Taking Charge of Your Health

What the industry wants is not only cure of the disease, it’s also profits. In the developing world the profits making industry goes unchecked. The same medicine that’s
available for a few hundred Rupees is also sold by another company in India at about 50 times that cost. And the doctors will prescribe the more expensive formulation. That kind of practice which
destroys families totally is going on unchecked. We have to remember this, that even if we cannot solve it we can at least try to avoid it. We can certainly try to avoid the infliction of needless treatment and needless investigations to patients. How can we justify a medical system which is today in India,
80% in the private sector, which is not controlled
by any national authority, which is free to do as it wants without standard operating procedures. Without any monitoring system. Will we, as a cultured society continue to refuse to see
that kind of suffering, will we allow the greed of some nameless, faceless entities just to keep on destroying
people in the developing world? (solemn music)

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