Taking Charge of Your Health

– I think the most important thing about the way I decide to treat a patient is that every patient is individual. There aren’t treatment protocols that we fit a patient into. We do individualized combinations of therapies to get a scar as perfect as it possibly can be. My name’s Linda Marcus. I’m medical aesthetician
at Penn Medicine ENT. We have a variety of techniques that can smooth the
texture, improve the color, get rid of some of the
inflammation, bruising, everything from phototherapy types of lasers with minimal downtime to cutting-edge technology that can really make an incredible difference in the way that the scar or the skin as a whole looks and feels. Often, patients will have to go out and seek care for their scars or the imperfections that develop from accidents or injuries, and Penn Medicine ENT decided to put a comprehensive approach
all in one building. You work from surgery to reconstruction, and then, you make it to my hallway, where we complete your circle of care and leave you walking out of our building feeling like your best self. The best part of my job
is the relationships that are formed with the patients. I love and adore the patients that I have. They are amazing. Some of them are amazing
in what they’re going through in their life, and so I get to play a role
in that healing process, and it’s inspirational to me. And so, every day, it’s
a joy to come to work and do not just what you
like but what you love. (gentle music)

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