Taking Charge of Your Health

We live in a world that’s accessed through your cellphone Anywhere, anytime We’re often faced with the same question When we visit the doctor for any emergency What’s your health status? What is your medical history And every time we visit a new doctor, We have to fill in a medical history form Do you have any cardiac issues? the immunization schedule? Are you allergic to a certain kind of medication? And many questions that may not know how to answer Or we aren’t able to answer them due to an emergency What are the medications that you use now? It is red, and starts with the letter “S” What about your family, your children, or one of the elderies you are responsible for Can you remember all of that? “Medical Record” App will spare you the effort It allows you to keep a record of your medical history The medications that you use via the phone’s camera From now on No time to waste, no chance for mistakes, no way to forget With the possibility of having a complete medical history record for you And for every member of your family Sharing it with your beloved ones with ultimate privacy So that everybody can access it when necessary With one press, you can send your whole profile to your Doctor Or you can have it printed out directly through your phone Or allow your Doctor to view it directly from your phone In a professional manner, doctors can understand Your Medical Record is in your pocket, and there is more instant recognition of a drug by bar-code scan Providing you with its price, alternatives and medical form And all the information that you need to know from the Food & Drug Authority’s database Which includes more than 6300 registered medicatıons A Reminder for taking the medicine on time A Reminder of medical visits The Names of doctors and hospitals you have visited Your Medical Record is in your pocket

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