those end points on the ears, the hands and the feet to address all the areas in between.
It, sends Reflexology, reflexes through those zones in order to address all the different
zones of the body. It also works to send nerve impulses from the end points on the hands
and the feet and the ears throughout the body; also to address all the different internal
organs. The hands and the feet and the ears are mock out into basically, the same layout
of the body. The base of the hand is the base of the body and the tips of the fingers or
the tips of the toes would be the top of the body. And so, everywhere, in between every
place on the hands and the feet have pertaining body part that they address. So it works to
really bring and relaxation and balance to the whole body, helping the body to heal itself.
And that’s how Reflexology works.

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