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It’s medical perspective time again
with dr. Peter Glidden that’s me your stead fast advocate for health you
know I’m watching the Olympics now and I heard an advertisement right there’s all
these drug commercial advertisements during the Olympics and look, it’s not
the drug it’s how it’s used thank God for novocaine right every time I’m in
the dentist chair I thank God for novocaine, no kidding,
but there’s ads now for we’re gonna beat type 2 diabetes and type 2 diabetes your
days are numbered and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and quite frankly no
you’re not going to do that because you haven’t been able to do it so far it’s
getting worse under under the care of conventional medicine type 2 diabetes is
getting worse it’s not getting better and there’s not a cure in sight because
conventionally trained medical doctors are trained in the wrong perspective on
how the human body works so for instance when somebody has high blood pressure
instead of figuring out what’s wrong in the body to make the body increase its
blood pressure and then attempt to cure that they just deliver medications which
bring the blood pressure down artificially it’s better than dying from
a heart attack but wouldn’t it be prudent to attempt to cure the condition
well medical doctors are not trained in how to do that with them it’s damage
control, damage control, damage control, and you know look thank God for this
sterile technique and surgery and there’s a room in a place for medicine,
there is, but when it comes to diabetes we’ve they have not a clue of what’s
going on and nor will they ever be able to figure out how to come to grips with
this situation and you know interestingly enough ironically enough
years ago a medical doctor figured it out but was completely ignored. This this according to the Center for Disease Control
by the way thirty point three million diabetics in the United States
one out of four don’t even know that they have diabetes 84 point 1 million
people are pre-diabetic and 90 percent of those don’t know that they are
pre-diabetic it is an epidemic out of control right it’s a bus that’s gone
over a cliff into a swamp that’s on fire type-2 diabetes while the conventionally
trained medical doctors have been in control of the development and the
delivery of medicine are the naturopathic doctors in control of the
development and delivery of medicine are the chiropractor’s the acupuncturist the
Ayurvedic practitioners herbalists homeopaths any of those people in the
front seat know we have all been categorically thrown off of the bus of
medicine for more than a hundred years now we haven’t had a free medical market
and so you have been socialized to believe that alternative medicine is
just that which is tantamount to my trying to convince you that the only
real type of dog is a German Shepherd and every other dog is an alternative
dog well the only real type of medicine is MD directed pharmaceutical centrist
allopathic reductionistic medicine and every other type of medicine is an
alternative medicine. That’s what you’ve been socialized to believe and it’s
inaccurate more to the point it’s a flippin lie. Type 2 diabetes right it’s
worse 95 percent in adults type 2 diabetes
accounts for 95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes and it’s getting worse it’s
not getting better as time goes by thank you very much bus driver MD.
Interestingly enough this gentleman Dr. Walter Mertz had a lot to do with our
understanding of how the body metabolizes blood sugar and this was in
1957 this and an obituary from the LA Times let me read to you what it says
Walter Mertz 79 discovered a key to insulin’s efficacy. Walter Mertz the
government nutrition researcher MD by the way who was one of the
to report that chromium the essential mineral chromium is a trace element
needed to make insulin work effectively has died he was 79 he died of cancer, one
of life’s well whenever a medical doctor dies from cancer I you know I I just
roll my eyes he researched vitamins and minerals for the US Department of
Agriculture for 21 years retiring in 1993 as director of the human nutrition
research center of the Agricultural Research Service say that ten times fast
he conducted his early research at the National Institutes of Health and the
Walter Reed Army Institute of research Mertz edited the authoritative text I
quote trace elements in human and animal nutrition end quote
he was co-author of three editions of the government’s recommended dietary
allowances and the National Academy of Sciences publication diet nutrition and
cancer well that didn’t serve him too well one of the first reports to
associate diet with human cancers his early chromium research was performed at
performed at the National Institute of Health where in 1957 he and Kenneth
Schwartz isolated upon a compound extracted from pork kidney that they
called glucose tolerance factor two years later chromium was identified as
the active component of glucose tolerance factor the compound binds
insulin to cell membranes and helps to regulate blood sugar metabolism so what
this means is even if your pancreas is making sufficient amounts of insulin the
insulin has trouble or it’s impossible for the insulin to bind to the cell wall
to open the door on the cell to let sugar in if there’s no chromium and
chromium is an essential trace mineral the body can’t make it it needs to be
imported body can’t make chromium can’t make calcium can’t make sulfur there are
90 essential nutrients that the body can’t make it needs them can’t make them.
So in 1957 dr. Walter Mertz tells us the body needs chromium
in order to have efficient metabolism of blood sugar and now let’s see 57 60
years later 61 years later now 61 years later, does your medical doctor know
anything about chromium supplementation has your medical doctor who’s treating
you for type 2 diabetes or pre type 2 diabetes said anything to you at all
about or even if your insulin-dependent diabetic even mention the word chromium
once no it’s because we don’t have a free medical market and you know,
corruption follows monopolies, so the pharmaceutical industry is not going to
be interested and researching or advertising or advocating the use of a
trace mineral that you don’t need a prescription for in order to help you
prevent or get over your diabetic condition. This of course is what happens
inside of any monopolized a portion of society and we’ve had a monopoly here
for over a hundred years and it’s been so long that most people don’t even know
that there is a medical monopoly, they just think well the only medicine
practice in my hospital is MD medicine the only medicine my insurance pays for
his MD medicine the only medicine George Clooney makes TV shows about is MD
medicine therefore MD medicine is the be-all end-all of all medicine and
everybody else is the back of the bus quack with substandard training and
dangerous treatments and it’s nonsense. You need a good chromium supplement if
you’re suffering with type 2 diabetes I mean even if you’re not you need
chromium every day because it is an essential nutrient , and if you’d like to
learn more about essential nutrients and how they get into the body how the body
metabolizes them especially minerals visit my website Glidden dot health care
there is so much for us to understand and learn and if you’re waiting for
conventionally trained medical actors to deliver this information if
you’re waiting for Dr. Oz to lift this baby up, and fly this plane through the
air it’s not going to happen. For goodness sakes why would anybody even
listen to a medical doctor about anything having to do with medical
nutrition if they don’t have any training or clinical grounding in it now
I’d listen to dr. Mertz all day because that’s what he did for a living that was
his specialty. But you know ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine nine
nine nine nine nine percent of practicing MDS have no training no
experience no respect and very little appreciation for medical nutrition so
why would I even listen to them? Well it’s because they’re the only show in
town. Now remember in a free in a free market people gravitate towards what
works right? That’s why there are so many different automobile manufacturers, so
many different you know yeah fast food outlets, because people have a choice
they go to the one that they like the one that works best for them well you
don’t have a choice when it comes to medicine you have medical doctor a or
medical doctor B or medical doctor C you don’t have access to naturopathic
medicine in most states in this country. You don’t have access to Chiropractic or
Ayurvedic or traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture at mostly, your
insurance might pay for chiropractic a little but it’s a little bit not a lot a
bit, and relatively speaking it’s it’s a monopoly,. And i’m here to tell you that
as a licensed naturopathic doctor with 29 years of clinical experience helping
to stabilize and normalize blood sugars is one of the easiest flippin things
there is to do you need good medical nutrition, you need education, a little
bit of knowledge here goes a long long way follow me on my social media pages
in order to learn more there’s a lot that you need to know and quite frankly
if you’re smart enough to pass the driver’s license test you’re you’re
smart enough to know how to learn what to do to get your body into
game of healing. I am your steadfast advocate for health Dr. Peter Glidden
live long and prosper hopefully I’ll see you around campus. you

11 thoughts on “Medical Perspective with Dr. Glidden – Diabetes

  1. You need a better intro to your talks
    First there is too long of a delay before you realize the video IS PLAYING,,then the crazy music,,,
    I really enjoy your knowledge and information….please evaluate your intro…

  2. YES, the reason T2D is getting worse is because the docs don't look for high insulin, only high glucose!!! I had a work required annual physical and NEVER had a high sugar reading. I ate wisely, worked my butt off, took Jazzercise class 3xweek, but kept gaining weight. My doc and the Gov. doc had no good advice. Come to find out, I had PRE-diabetes for 10 years before I diagnosed myself. Thank GOD for the internet and being to able to research, get my insulin level tested, and learn about the specific minerals I was SO deficient in. I have started to supplement and feel it will take some time to get regulated and fix my cells so that they are not insulin resistant. Most doctors DISREGARD ALL THIS INFO on Chromium and other trace minerals. THE PHARMA INDUSTRY IS COMPLICIT! AND medical nutrition is not respected by most medical doctors. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEOS. I have only recently found them.

  3. Doc been taking GTF Chromium 200mcg by NOW for about a couple months since watching one of your other videos that talk about Chromium and Vanadium for diabetes. My question is.. How much do you need to take in a day to make a difference? I'm currently taking 2 tabs three times a day along with other supplements. I'm feeling pretty good but I wonder if there's a specific dose to follow?

  4. I loved Dr Rimland too – Kirkman labs – Super nuthera and DMG for my son Stephen. But when he went into Assisted Living in 2016 by. 2017 the dietician from nhs (England) removed all supplements againt my sons will and mine

  5. You have changed our lives for the better! Learning SO much from you! (P.S. The Intro is awesome)

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