Taking Charge of Your Health

Why do pregnant women require special care in medical imaging. Around 10 million patients benefit every
day from X-ray or nuclear medicine procedures used to diagnose diseases
and guide treatment. One million of them are women in childbearing age. Some of them may be pregnant. In medical imaging there is a group
that requires special attention and that is female patients
who may be pregnant. It is very important to know whether
a woman is pregnant or not because the fetus has a high
sensitivity to radiation, especially in the first three
months of pregnancy. Health professionals need to identify
a potential pregnancy before the exam. They ask the patient and display advisory
notices in imaging departments. What if a patient is pregnant but needs an exam? Doctors advise whether a radiological
procedure may be replaced with an alternative test – or delayed
until after pregnancy. When such procedures are unavoidable, all appropriate measures are taken to protect the unborn child The radiation physicist, the technician
and the radiologist can decide which options are available to reduce the dose. Through its safety standards and guidelines, the IAEA helps health professionals to use
radiation in medicine safely and effectively.

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