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Recently there has been
a lot of talk about measles. What does measles actually do,
and should you vaccinate against it? Or is this just hysteria? Measles is a virus: a hull of proteins, RNA, plus some more proteins for reproduction. It cannot reproduce by itself;
it needs a host cell to do so. To understand measles, we have to
understand the immune system. You might already have seen the visual system we developed
to help here. Now, let’s focus on the parts of
the immune system relevant to measles. The measles virus enters humans
through the nose, mouth, or eyes. The measles infection starts in the lungs. Measles is especially good at infecting
the body’s first line of defence: macrophages, powerful guard cells
that protect the lungs from intruders. They enter a cell and take it over. The virus reprograms the cell and transforms it into a dangerous
virus production center. Once a cell is filled with viruses, they leave the crippled cell
and begin the cycle over again. But the immune system has
powerful weapons against virus infections: natural killer cells. These cells basically patrol the body
and check other cells for infections. If they find an infected cell,
they order it to commit suicide. This is so effective that for
the first 10 days or so, you will not even notice that
you’re infected with measles. And now, the reason why measles
is so powerful. After a period of fighting and dying, macrophages alert the brain of the
immune system: the dendritic cells. The job of the dendritic cells is
to collect samples of intruders, travel to the lymph nodes, and then activate the heavy weapons that eradicate the infection very fast
in a team effort. But the measles virus uses
a dreadful tactic. It infects the dendritic cells and uses them as a Trojan horse
to enter deeper into the body. The infected cells travel to the next
lymph node to alert other immune cells. Once it arrives, the measles virus spreads around the
virgin T and B cells and infects them. It attacks the very system that
evolved to fight it. Now, things happen very fast. The lymph system spreads the virus
everywhere and it enters the bloodstream, infecting cells while traveling. Measles infects organs like the spleen, the liver, the intestines,
and, most importantly, the lungs. The symptoms range from a very high fever, headache, sickness,
bronchitis, and, of course, a rash. In the lungs, the immune system was
doing pretty okay. But now, millions of viruses
attack a second time and kill countless cells, wiping out
the defense systems. In this phase, you start coughing out
millions of measles viruses. Measles is so contagious at this stage, that if you meet someone
who isn’t vaccinated, there’s about a 90% chance
you’ll infect them. Without the protective army in the lungs,
other bacteria or viruses that would usually not stand a chance can
now enter the lungs and develop into harmful parallel infections that
can cause pneumonia, the most common way to
die from measles. Your body’s immune system is now
seriously wounded. Various protective systems are hurt
and disrupted. The virus spreads everywhere, infecting
the skin all over the body. The typical measles rash now
becomes visible. And in some cases, the measles virus reaches the brain and causes
a brain infection. If it does so, the chances of dying
are between 20 to 40 percent, and there may be long-term damage. But your body is far from giving
up at this stage, and it fights back agressively. Some dendritic cells survive
long enough to activate the anti-virus forces of the body. Plasma cells in the lymph nodes
start producing billions of antibodies, tiny proteins that mark infected cells
for destruction or clump the virus together. Killer T cells flood the body
and kill infected cells left and right. After 2 to 3 weeks, the body usually gets the upper hand and overwhelms
the infection. But the immune system is now
seriously weakened, and may take weeks or months to recover, leaving the body vulnerable
to other diseases. But, if you make it, you are now immune: the immune system remembers
the virus forever. Measles is no joke. Although 84% of all humans are
vaccinated against measles, 122,000 people died because
of the infection in 2014. Some people cannot get vaccinations, either because they’re too young,
because of chemotherapy or HIV, or because they’re allergic
to the vaccine. They need the rest of us to
stop the disease for them. The measles vaccination is
safe, cheap, and available. There are no benifits from having
measles at all. You don’t strengthen your immune
system and it’s not more natural. Most people who don’t vaccinate
only want the best for their children, which is honorable. But if you ask yourself, “Am I putting the life of my child
and other children at risk by not vaccinating against measles?” The sad answer is yes. Yes, you are. Let’s not play the blame game, though. Let’s work together and
eradicate this virus. Together, we can get rid of these
dreadful monsters and consign them to their rightful place:
the history books. Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “Measles Explained — Vaccinate or Not?

  1. stefan lanka confirmed in supreme court that there is no virus trace in this sickness .. this whole video is scam sorry everyone XD

  2. What's the injury rate for the hepatitis vaccine part of the MMR vaccine?
    Why are vaccines treated differently than other drugs, concerning side effects?

  3. Smallpox: Extinct

    Measles: Near Threatened Threatened

    Ebola: Endangered (Probably Extinct)

    All Well known viruses in America

  4. Gets Measles
    Measles: Hippity hoppity your body is now my property
    Cells play the avengers theme
    Measles: WtF iS tHaT nOiSe?

  5. A report on 479 whooping cough patients in the U.S. states that 60% of patients had received fewer than 3 doses of the D.P.T. vaccine, while the other 40% of victims had been fully vaccinated (three doses or more). – “Weekly Report,” Centers for Disease Control, July 2, 1982

  6. I thought that the measles were supposed to be erraticated by the 70's? Whatever I still don't believe it's safe to get the vaccine .

  7. We should protect our body with a vaccination wall, and make the measles pay for it all!

  8. Vaccines do not confer immunity, do not stop disease, do not stop death, never saved us, fail often (which is blamed on the unvaccinated), are not properly safety tested, cause chronic health problems, cause lifelong damage, cause death, and yet, are mandated by governments around the world at the bidding of the liability-free vaccine industry!

    Ready to rebuke an industry that is destroying our children and to learn why to never ever vaccinate your child which you then can share with your friends, family and loved ones?

  9. Yeah… is it just me, or is the measles outbreak.. getting ridiculous? Also, this sounds like an add for a measles vaccine. I've also looked into it, and the people who get the vaccines are more likely to get sick, as opposed to those who didn't. Sweden just banned mandatory vaccines as well.

    Now I'm not an anti-vaxxer, vaccines are helping society. However, keep in mind people make money off this by selling it, so I don't exactly trust vaccines that come from sources that get rich off people for selling vaccines. Do your research before you get the vaccines people. Check your source, check the vaccine, is it new? Never trust the new shit.

  10. The Clintons masterminded the mandatory free Vaccines for Children program back in 1994 – paid for by taxpayers – while pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars from vaccine manufacturers over the years. While the MMR vaccine is dished out like candy over the “measles outbreak,” and the exclusive manufacturer Merck has increased revenues by 27% to $496 million, the media is pimping out doctored baby photos to create panic and claiming the “outbreak” is the fault of anti-vaxxers, as the CDC inflates numbers (again)

  11. a very creepy liar trying to manipulate children into beliveing in the vaccine scam
    what a sick and twisted weirdo claimning that wild measels "isnt moore natural" very disturbing, deceptive

    meanwhile many children kiled by vaccines.
    check vaccien adverse event reporting system

    also a lot of sick creeps in the comment section below supporting child abusng vaccines, which are killing children

  12. After years of research and experiments I found out how to stop the anti-vax nation. Just let them do their shit.

    More Antivaxers = more infected = less Antivaxers.

    A problem that will literally just solve itself.

  13. Fellow traveller, beware of the millions of arguments about crappy anti-vaxxers and karens below. And also beware of the wave of hate comments and death-threats in my replies.

  14. 500 girls reported dead from hpv vaccine on cdc's vaccine adverse event report system (vaers) website.
    no safety in vacines, only risk.

    a lot of pedos using fake child-like profiles in the comments, typing lies and abuse to manipulate childrens beliefs.

  15. I almost died as an infant of measles. I had really bad fever and it took time for me to recover. Measles is no joke and so please vaccinate your kids.

  16. This is a good video and very persuasive. Only question I have is: Can't we use dead viruses instead of live? I'm concerned that injecting a live virus is somewhat equivalent to being exposed to the actual disease.

  17. Measles is a very moderate disease has some how progressed where immunised people contract a more severe form endangering those of us who have natural antibodies . So thus proving vaccination is a hidden danger to quite a few who are now at risk of the more severe bout of measles that has occured since the MMR vaccine was foolishly administered to line the pockets of a few.

  18. The dislikes are anti-vax moms when they hear the end and the title

    Also isn't forcing them to commit suicide just murdering them

  19. measles had a 0.0001% mortality rate in the US the year before the vaccine was introduced – that's based on the CDC's own figures

  20. You can't convince me, this is all FAKE NEWS. Vaccines cause autism, HIV, and are made from poison. They cause death as well. If you were to do the real science, you would find that there are facts to back this up, and they are a COVER-UP by the GOVERNMENT. The government puts harmful chemicals in our vaccines, leading our children to be mind-controlled by the government.

  21. It's like getting the flu. You just stay in bed, drink lots of water, deal with the fever and wait about six weeks. The only way you could die from Measles is the same as any other virus. If you have a weak immune system or your frail and old (chances are you 've already had it) or you don't stay in bed and get over it. BTW> The biggest risk if you haven't Measles as a kid is when you are in your 50's you contract it in the form of Shingles and they are excruciatingly painful. Most men get these lesions on their forehead and temple and women often get them on their back. You are better off getting them when you're young, that's a fact. Measles has an incubation period of about six weeks so you never really know who you got them from. However, once the population gets over it, everyone is then immune for ever.

  22. Its incredible that outside are stupid parents that infect their stupidity to their children abaot the extremally stupid link whit vaccin and autisim it have sense that the child ita allergic to vaccins its normal thay its still to young to be vaccin or even that the familly dosen't have the monney or resources for vaccins or that the place you live dosen't have medical asistence that make sense not the shit that abaot religion (even i think god and ALL the religions are pro-vaxxers) the oils only worck for simtoms like nausea but not for a virus please if a child that isn't vaccinated watch this (the video or this comment) please make your parents vaccinate you (unless you are alegirc or too young) and please to the children dont have problems wjit vaccin and that have anti-vaxxer as parents please demand them to vaccinate you not only for you for the ones who sre around you

  23. The fact that the video didn't start out with the word yes you should vaccinate against everything that makes me kind of angry

  24. CDC Reported Cases and Deaths from Vaccine Preventable Diseases, U.S., 1950-2011; Vital Statistics Rates in the U.S. 1940-1960 – Online Database

    The date the vaccine was introduced refers to the first widespread use in the United States for each vaccine. The fatality/harm rate reflects the number of people who died or suffered permanent harm from each disease out of the total population at that time.

    POLIO introduced 1955; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 100,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.999%

    MEASELS introduced 1963; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 500,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9998%

    PERTUSSIS (whooping cough) introduced late 1940s; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 77,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9987%

    TETANUS introduced late 1940s; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 200,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9995%

    MUMPS introduced 1967; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 2,000,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.99995%

    RUBELLA introduced 1963; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 1,000,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9999%

    DIPHTHERIA introduced late 1940s; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 83,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9988%

    CHICKEN POX introduced 1995; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 2,300,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.999957%

    HEPATITIS B introduced 1991; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 1,400,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.999929%

    HIB introduced 1985; fatality/harm before the vaccine – 1 in 600,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.999833%

  25. I came to the comments to find some essential oil man/woman trying to argue, don't know whether to be glad or disappointed that i can't find any. At least i know that we don't have any vocal retards here.

  26. Most of the comments:
    Anti-vaxxers should research more instead of taking your tablet to the bathroom and scrolling your Facebook, only to see a nobody, still in middle school, protesting against vaccination

    Anti-vaxxers: Bot 567910 commencing process, say the same thing to every argument and call them pedos

    Also anti-vaxxers:
    AYY! Oh no I have a disease, walking around through your neighborhood, spreading all my fleas, everybody’s like “what you got?”
    I’m like

    “E V E R Y T H I N G”

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